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What is a good response to May the force be with you?

That is a great sentiment to share! May the force be with us all as we travel along our own unique paths.

How do you greet someone on May 4th?

On May 4th, one possible way to greet someone is to say “Happy Star Wars Day!” This is a reference to the iconic film franchise, which has adopted the catchphrase “May the 4th be with you” to reflect its special release date on that day in 1977.

It can be used as a fun way of wishing someone a day of good luck and success. Alternatively, you can opt for more traditional greetings such as “Happy May Day,” “Happy Cinco de Mayo,” or “Have a great day!”.

Who was the first to say May the fourth be with you?

The first known instance of somebody saying “May the fourth be with you” as a pun on “May the Force be with you” was in 1979, by the Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party. At that time, Thatcher’s party had just won a landslide victory in the UK general election, and her political advisers thought it would be a clever way to celebrate.

According to reports, the day her victory was announced (May 4, 1979) was declared “National Star Wars Day”. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s, though, when the Internet was introduced, that the phrase began to really take off.

In 2001, the Official Star Wars Fan Club website even celebrated the day with a “May the 4th Be With You” event where they encouraged fans to send “May the 4th” cards to friends and family to spread the punny phrase.

Since then, it has become an annual observation day and a source of celebration for Star Wars fans all over the world.

Who came up with May the 4th?

The exact origin of “May the 4th Be With You” is unclear, however, the earliest reference to the phrase appears to be in a 1979 advertisement for the British Conservative Party that ran in the London Evening News.

The ad wished the new Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, “May the Fourth Be With You” and linked the pun to her expected victory. This ad is widely credited with inspiring the modern phrase, although it’s unclear whether the ad was intentional or coincidental.

This phrase has since become popularized in many pop culture sources, with Star Wars fans often coining the phrase as an intentional play on words with the famous “May the Force be with you” quote popularized in the franchise.

How do Jedi say goodbye?

Jedi typically say goodbye by wishing each other “may the force be with you” as an expression of good luck and to embody the presence of the light side of the Force in all endeavors. This phrase is known in the Star Wars universe and resonates with fans of the franchise around the world.

This is a very powerful and meaningful way the Jedi use to say farewell. It is a reminder to those who behold it to explore the nature of the force, summon greater strength and courage within themselves, and strive to maintain a state of balance and harmony in their lives.

Additionally, the sentiment of the phrase carries connotations of loyalty, cooperation, and perseverance.

What does let the Force be with you mean?

The phrase “let the Force be with you” is an uplifting way of saying farewell or good luck, and implies that somebody or something is in alignment with a power that is greater than themselves. It is inspired by the phrase that is common in the Star Wars franchise which implies faith in a source of power beyond our understanding.

The Force is a power that unites all living things in the Star Wars universe – it permeates through the galaxy and binds together the Jedi, the Sith, and the rest of the universe. Thus, when you tell someone “let the Force be with you,” you are essentially sending them off with a positive and encouraging gesture, wishing them luck and strength in their endeavors.

What do people say May 4th?

The most common saying people say on May 4th is “May the Fourth be with you!” This saying is a play on words referencing one of the most popular lines from the Star Wars movie franchise, which originated in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The line uttered by Obi-Wan Kenobi is “May the Force be with you” and the pun is created when “Force” is replaced with “Fourth. ” Someone who is a fan of Star Wars usually expresses the phrase as part of their celebration of the Star Wars legacy on May 4th.

They may also use hashtags such as #MayThe4thBeWithYou or make memes incorporating the pun. Additionally, people who are not fans of Star Wars often make jokes or puns involving the phrase.

Why is Star Wars on May 4th?

Star Wars is celebrated on May 4th as an annual holiday due to the pun that can be created from the date when said out loud. May 4th can be read as “May the Fourth,” and when put together with the iconic line from the original Star Wars movie (“May the Force be with you”), the pun “May the Fourth Be With You” is created.

The pun began to be widely used among fans of the original trilogy in the late 1970s. Since then, the phrase has evolved and been embraced by Lucasfilm and Disney, as they now officially recognize May 4th as Star Wars Day, an annual celebration of the franchise’s fan base and legacy.

May the Fourth is now celebrated by fans around the world through marathons of Star Wars movies, parades, and other various activities.

What are Star Wars fans called?

Star Wars fans are commonly referred to as “Star Wars Fans” or as “Star Wars Geeks”. They are passionate about the Star Wars universe, movies, and other related media. Some even dress up in costume for events such as the famous “Star Wars Celebration” held annually.

There are fan clubs, discussion groups, websites, conventions, books and collectibles dedicated to the film and its many characters. Many Star Wars fans have a unique affinity for the characters and have active online communities in which to discuss the ins-and-outs of the Star Wars universe.

Some even take part in “costuming” activities, such as building or just wearing elaborate homemade costumes to conventions or other events. It is not uncommon to see these colorful ensembles appear at comic book or science fiction conventions or film premieres or special events.

Star Wars fans also come together to help raise money for charity, such as with UNICEF’s “Force for Change” initiative. The bottom line is, when it comes to loving Star Wars, there’s really no better way to show your devotion than to proudly define yourself as a Star Wars fan.

When did May 4 become Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day, also known as “May the Fourth,” is an unofficial holiday celebrated around the world each year on May 4th. It is a day for Star Wars fans to come together and celebrate their shared love for the iconic franchise.

The term “May the Fourth” originated in 1979, when the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom ran a newspaper advertisement in support of newly-elected Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher which stated “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie.

Congratulations. ” Since then, the phrase has been widely and amusingly used among fans to promote the day. Although the holiday has become widely known and officially celebrated throughout the world in the past decade, it wasn’t until 2011 that Lucasfilm, the company behind the Star Wars saga, officially declared May 4th to be “Star Wars Day”.

That year, they created a Facebook page and ran a campaign in celebration of the day. The holiday has become even more widely celebrated in recent years and is now recognized around the world.

Is it revenge of the 5th or 6th?

It is Revenge of the 5th. Revenge of the 5th is an annual event developed by the Star Wars Fanatics and is celebrated worldwide on May 5th. The celebration is a homage to the Star Wars saga and is used to celebrate the release of the original movie on May 25th, 1977.

It is celebrated in many places including movie theatres, fan conventions, online chats and video game tournaments. Many people use the day to dress as their favorite characters from the franchise, watch Star Wars related media, and generally engage in conversations about the Star Wars universe.

The day is also marked with special promotions from retailers, restaurant chains, and other businesses.

What is Revenge of the fifth?

Revenge of the fifth is a tongue-in-cheek holiday celebrated by Star Wars fans. It takes place on May 5th each year and is meant as a spoof of May the fourth (a play on the phrase, “May the Force be with you”).

On Revenge of the fifth, Sith Lords, Inquisitors, and other villains from the Star Wars universe are the heroes of the holiday. It’s a way for those fans to celebrate their favorite characters from the saga.

The date of the holiday is also a nod to Grand Moff Tarkin’s famous line, “This is our revenge of the fifth!” As you can tell, it’s a playful parody of the more popular May the fourth holiday. People often use it as an excuse to dress up as their favorite villain and post pictures across social media.

It’s become a fun and unique way for more serious Star Wars fans to express their fandom.

What do Star Wars fans call the day after May 4th revenge?

Since May 4th has become widely known as a celebration for Star Wars fans due to the pun of “May the Fourth” (May the Force be with you), the day afterwards is often humorously referred to as “Revenge of the Fifth” in reference to the title of the second Star Wars movie, “Revenge of the Sith”.

The fifth day of each month is now affectionately celebrated by Star Wars fans as an unofficial holiday, especially those dedicated to the later prequel trilogy.

What is May 6th sometimes called as a spin off of Star Wars Day?

May 6th is sometimes referred to as ‘Revenge of the Sixth’ as a spin off of Star Wars Day on May 4th which is commonly referred to as ‘May The Fourth Be With You’. This humorous play on words celebrates the wealth of iconic characters, characters stories and theme songs that have taken the world by storm over the years with the Star Wars franchise.

Revenge of the Sixth is celebrated around the world, with events held by Star Wars fans, cosplayers and more to commemorate the occasion.