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What is a king size bed in Germany?

A king size bed, or “König” size bed as it’s known in Germany, is a mattress size that is significantly larger than a standard bed. The standard German bed size is only 80 cm (31.5 inches) wide and 200 cm (78.7 inches) long.

A king size bed measures 180 cm (70.9 inches) wide and 200 cm (78.7 inches). This is much longer than a US and UK king size bed which is 183 cm (72 inches) and 190 cm (75 inches) long respectively. In Germany, mattresses that are intended specifically for use on a king size bed are labeled as “König.”

These larger mattresses provide more width for a couple to sleep comfortably and are popular among couples who find standard bed sizes too small.

Does Germany have king size beds?

Yes, Germany does have king size beds. The exact size of a king size bed in Germany does vary depending on the manufacturer, but the terms “king size” and “queen size” are common and refer to 180 cm (71 in) and 160 cm (63 in) wide mattresses respectively.

Typically, a king size bed is 200 cm (79 in) in length, although this does depend on the manufacturer. Some stores also supply 200 cm (79 in) wide mattresses for a king size bed, but this is not as common.

Many stores will offer dimensions for different mattress sizes and customers should be aware of exactly what they are purchasing. King size beds are more common in larger dwellings, but they are becoming increasingly popular with single people, couples, or couples with children who require more comfort and space than a standard double bed could provide.

What is a German king bed?

A German king bed is a bed size that is slightly larger than the standard king size bed in the United States. It is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is about 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a traditional king size bed.

The creators of this size wanted to create a mattress size that would still comfortably fit two adults in the same bed, while providing some extra room for movement. German king beds are also commonly referred to as a “California King”, due to its extra-long proportions.

They are particularly popular in European countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.