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What is Class A violation in Bigo Live?

Class A violation in Bigo Live is a violation of the company’s guidelines and regulations regarding the type of content posted on the platform. This includes activities such as trolling, using offensive language, or transmitting indecent images.

Such behavior is strictly prohibited, and it may result in a suspension or account deletion. Some specific Class A violations are sharing of sexual or nude photos, vulgar words and images, sending inappropriate messages to other users, and posting malicious content.

Additionally, creating multiple accounts on the platform, impersonation, and encouraging other users to violate the rules are also part of Class A violations. Such violations can also result in legal action taken by the company.

Can I sell stuff on Bigo?

No, you cannot sell stuff on Bigo. Bigo is a social media livestreaming platform with over 300 million users where users can livestream their content and follow other interesting users. The platform allows users to interact with each other through chats, comments, and private messages.

Bigo also offers a reward system which allows users to earn points as they stream and engage with other users. Bigo Live is designed to help people create meaningful connections with others and share their interests and experiences.

It is not intended to be a platform for selling products or services.

How much can you get paid on Bigo?

The amount you can get paid on Bigo depends on the monetization options you choose. Bigo has several options, such as live streaming, hosted broadcast, video on demand, and custom monetization. Each of these options offers different opportunities to get paid, though the exact amount varies from user to user depending on the popularity of their streams!.

Live streaming is Bigo’s most popular monetization option and allows you to get paid for every minute your stream is viewed. Hosted broadcast is another great way to get paid and allows you to earn a percentage of the total amount of money people spend watching your broadcast.

Video on demand is another way to get paid, allowing you to put your videos up for sale and receive a percentage of the revenue generated. And lastly, Bigo’s custom monetization feature lets you set a price for your stream and charge people to view it.

Overall, Bigo provides many ways to get paid and the amount you receive will depend on the number of viewers you have, the length of your streams, and the type of monetization you choose.

Why is Bigo banned?

Bigo has been banned due to violations of local laws and regulations. Bigo was found to be in violation of Southeast Asian countries laws, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Specifically, Bigo was found to be in violation of the countries’ laws on online content and platform services, such as those related to hate speech, spread of fake news, and pornographic content. In response, several countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, have issued full or partial bans on Bigo, while other countries are considering similar enforcement actions.

In addition to its content violations, Bigo has been found to provide inadequate security and data privacy measures, which have caused severe privacy concerns among its users. This has contributed to Bigo being banned in several countries.

As a result of the ban, Bigo has introduced improved security and data privacy measures to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Is BIGO used for dating?

No, BIGO is not used for dating. BIGO is an online live streaming platform that allows people to broadcast their life activities and communicate with their viewers in real-time. BIGO users typically stream their gaming, singing, cooking, dancing, as well as other talents to their viewers in exchange for virtual goods, such as likes and comments.

BIGO also offers various special interest events and challenges to keep viewers engaged. The platform gives viewers a chance to view different lifestyles and interact with others, but it is not used as a dating platform.

Is Bigo Live still working?

Yes, Bigo Live is still functioning and is an active social media platform. The app allows users to interact with others through video and audio streaming. It is a live streaming app which is available on both iOS and Android devices, and you can use it to stream yourself doing activities and interacting with others.

Bigo Live also allows for messaging and video calls, as well as real-time interaction with others. Additionally, Bigo Live features other features such as a live trivia game, where users can compete for prizes, and a rewards system that allows viewers to earn points for completing tasks.

With its wide range of features, Bigo Live continues to remain a popular social media platform that keeps people engaged and entertained.

Is BIGO kid friendly?

BIGO is mostly kid friendly, but there are some things that parents should be aware of. Firstly, BIGO is a live streaming app which can be used for video and audio chatting. The app does have a moderation system in place and any inappropriate behaviour is flagged and reported.

However, parents should be aware that it is still possible for children to access content that is not suitable for their age. For that reason, it is important for parents to monitor their children’s activity on the app.

Additionally, BIGO does allow for users to send virtual gifts, like stickers and emojis, which can cost real money. As such, it is important for parents to take the necessary steps to ensure their children are not purchasing these items.

Overall, BIGO can be a fun and entertaining platform but parents should still remain vigilant.

How do hosts make money on BIGO?

Hosts on BIGO can earn money through two different ways. First, they can receive direct income when a viewer makes a purchase. This includes in-app purchases such as virtual gifts, exclusive content access, and virtual coins.

Secondly, hosts can also monetize their content through advertisements and sponsorships. Hosts can be sponsored by companies that are relevant to their content, meaning their viewers are more likely to be interested in the sponsors offerings.

This could be anything from product placements to promotional videos and discounts. BIGO also enables hosts to participate in events that can lead to additional sources of income. Hosts may receive payouts for participating in promotional activities through the platform.

Additionally, BIGO occasionally plays host to events such as online concerts and competitions, which can also be monetized by hosts.

How many beans do you need to get paid on BIGO?

In order to get paid on BIGO, you will need to accumulate at least 500 beans. You can earn beans when you go live, perform tasks, receive gifts, or purchase them. Once you’ve reached 500 beans, you can cash out through PayPal or WeChat and receive your payment.

Additionally, there is an incentive program for select streamers that provides bonus beans for reaching streamer goals. As you stream more and build an audience, you will be able to earn even more beans.

Which country uses Bigo Live the most?

Bigo Live, a popular live streaming and broadcasting platform, is most widely used in Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country with nearly 272 million inhabitants, and among them, nearly 8.

9 million users actively use Bigo Live every day. Indonesia is a rapidly transitioning and advance economy and increasingly becoming more tech-savvy, making it more and more likely that users there would be drawn to becoming a part of the Bigo Live’s growing community.

While Bigo Live is used the most in Indonesia, the platform is also widely used in China, Thailand, India and Vietnam—contributing to 65% of Bigo Live’s global users.

How do I get my Bigo account back?

If you have lost access to your Bigo account, you can regain access by following these steps:

1. Visit the Bigo website and locate the “Forgot Password” link.

2. Enter the email address used to register your Bigo account and click “Submit”.

3. Check your email inbox for a link allowing you to reset your password.

4. Click the link and enter a new password twice. Note that passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one number.

5. Once your new password is complete, click “Submit”. You should now be able to log in to your account using your new password.

6. If you are having continued difficulty accessing your account, contact Bigo customer service for further assistance.

How much do Bigo hosts make?

The amount that a Bigo host makes depends on a variety of factors, including the length of time they have been hosting, the number of viewers they have, and other aspects related to their activities.

In general, hosts who have large and active audiences tend to make more money compared to those who are newer to the platform.

Bigo also runs a bonus system that rewards the top hosts on their platform. A host’s bonus calculation is based on their streaming performance, the number of active viewers, and the number of gifts they receive.

The bonus is paid once per month and can vary in amount depending on the host’s performance over that period.

In addition to the bonus system, Bigo also provides additional opportunities for hosts to make money. Hosts can open their own “SALES” page and sell items such as merchandise or premium products, as well as receive direct donations from their viewers.

Overall, the amount a Bigo host makes is varied and depends on numerous individual factors, so it is difficult to give a definitive answer regarding how much a Bigo host can earn. However, it is possible for Bigo hosts to make significant amounts of money from their streaming activities.

Is Bigo still popular?

Yes, Bigo is still a popular app overall, despite seeing a slight decrease in usage in recent years. Bigo is an online social media platform that offers demonstrations, broadcasts, mobile streaming, and audio-video calls.

It’s essentially a Chinese version of Twitch, allowing people to watch and produce content. The app is exceedingly popular in South East Asia, and it remains one of the most downloaded in the region.

In 2020, the app ranked among the top 5 downloaded apps, with 108 million downloads, in the following countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, and Thailand.

Outside of South East Asia, Bigo remains popular in UK, US, Brazil, the Middle East, and the Caucasus region. The app has seen a surge in its popularity in the US; 26 million people have installed the app, which makes it the sixth most downloaded in the region.

For a social media app, user engagement is an essential part of its success. So, suffice it to say, Bigo is doing well in that regard as well. The app has over two billion monthly active users, and they spend close to three hours each day on the app.

It is clear that Bigo is still very popular in many parts of the world and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. For those looking to join the app, it is an excellent option because of its impressive user base and robust features.

Is Bigo still banned in India?

Yes, Bigo is still banned in India. The popular Chinese-owned video streaming platform was banned by the Indian government in June 2020, along with 58 other Chinese apps, citing national security and privacy concerns.

The Indian government accused Bigo of being used to store and process large amounts of personal user data in an unauthorized manner, making users vulnerable to cybercrime and foreign surveillance. Despite Bigo’s attempts to address the Indian government’s security concerns, the ban is still in place, and the platform remains inaccessible in the country.