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What is Lindor filling made of?

Lindor truffles are created using a smooth, creamy filling made of the finest ingredients. The filling is a combination of chocolate and cocoa butter, as well as sugar, dried skimmed milk and other ingredients that give the Lindor its unique flavor.

It is then blended together to create the silky, irresistible texture that we all know and love. Depending on what flavor Lindor you select, the filling may contain different flavorings like hazelnut, vanilla, and peppermint.

Additionally, every variety is finished with a delicate and flavorful shell made of premium chocolate. Ultimately, the combination of these delicious ingredients creates a truffle like no other!

What is inside a Lindt ball?

Lindt balls contain a smooth and creamy creamy chocolate center. The center of the ball is made from two creamy, luxurious layers of differently flavored chocolate, with a crunchy hazelnut center. The creamy chocolate center is then individually wrapped in a signature velvety red foil.

The outside of the ball is delicate and creamy dark, white, or milk chocolate, often with a delicate design of the Lindt bear or pralines. Other Lindt chocolate balls come in flavors such as truffles, cheesecake, and cookies and cream.

All Lindt balls also come with a message of quality and passion, expressing Lindt’s commitment to creating the perfect chocolate experience.