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What is not covered on SquareTrade?

SquareTrade does not cover intentional damage, including but not limited to liquid damage or damage caused by rooting/jailbreaking. They also do not cover damage caused by using the device outside of normal operating conditions, as outlined in the manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, they do not cover lost or stolen devices, devices that are lost in shipping, or devices that are damaged during shipping.

Does SquareTrade replace with refurbished?

No, SquareTrade does not replace with refurbished.

What do SquareTrade warranties cover?

SquareTrade warranties typically cover mechanical and electrical failures, as well as damage from normal wear and tear. coverage may vary by device, so it’s important to check the warranty terms before purchase.

Most SquareTrade warranties also include Accidental Damage Protection, which covers damage from drops, spills, and other accidents.

Will SquareTrade warranty replace item?

Yes, in most cases SquareTrade will replace your item. However, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you must have purchased the warranty within 30 days of buying the item. Second, the item must be currently under warranty.

And lastly, the item must be in new or like-new condition.

Does SquareTrade have a deductible?

Yes, SquareTrade has a deductible. The amount of the deductible varies depending on the item that is being protected and the level of protection that is purchased. For example, the deductible for an iPhone 6 that is covered under the Standard plan is $50, while the deductible for an iPad that is covered under the Deluxe plan is $125.

How long does SquareTrade take to repair?

If you have a problem with your device and submit a claim, it can take up to 10 business days for your device to be repaired and returned to you.

Does SquareTrade cover accidental TV damage?

Accidental damage is not covered under most standard home insurance policies, which is why it’s important to have a separate policy or riders that cover this type of perils. SquareTrade does cover accidental damage for TVs, but it’s important to note that there are some limits and exclusions.

For example, SquareTrade does not cover intentional damage, pet damage, or damage caused by natural disasters.

How do I claim my SquareTrade warranty?

If you need to file a claim with SquareTrade, you can do so through their website or by calling their customer service number. To file a claim online, you’ll need to log in to your account and then select the device that you need to file a claim for.

Once you’ve selected the device, you’ll be able to fill out a form with all of the necessary information. Once you’ve submitted the form, SquareTrade will review your claim and then contact you with further instructions.

If you need to file a claim by phone, you can call their customer service number and a representative will help you through the process.

What situations are not covered by the SquareTrade protection plan?

The SquareTrade protection plan does not cover any situation where the buyer knew about an issue with the item before purchase, any situation where the item is sold as-is without a warranty, any situation where the item is not intended for use in the United States, any situation where the item is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, any situation where the buyer did not purchase the item from SquareTrade, any situation where the item is not a physical good, and any situation where the buyer does not have a valid receipt.

How long do you have to file a claim with SquareTrade?

If you purchased a SquareTrade warranty, you have up to 30 days after your device is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, or experiencing a mechanical or electrical breakdown to file a claim.

How do I get my money back from SquareTrade?

If you’re unhappy with a purchase from SquareTrade and would like a refund, you can contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-610-2773 to begin the process. We’ll ask for your order number, email address, and the reason for your return, and will process your refund as soon as possible.

Please note that we can only refund the original purchase price of an item—we cannot refund shipping costs or any other fees.

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