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What is the chance of a Chansey holding a Lucky Egg in Pokémon Platinum?

Including the game version in which Pokémon Platinum is being played, the specific Chansey encountered, and the player’s luck. However, some players have reported that the chance of a Chansey holding a Lucky Egg in Pokémon Platinum is approximately 1 in 100.

How do you get lucky eggs fast?

One of the best ways to get lucky eggs is to simply purchase them from the in-game store. You can also find them occasionally as rewards for completing certain tasks or objectives, or by participating in special events.

Another way to obtain lucky eggs is to trade with other players who may have extras that they are willing to part with. Finally, some players have had success using third-party apps or programs that promise to deliver lucky eggs ( often for a fee), though the scam rates for these method are relatively high, so proceed with caution.

Can you steal Lucky Egg from Chansey?

It is possible to steal a Lucky Egg from a Chansey by using a move that does not deal damage, such as Infestation or Spore. However, Chansey will typically use a move that heals itself, such as Soft-Boiled, which will nullify the Lucky Egg’s effect.

Where is Chansey in platinum?

Chansey is found on Route 217, at the end of the Fighting Dojo, and on Route 230.

Is Chansey a Axolotl?

No, Chansey is not an axolotl. Chansey is a Normal type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

Is Chansey rare Pokémon Platinum?

Yes, Chansey is a Rare Pokémon in Platinum. It can be found in the wild on Route 228.

Is Chansey rare on Route 209?

Chansey is not a particularly rare Pokemon on Route 209, but can be somewhat difficult to find. It’s recommended to use a Super Rod or other high-level fishing gear to have the best chance of encountering one.

How do you get a Chansey in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to get a Chansey in Pokemon Diamond is to trade for one with another player. Chansey cannot be found in the wild in Pokemon Diamond.

Can you get a lucky egg by catching a Chansey?

A Chansey is a very rare Pokémon, so it is unlikely that you would be able to find one in the wild. However, if you are able to find and catch a Chansey, it is possible that it will be holding a Lucky Egg.

Lucky Eggs are items that boost the amount of experience points that a Pokémon earns for a brief period of time, so it would be beneficial to have one if you are trying to level up your Pokémon.

Can wild Chansey hold Lucky Egg BDSP?

Yes, wild Chansey can hold the Lucky Egg BDSP. Chansey is a very gentle and loving Pokémon, so it is not surprising that it would be able to hold the Lucky Egg.

Can you get Chansey from an egg?

Yes – Chansey can be found in 2-5 star eggs.

How many lucky eggs are in BDSP?

There are 63 lucky eggs in BDSP.

Where can I get a lucky egg in Pokémon Diamond?

Lucky eggs can be found at the following locations in Pokémon Diamond:

– Route 209: Obtained by winning a volleyball match at the Club Arcade.

– Route 210: Obtained by winning a game of tag at the Solaceon Town Pokémon Center.

– Route 213: Obtained from the house on the east side of the valley, after defeating Team Galactic at Mt. Coronet.

– Hearthome City: Obtained from the man on the second floor of the clock tower.

– Solaceon Town: Obtained from the man in the house north of the Pokémon Center.

– Veilstone City: Obtained from the Game CornerPrize Exchange Clerk.

Where can I farm Chansey sword?

Chansey sword is a sword that can be bought from the Sword Shop in the town of Chansey, which is located on the island of Chansey in the Sword Coast.

When was blissey introduced?

Blissey was introduced in Generation II of the Pokémon franchise.

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