What type of dog does Rob Lowe have?

It is unclear what type of dog Rob Lowe has.

What kind of dog is in commercial with Rob Lowe?

The dog in the commercial is a golden retriever.

Does Rob Lowe have dogs?

Rob Lowe does not have any dogs.

Does Rob Lowe surf in real life?

But it seems unlikely that Rob Lowe surfs in real life. While he may enjoy the occasional beach day, there is no evidence to suggest that he is an avid surfer.

Why did Rob Lowe leave brothers and sisters?

Rob Lowe left the Brothers and Sisters TV show in order to pursue other acting opportunities.

Are Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe friends?

They may be acquainted with each other, but there is no indication that they are anything more than that.

How is Rob Lowe related to Patrick Swayze?

Rob Lowe is not related to Patrick Swayze.

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