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What was the parasite that turned YMIR into a Titan?

The parasite that turned Ymir into the first Titan is known as an Intelligent Titan, or Subject of Ymir. This particular type of Titan is a humanoid creature filled with a mixture of human and Titan DNA that was turned into a mindless creature by a parasite similar to the parasite that changed the original Titans into mindless, mindless beasts.

The Intelligent Titan, the only one of its kind, is believed to have been created by the Ymir Fritz, a mysterious person who used her own “pagan magic” to create a being that would be strong, intelligent, and capable of making decisions based on reason.

This Intelligent Titan was Ymir Fritz herself, as she injected some of her own genetic material into the body of a new kind of Titan, thereby creating the first true Intelligent Titan.

This being, while being an Intelligent Titan, had no knowledge of the human world and was, in a sense, a primitive creature. While in this state, Ymir was still somewhat a child, and had to learn how to make sense of the world around her and how to use her powers.

Through her learning, Ymir slowly developed a personality and eventually was able to gain authority over all of the Titans, including the original Titans of Marley and Eldia.

The Intelligent Titan was born from the same primordial body which later gave birth to the nine original Titans, though it is uncertain as to why this happened. With this power, Ymir was able to instill a sense of morality, reason, and logic into the intelligent Titans, allowing them to make informed decisions and think on their own instead of just blindly following the commands of their creators.

What was the parasite that gave Ymir her powers?

The parasite that gave Ymir her powers is known as the ‘Titan power’ or the ‘Titan’s Curse’. This is a special parasitic organism that infects the rare human hosts and gives them the power to transform into titans.

Ymir was one such rare host, and in order to use the power of the Titans, she infected herself with the parasite. This caused her body to go through several changes and granted her superhuman abilities, including the ability to transform into a giant, 15-meter-tall titan.

However, the Titan power came at a price; while in titan form, Ymir was limited to a mindless, uncontrollable state and could not return to her original human self.

What is the parasite in shingeki no kyojin?

The parasite in the popular manga and anime series Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) are a strange and mysterious race known as the Titans. These Titans are giant humanoid beings that were born from a mysterious race of intelligent creatures known as the “Eldians”.

Titans are giant creatures that stand anywhere between 3 to 15 meters tall and are characterised by their overly muscular builds, lack of reproductive organs and unique regenerative ability. The primary food source of these Titans is human flesh, and they were once thought to be an unstoppable force that would mercilessly consume any human they encountered.

The Titans were created centuries ago by a powerful but unknown being known as the “God” and are believed to be the predators of humanity and the terror of the world. Most Titans are mindless creatures that act on instinct, and roam the land, feasting on any human they come across.

But some Titans have defied their programmed instinct and have managed to gain intelligence, acquiring speech, memory and even emotions.

The mysterious parasite that controls the Titans is not a living creature but instead is a microscopic organism that acts as their long-range communication system. This tiny organism, colloquially referred to as the “Membrane” or “Spore”, has the ability to take over the minds of those infected by it and turn them into Titans.

The Spore originated in the Eldian Empire centuries ago when the God unleashed the organism on the population to force them into submission. Since then, the Spore has been responsible for the devastation of humanity and the monstrous existence of the Titans.

Why did they turn Ymir into a Titan?

Ymir was a part of a tribe of people who WERE said to have existed many years in the past, living in the lands that would later become known as the nation of Marley. It is believed that Ymir Fritz made a deal with the ‘Devil of All Earth’ or the ‘Force of All Things’ which is said to have granted her the power of the Titans.

It is said that Ymir Fritz was offered these powers as part of a deal, that she could use her Titan power to protect her people and further the agenda of the nation of Marley. Ymir accepted the offer, with the stipulation that she should be forgotten once her people no longer needed her.

And so the power of the Titans was granted to her, at the cost of her own memories and identity.

After Ymir’s transformation, Marley used her power to establish a special caste system, in which the citizens of Marley were divided into two groups: the Eldians, who were given the cursed power of the Titans and were shunned as a result, and the Marleyans, who were allowed to live in peace and prosperity.

By granting Ymir the power of the Titans and the subsequent caste system, Marley was able to use the Eldians to achieve their own political and military victories, while simultaneously protecting the nation of Marley from any potential enemies.

In this way, Ymir’s transformation into a Titan had a lot to do with Marley’s strategic gain and preservation.