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When did Hitachi switch to Metabo?

Hitachi switched to Metabo in 2019. Hitachi Power Tools and Metabo, a German manufacturer of professional grade power tools and accessories, announced their agreement in October 2019. The agreement granted Metabo exclusive access to Hitachi’s global premium power tool and accessories portfolio.

This included brands such as Hitachi, Hikoki, and Ucangel. The agreement had already been implemented in countries such as the United States and Australia and is slated to expand throughout Europe and Asia.

The partnership between these two brands will offer more cutting-edge technology, new products, enhanced market presence, and expanded customer service, allowing Hitachi to remain competitive in the global power tool market.

Metabo was seen as an ideal partner due to their commitment to innovating and creating user-focused products that professionals could trust. Metabo’s commitment to superior ergonomics, quality and safety, along with the experience garnered from their joint development with Hitachi, will enable the power tool industry to become even more advanced.

What is the difference between Hitachi and Metabo?

The major difference between Hitachi and Metabo is the focus of their power tools. Hitachi is a full-service power tool manufacturer, while Metabo is a specialty power tool manufacturer and distributor.

Hitachi has a wide variety of tools and a full range of corded and cordless products. Their tools are made with durable metal housings, and high-powered motors that are powerful enough to handle tough jobs.

They also offer advanced features such as LED headlights and work lights, variable speed controls and brushless motors which allow users to adjust the speed and torque of their tools.

Metabo specializes in providing a full range of cordless tools and an extensive selection of specialty cordless power tools. Their cordless drills, impact drivers, grinders and rotary hammers offer superior performance and durability.

Metabo also offers a range of cordless lubricants and other accessories for your power tools.

Overall, Hitachi is ideal for general purpose construction and maintenance tasks. Metabo is more specialized for specific work and is best for professionals.

Why did Hitachi rebrand?

Hitachi rebranded to become a global technology leader and to better position itself in the competitive markets of today. By rebranding the company unified their global brand, moved away from the traditional corporate brand, and created a more customer-centric brand.

Hitachi’s rebranding included changing its name to “Hitachi, Ltd. ”, adopting a new tagline – “Inspire the Next,” and updating the Company’s logo, visual identity and website. The rebranding was designed to help the company evolve into a global technology leader, create better customer experiences, and ensure economic sustainability.

At its core, the new brand is built around consumer-focused technology solutions, designed to help customers solve real-world problems. Hitachi hopes that by rebranding the company, it will be able to better reach its customers and provide them with meaningful products and services.

Additionally, Hitachi’s rebranding also allowed for an alignment of its global brand – now with a more unified presence rather than a set of individual, country-specific brands. This will help Hitachi compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

All in all, Hitachi’s rebranding publicly unifies the company’s global brand, helps it to better position itself against competitors and brings it closer to consumers. The move has allowed Hitachi to evolve into a leading technology solutions provider and better meet the expectations of its customers.

Is Metabo still made in Germany?

Yes, Metabo tools and toolsets are still made in Germany. Founded in 1923, Metabo has continued to manufacture its toolsets in Germany since its beginnings. Through their many years in business, Metabo has kept up with the highest standards in the industry and their use of quality materials and innovative designs have helped them to become synonymous with strength and precision.

As a testament to this, all of Metabo’s toolsets are CEPcertified and are complacent with European Union regulations, guaranteeing the product is of the highest quality. All of Metabo’s tools are still made in Germany and those who use them can be sure they’re investing in a toolset that will last them for years to come.

Do Hitachi still make power tools?

Yes, Hitachi still makes power tools. Hitachi is a company that has been producing power tools since 1948 and they have power tools for just about any task. Hitachi makes a wide selection of power tools that range from cordless drills to specialty tools such as tile saws and nail guns.

Hitachi tools are designed with long-lasting performance in mind, offering a comprehensive line of professional grade tools to fit any budget. They have many tools to choose from, like miter saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, and impact drivers.

Their power tools boast many features such as brushless motors, cordless convenience, advanced ergonomics, and performance enhancing technologies to help you get the job done faster and better. All their tools are backed by a comprehensive warranty that protects you and makes sure you walk away happy.

So, the answer to the question is yes, Hitachi still makes power tools.

What are Hitachi tools now called?

Hitachi tools are now called Metabo HPT, reflecting the business name change from Hitachi Power Tools to Metabo HPT in June 2018. In December 2016, Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd completed its merger with Metabo Corporation and changed its business name to “Metabo HPT”.

Today, Hitachi-branded products are sold under the Metabo HPT brand. These include products like cordless drills, saws, grinders, air compressors, pressure washers, and other power and industrial tools.

The brand is known for its cutting-edge technology, performance, and dependable quality, as well as its customer service. Metabo HPT also offers an extensive professional-grade accessories line designed to make jobs easier.

Metabo HPT supports its products with a comprehensive warranty and customer service.

Who is Metabo owned by?

Metabo is owned by the German tool manufacturer and global provider of industrial power tools and equipment, Metabo GmbH. Founded in 1924 in Nuremberg, Germany, Metabo GmbH has grown from a small family-owned business to a global company that develops and produces professional power tools for consumers and trades people.

Over the years Metabo has established a global presence, with branches in Switzerland, Austria, the United States, France, China, and an extensive organically grown network of partners and distributors throughout Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Metabo GmbH has experienced considerable growth in recent years and is well-known for their innovative power tools which are distinguished by their high power, efficient performance, and intuitive handling.

The product portfolio includes drills, grinders, hammer drills, screwdrivers, planers, jigsaws, abrasives, saws and cut-off machines. The Metabo brand is focused on providing professional tradespeople with tools that make the toughest jobs easier and faster, with uncompromising safety.

What did Metabo tools used to be called?

Metabo tools used to be called Metabo Feinwerkzeuge GmbH. This German-based manufacturer of power tools has been producing professional-grade tools since 1923. Over the years, the company has changed its name several times including, Neues Werk Märkische Werkzeugfabrik, Metabo Werkzeugfabrik, and Metabo Werkzeuge und Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH.

In 2001, the company changed its name to Metabo Feinwerkzeuge GmbH to better reflect its commitment to providing high-quality tools. Today, Metabo is a leading producer of drilling and fastening tools, saws, angle grinders, and other professional grade hand tools that are designed for professional and DIY applications.

Is Metabo German or Japanese?

Metabo is a German-based manufacturer of professional-grade cordless and corded power tools and accessories. Founded in 1924 in Nürtingen, Germany, Metabo has become well-known and respected for producing some of the world’s finest quality professional power tools.

The company has a comprehensive research and development program and produces top-of-the-line tools in both cordless and corded varieties. Metabo also produces abrasives, power tools accessories, and dust management systems, and has offices and factories in Germany, Europe, and Asia.

While their tools are made in Germany and their accessories and abrasives are made in Germany, China, and the USA, most of their power tools are assembled in their Japanese factories.

Where are Metabo tools made?

Metabo tools are made in North Carolina, USA. The main production facility has been based here since 1972, and certain components and parts have been manufactured here since 1959. Metabo produces a wide range of products including grinders, impact drills, saws, angle grinders, and other specialty tools.

In addition to the main production facility in North Carolina, Metabo has several other production sites in Mexico, Europe, Taiwan and China. The company is one of the only major industrial power tool manufacturers to source and make all its power tools in the United States.

Will Hitachi batteries fit Metabo?

No, Hitachi batteries will not fit Metabo tools. Metabo and Hitachi are both power tool and battery brands, but they are not interchangeable. Metabo tools use Metabo batteries, and Hitachi tools use Hitachi batteries.

Additionally, Metabo and Hitachi have other differences in their power tools, such as their performance, technology, and compatibility with other brands/accessories. Ultimately, Metabo and Hitachi are different brands, and their products and batteries are not interchangeable.

Is Metabo a professional brand?

Yes, Metabo is a professional brand. The German-based, family-owned business has been producing power tools since 1924, and their products are widely used in the tradesperson and construction industry.

They offer a range of high quality cordless and corded drills, saws, hammers, and grinders, as well as a range of accessories. Metabo products are highly valued for their durability and reliability, and many professional tradespeople rely on them for completing jobs.

They are often the brand of choice due to their safety features, ideal for use in tough working environments. With a focus on quality and innovation, Metabo is a trusted name in professional and industrial markets across the world.

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