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Which day is France Lotto?

The France Lotto is a popular national lottery game in France that has been around since 1976. Many French people enjoy playing this twice-weekly lottery in hopes of winning the jackpot prize. But when exactly do the France Lotto drawings take place each week? Let’s take a closer look at the France Lotto drawing schedule to find out.

What Days Are the France Lotto Drawings?

The France Lotto drawings take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This schedule has remained consistent since the lottery began in the 1970s.

The Wednesday drawing is held in the evening at 8:30 PM Paris time. The Saturday drawing also takes place in the evening at 8:30 PM. So if you want a chance to win, make sure your ticket is purchased and entered into the drawing before the 8:30 PM cutoff time on those days.

Here is a summary of when the France Lotto drawings occur:

Day of Week Drawing Time
Wednesday 8:30 PM Paris time
Saturday 8:30 PM Paris time

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward – just twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 8:30 PM in France. This regular schedule makes it easy for players to remember to enter their tickets.

How Often Are France Lotto Numbers Drawn?

In addition to knowing which days the drawings are held, it’s also helpful to understand how often new winning number combinations are drawn.

For the France Lotto, new numbers are drawn before each twice-weekly drawing. So a fresh set of winning numbers comes out twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 8:30 PM.

There are no rollovers or carryovers in France Lotto. This means that if no ticket matches all the numbers in a given drawing, the jackpot does not roll over to increase the grand prize for the next drawing. A new set of numbers is simply drawn again from the full field of numbers, giving players a new chance to win each time.

To summarize:

– New winning numbers are drawn twice a week, before each Wednesday and Saturday drawing

– No rollovers or jackpot carryovers – the prize resets after each drawing

– A completely new set of numbers comes out twice a week

So France Lotto players get 2 chances per week, every week, to try to match all the balls and win prizes. This consistent drawing schedule and reset jackpot are appealing features for many regular players.

Who Conducts the France Lotto Drawings?

The France Lotto drawings are conducted and overseen by Française des Jeux, the country’s official state lottery operator.

Française des Jeux was created in 1933 to manage lottery games and sports betting in France. Since 1976, they have administered the popular France Lotto game and are responsible for the entire process.

Here is an overview of how Française des Jeux conducts the France Lotto drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays:

– The drawings are held live, with officials from Française des Jeux overseeing the process. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person.

– Five machines containing lottery balls numbered 1-49 are used. The first machine draws the 5 main numbers, while the second machine draws the lucky number from 1-10.

– The drawing machines are inspected and tested thoroughly prior to each drawing to ensure proper working order and randomness.

– Lottery officials estimate the entire drawing process takes about 15 minutes total.

– The results are then verified and officially confirmed before being announced to the French public.

So you can have confidence in Française des Jeux to administer fair and official drawings, with results backed by the French government. Millions of French players trust the lottery each week to conduct random, secure drawings.

Where Do the France Lotto Drawings Take Place?

The twice-weekly France Lotto drawings are held at Française des Jeux’s headquarters in Paris.

Specifically, the drawing studio is located at:

Française des Jeux Headquarters

126 Rue Gallieni
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

This address houses the company’s operations center where lottery drawings are broadcast. Television cameras are present in the studio to air the drawing live across France.

Having a fixed location adds transparency to the process, allowing the public to know precisely where their national lottery games are being administered. Players can trust the fairness and consistency of drawings originating from Française des Jeux’s secure, government-backed facilities.

The France Lotto drawings have taken place at the company’s Paris headquarters since the lottery began in 1976. While the technology and operations may have evolved over the decades, the central location has remained an integral part of this legendary French lottery.

The France Lotto Drawing Process

Now that we’ve covered the basics of when and where the France Lotto drawings happen, let’s take a closer look at how the drawing process unfolds.

Here are the key steps taken for each France Lotto drawing on Wednesdays and Saturdays:

1. Lottery machines are inspected – Technicians thoroughly examine the drawing machines prior to each use to ensure proper functioning. The machines are kept in a secured room when not in use.

2. Lottery balls are loaded – 49 balls pre-printed with numbers 1-49 are loaded into the first drawing machine which will select the 5 main numbers. 10 balls numbered 0-9 are loaded into the second machine to select the lucky number.

3. Drawing machines are sealed – Once all balls are loaded, the clear chambers containing the balls are sealed by lottery officials.

4. Machines are operated to mix balls – The machines turn and tilt their chambers to thoroughly mix and randomize the position of the enclosed balls.

5. First 5 numbers are drawn – A lottery official signals the first machine to begin selecting the 5 winning main numbers, one at a time. This process takes a couple minutes.

6. Lucky number is drawn – Next, the second machine selects the single lucky number for that date’s drawing.

7. Numbers are recorded – Officials confirm the official 5 main plus 1 lucky number results, recording them on official result sheets.

8. Results are announced – Once verified, the new France Lotto winning numbers are announced to the public through live TV and online platforms.

9. Prizes are awarded – Ticket holders who matched all or some numbers can now check their results and collect any prize won in the latest drawing.

This standardized process ensures consistency, fairness, and randomness drawing after drawing. Players can have peace of mind knowing the game is properly administered.

Notable France Lotto Drawing Locations Through History

While the France Lotto drawings have been held at Française des Jeux’s Paris HQ since the lottery’s inception, they have occasionally been held at other locations for special events over the years.

Here are some of the most notable venues that have hosted the prestigious French lottery drawings in the past:

– Stade de France – On July 14, 1998, the drawing was held at this prestigious stadium near Paris to celebrate Bastille Day. Over 80,000 attendees were present.

– Château de Chambord – France Lotto took the drawings to this famous Loire Valley castle in 2002 for a special event. The location helped highlight French culture and history.

– Lyon – In 2006, the France Lotto drawing made a temporary move to Lyon to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the founding of Loterie Nationale, a Française des Jeux predecessor.

– Cannes – During the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, France Lotto held a drawing at the festival’s venue to tie in with the cultural event. Celebrities were in attendance.

– Strasbourg – In July 2014, a drawing was held in Strasbourg’s Place Kléber to mark the city’s connection to the lottery’s history and France’s eastern region.

These exciting locations provided memorable ways to mark milestones and involve more French citizens. But the reliable home of France Lotto drawings for over 45 years remains the Française des Jeux headquarters in Paris.

How to Watch the France Lotto Drawings

If you want to watch the drama of the balls bouncing around live as the numbers are drawn, how can you tune in?

Here are some ways you can watch the action as France Lotto numbers are selected in real time:

– Television – The drawings are broadcast on the TF1 channel at 8:30 PM local time before the evening news on draw days. You can watch from anywhere in France where TF1 is available.

– YouTube Live Stream – Française des Jeux streams the drawing on their official YouTube channel. Search for “FDJ” and tune in around 8:30 PM Paris time.

– Facebook Live – In addition to YouTube, FDJ also live streams the draws on their Facebook page. Visit “Française des Jeux Officiel” around 8:30 PM on draw days.

– Attend In Person – You can watch in person at FDJ headquarters in Paris. Arrive before 8:30 PM to go through security screening. Entry is free but limited.

– Replay Videos – If you miss the live broadcast, you can still watch recordings of the full drawing process posted by FDJ on YouTube and social media shortly after airing.

Catching the live drawing as balls bounce and numbers are revealed adds excitement. But the most important thing is checking your ticket against the official results afterward to see if luck was on your side!

France Lotto Drawing Results and Prize Claims

Once the latest France Lotto numbers are drawn and verified, how do you find out the results and claim any prizes won?

Here are some ways to get the official results and collect lottery winnings:

– FDJ Website and App – Current and past winning numbers are posted at and the FDJ mobile app shortly after each drawing. You can also scan tickets to check for wins.

– Retailers – Bring tickets to authorized FDJ lottery retailers to have them scanned and check results. Prizes up to €150 can be claimed there.

– FDJ Regional Offices – Larger prizes must be claimed in person at FDJ regional offices with valid ID and ticket within 60 days.

– Newspapers – Many French newspapers publish the latest France Lotto results the day after each drawing. Le Parisien and La Tribune are among the many options.

– Winner Alerts – FDJ contacts major prize winners directly if contact details were provided with the ticket. But it’s wise to check numbers yourself too.

– Winner Lists – FDJ also publishes names and cities (no full addresses) of winners who take home over €10,000 from any of their lottery games.

Checking results promptly is key, as unclaimed France Lotto prizes expire after 60 days per FDJ rules. Playing responsibly means always checking tickets – you want to realize it if good fortune has come your way!

Interesting France Lotto Drawing Facts and Statistics

Over the many years France Lotto drawings have been held, some intriguing statistics and facts have emerged that lottery enthusiasts may find interesting:

– Over €17 billion in prizes has been awarded since 1976 launch.

– The single largest France Lotto jackpot to date was €24 million, won in 2011.

– To date, 3 players have won the jackpot twice each. Luck indeed!

– As of 2022, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 19,068,840.

– The overall odds of winning any prize stand at 1 in 6.

– Drawings lasted about 30 minutes in early years compared to 15 minutes today due to technology.

– Approximately 25% of French adults played the lottery at least once from 2009-2019 surveys showed.

– Highest jackpot of 2022 so far was €13 million. Lowest was €2 million.

– Both Wednesday and Saturday drawings have awarded jackpots over €10 million before.

– Longest jackpot roll in game history is 11 drawings without a winner.

– Most common main number drawn to date is #23. Least common is #13.

The France Lotto has created many big winners, memorable moments, and billions in funding for public services over decades of drawings. This lottery remains woven into the fabric of French life after nearly 50 years!

Final Thoughts

The France Lotto provides twice-weekly excitement and chances at enriching prizes for French lottery players. The reliable drawing schedule on Wednesdays and Saturdays makes it easy to remember to play.

Française des Jeux meticulously manages every step of the process at their high-tech Paris facilities. This ensures fair results that players can have full confidence in. Watching the spinning machines and bouncing lottery balls never gets old for devoted fans seeking their lucky numbers.

While Luck plays its part, the France Lotto also relies on stringent protocols, mathematical randomness, and transparency. Together, these allow dreams of jackpot fortunes to play out within a tightly regulated system. For over 45 years, this consistency has kept devotees coming back.

So if you dream of that life-changing financial windfall, be sure to get your France Lotto tickets before 8:30 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tune in to the drawings live or check results afterward to see if fortune found you as the latest lucky numbers were being chosen. It only takes one set of balls bouncing just the right way to forever change your world!