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Who does Arthur end up with in Merlin?

At the end of Merlin, Arthur and Gwen finally get married and live happily ever after. After helping Arthur defeat his enemies and unite his kingdom, Gwen was made Queen of Camelot. Arthur had developed deep feelings for her over time, and they eventually declared their love for one another.

After a long struggle to unite their families, they finally come together as husband and wife. Their wedding is a joyful event and is celebrated by all of the citizens of Camelot. The series ends with Arthur and Gwen celebrating on their wedding day in the arms of each other, marking the beginning of a new era in Camelot.

Who was Merlin in love with?

Merlin is widely known as the greatest wizard of Arthurian legend and is closely associated with the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table. His romantic entanglements and adventures are widely debated, although some say that he was in love with Nimue, often referred to as the Lady of the Lake.

In some versions of the Arthurian stories, Merlin falls in love with Nimue and tries to teach her magic. Despite his warnings against doing so, Nimue eventually outwits and traps him in a tower, where he is bound in a deep, magical sleep.

In other interpretations, Merlin is in love with Queen Guinevere, who eventually betrays him by breaking his magical bindings and unleashing him on the world. In some versions, they even have a child together.

Whatever the case, Merlin’s romantic life is an oft-debated subject and varies greatly depending on the version of the story that is being told.

Who does Morgana marry in Merlin?

Morgana does not get married in the show, Merlin. Throughout the series, she is involved in a few romantic relationships, however none of them ever culminate in a marriage. Her first romantic relationship is with the sorcerer Mordred, something that she does not reveal until the very end of the show.

This relationship eventually fizzles out due to the pair’s opposing roles in a coming fierce battle. In the show’s finale, Morgana tries to stop Arthur and Merlin, who are attempting to free Arthur’s father, Uther, from a magical prison.

Knowing they will succeed she kisses Mordred goodbye as she faces them in battle. In the fifth series, Morgana also has a brief relationship with the mysterious sorcerer, Edwin. They are together for a few episodes before Edwin reveals he must leave and says goodbye to Morgana.

In her most recent romantic arc, Morgana forms a bond with the druid, Alvarr, and the pair later kiss in a cave; however the connection is never explored beyond that moment. As such, Morgana remains unmarried throughout the show Merlin.

Does Arthur and Gwen have a baby?

No, Arthur and Gwen do not have a baby at the present time. In the Arthurian legend, Arthur and Gwen do not have any children in the original tales. However, in some interpretations of the legends, it has been suggested that Arthur and Gwen do eventually have a child together, usually a daughter named Anna or Morgause.

It is generally believed that this daughter is conceived at the time of the climax of the tale, when Arthur and Gwen consummate their love for one another. But as to whether or not this interpretation is true or not, it remains a mystery.

For the time being, we must acknowledge that Arthur and Gwen do not have any offspring at this stage of the Arthurian legend.

Who is Merlin’s gf?

Merlin does not have a girlfriend in any of the Arthurian legends. He is usually depicted as a powerful wizard and mentor of the King Arthur, but he remains almost always celibate. However, in some modern versions of the tales, Merlin has been depicted as having romantic relationships with a variety of women, most notably Nimue (also known as the Lady of the Lake).

Did Merlin ever fall in love?

Yes, Merlin did fall in love in the medieval stories of Arthurian legend. In these stories, his primary romantic journey was with the beautiful, mysterious Lady of the Lake, who entranced him by her magic, beauty and knowledge of the secrets of the world.

Merlin’s relationship with the Lady of the Lake was platonic, however, and his true love interest was the beautiful Nimue. She was a countrywoman that enchanted him with her natural beauty and wildness, and ultimately tricked him by trapping him in a cave for all eternity.

Their doomed relationship ultimately embodied the challenges and complications of the time, the danger of misuse of power, and the fragility of life. Ultimately, this romantic relationship has forever exemplified the powerful and mesmerizing potential of love.

Were Merlin and Nimue lovers?

The relationship between Merlin and Nimue is complicated, and it is unclear if they were ever lovers in a romantic sense. While they are often portrayed as having a romantic relationship in popular culture, this is not supported by any confirmed sources in mythology or literature.

In most versions of the Arthurian legend, Merlin’s relationship with Nimue is portrayed as a mentor/student or teacher/pupil type of relationship, not one of a romantic nature.

In some texts, Merlin is said to have intended for a romance to develop between them, but there is no evidence that Nimue reciprocated his feelings. It appears that she was more interested in learning his magical secrets and tricks than forming a romantic connection.

She tricks him into revealing some of his secrets, including how to make a potion of invisibility, by refusing his advances.

Ultimately, whether Merlin and Nimue were ever in a romantic relationship remains a mystery and is open to interpretation by each individual reader or viewer. Some works of literature, including Thomas Malory’s 15th-century “Le Morte d’Arthur”, do not mention any such relationship between the two, indicating that they were not lovers.

Did Merlin have feelings for Arthur?

Yes, Merlin had strong feelings for Arthur. We can see evidence of his deep attachment throughout the Arthurian tales. Merlin was a loyal mentor and advisor to Arthur and was always willing to go to great lengths to help him.

Merlin’s love for Arthur was pure and unconditional, and manifested in a variety of ways. In many of the tales we see Merlin risk his own safety in order to protect Arthur. We also see moments of genuine affection, such as when Merlin gives Arthur his magic sword Excalibur.

Merlin also acts as a counselor and confidante to Arthur, offering advice and comfort when needed. It’s clear from these examples that Merlin held Arthur in a special place in his heart and greatly valued his friendship.

Did Morgana love Merlin?

Morgana had a deep love for Merlin, although she rarely expressed it openly. Throughout their time together, there is evidence that Morgana cared for Merlin. She rarely hesitated to help him if he was in trouble, and would often sacrifice her own safety for his.

During their time in Camelot, Morgana even kept Merlin’s secret of being a powerful sorcerer, even when it meant incriminating herself. She had even earnestly told Merlin that she ‘would never have done anything to hurt him’.

In the episode, ‘The Witchfinder’, Morgana shows mercy to Merlin when the citizens of Camelot think he’s a sorcerer and try to burn him at the stake. Morgana openly defends Merlin and protects him by blocking the arrow with her body, even at the cost of her own life.

Merlin was devastated at her death and even calls out her name despite being consumed by grief. Throughout their time together in Camelot, Morgana’s love and devotion towards Merlin were evident, though rarely spoken.

Why did Guinevere betray King Arthur?

Guinevere’s betrayal of King Arthur is one of the most tragic and iconic love stories in history. There are a variety of theories and interpretations as to why she chose to betray him. The most prominent interpretation is that it was due to her love for his knight Sir Lancelot.

Legend has it that she and Lancelot fell in love, with both of them having strong feelings for one another that overruled their loyalty to Arthur. This meant that Guinevere could not continue living with the guilt of the affair and chose to flee with Lancelot and run away to safety.

The exact reasons behind her decision remain unknown, though it is widely assumed that her love for Lancelot was a major factor in her decision to leave Arthur. This is supported by the story of Tristan and Isolde, which is a popular parallel to the story of Guinevere and Lancelot.

In both cases, the female characters fall in love with someone outside of their respective marriages, leading to acts of betrayal upon the husband.

Other interpretations suggest that Guinevere’s decision was a result of the unfair way in which Arthur treated her throughout the court. Arthur was known to have had multiple affairs, much to her chagrin, and the betrayal may have been her way of taking back power.

It is also possible that Guinevere felt suffocated by the expectations of her role as Queen and chose to break away from it entirely.

Ultimately, the reasons behind Guinevere’s betrayal of Arthur will remain unknown, as we can only speculate on the motivations that drove her to make such a difficult decision.

What happens to Lancelot and Guinevere?

Lancelot and Guinevere’s story ends tragically in the Arthurian legend. After it becomes abundantly clear that Lancelot and Guinevere are in love with each other, they are confronted by King Arthur who has known of their affair and had.

been hoping to reconcile with Guinevere. When they cannot deny what had been going on, they are both put to death. In some versions of the story, Lancelot and Guinevere are both burned at the stake, while in others Lancelot is allowed to escape to France and Guinevere is put in a convent for the remainder of her life.

Either way, the story of Lancelot and Guinevere is a tragic one that ultimately ends in the death of two people from a court filled with love, heartache and tragedy.

Does Guinevere end up with Lancelot or Arthur?

At the end of the traditional narrative, Guinevere is not with either Lancelot or Arthur. In addition to making the decision not to consummate her relationship with Arthur, she also chose to remain true to her husband and honor the marriage by resisting her feelings for Lancelot.

This demonstrates her strength in character and unwavering commitment to the bonds of marriage. After the tragic events of the war between Lancelot’s forces and Arthur’s, Guinevere chooses to accept her fate.

She chooses a life of penance and enters a monastery, leaving behind her relationship with Lancelot, at least for this life. Lancelot does not stay in Britain, instead choosing to return to France where he eventually dies in a holy war.

Arthur, too, passes away, leaving Guinevere to spend her remaining days devoted to the service of the Church and a life of prayer and meditation.

Does Guinevere marry Arthur or Lancelot?

In traditional Arthurian tales, Guinevere does not marry both Arthur and Lancelot. In fact, she is married to Arthur and has an affair with Lancelot. In Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, Guinevere and Arthur are married, but Guinevere falls in love with Lancelot and their affair ends up tearing the kingdom apart.

In some other versions of the Arthurian tales, she does marry Lancelot after Arthur’s death, but this is not the traditional story.

Did Arthur Pendragon have a child?

Yes, Arthur Pendragon is known to have had at least one child. This individual was the result of an affair between Arthur and Morgause, the sister of his half-sister Morgan le Fay. This child was Mordred, one of the major antagonists in the Arthurian legend.

Mordred was born in the late 5th century, and grew up to take on a prominent role in the story of King Arthur’s downfall. Although his parentage is not openly revealed in the early stories of the legend, later versions elaborate on the relationship between Arthur and Morgause and Mordred’s subsequent role.

What happens to Gwen at the end of Merlin?

At the end of the series, Gwen is crowned Queen of Camelot with her beloved husband, Arthur. Throughout the show, Gwen has been a loyal companion to Arthur, who went from being a young, idealistic prince to a respected king.

Arthur learned the importance of making difficult decisions and Gwen was by his side throughout, offering her advice and support.

As Queen, Gwen is strong, respected, and wise. She is an inspirational leader of Camelot, and a beloved and cherished friend to Merlin. Gwen was an integral part of the formation of the legend of King Arthur, and a lifelong friend.

At the end of the series, Merlin, who is revealed to be the famed wizard from the Arthurian legends, decides to retire from Camelot and leaves to lead a secluded life in the forest, but not before gifting Gwen with a charm bracelet full of treasures as a parting gift.

Gwen is a beloved character and served a crucial role in the Arthurian legend of King Arthur. Her story ends on a happy note with her coronation to Queen of Camelot, surrounded by her loved ones.