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Who makes Simpson gas engines?

Simpson gas engines are manufactured and distributed by Honda Power Equipment, a division of the Honda Motor Company. Honda Power Equipment has been developing and producing reliable gas engines since 1953 and is a world leader in small engine technology.

Simpson gas engines have been Honda’s flagship engines since the company first produced them in the early 1960s. These engines have earned a reputation for being reliable, fuel efficient and powerful.

Simpson engines are used primarily in outdoor power equipment, such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, generators, and pressure washers, but can also be found in other leading brands of outdoor power equipment, like Snapper and Generac.

Honda Power Equipment continues to develop and manufacture top-quality gas engines to meet the needs of outdoor power equipment users around the globe.

Do Simpson pressure washers have Honda engines?

Yes, many Simpson pressure washers come equipped with Honda engines. Honda engines are renowned for their durability, power, and low maintenance. Simpson pressure washers are designed to be powerful and efficient, and the use of a Honda engine helps ensure these machines deliver on their promise.

Honda engine technology also provides extra peace-of-mind, with the company’s impressive track record in the industry. Honda engines also come with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that your machine is well-protected.

Simpson pressure washers with Honda engines are ideal for tackling tough cleaning jobs around the home, farm, or office.

Are Simpson Motors any good?

Simpson Motors is a reputable car dealership with a long history of providing reliable cars. They have earned a good reputation among customers and are known for their excellent customer service. All of their vehicles are inspected by experienced technicians and they offer a wide selection of cars from many different manufacturers.

They also offer competitive financing and have a number of affordable used car options available. In addition, Simpson Motors has a commitment to keeping their prices fair and affordable for customers.

Overall, Simpson Motors is a good car dealership with a good track record and should be considered by those looking for a quality vehicle.

Is Simpson Australian made?

Yes, Simpson is an Australian made appliance manufacturer. Founded in Melbourne in 1871, the company has always been committed to producing superior quality whitegoods and kitchen appliances that are built to last.

They have a reputation for high-level craftsmanship, style and innovation and have been an official, trusted supplier to the Australian Department of Defence since WWI. Over the decades, Simpson has built washing machines, dryers, ovens and other kitchen appliances with an emphasis on clean lines, contemporary styling and first-class performance.

Today, Simpson is a household name in Australia and they have built a worldwide network of dealers, retailers and distributors to bring their products to customers worldwide.

Who owns Simpson Investment company?

Simpson Investment Company is a private corporation owned and operated by the Simpson family. The family has a long history in the investment industry, having started Simpson Investment Company in 1975 as a way of providing their clients with a full range of services, including wealth management, mutual funds, private equity, corporate finance and portfolio management.

The company has a long-standing reputation for providing sound and reliable advice, as well as excellent customer service. The privately owned and operated Simpson Investment Company is the only private wealth management firm in Canada with the ability to offer both private and institutional investors the same range of services.

The company is known for its commitment to providing its clients with innovative and market-leading investment solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

Who bought Simpson Lumber Company?

Simpson Lumber Company was purchased by Boises’s Cascade Company in 2019. Established in 1936, the lumber company is a family-owned business located in the Pacific Northwest. Boises’s Cascade Company is the largest producer and distributor of building materials in the United States with over 350 locations, so it was able to make a cash offer to Simpson Lumber Company of $2.2 billion.

This sale made Simpson the 14th largest company that Cascade has acquired to add to its group of companies. And with the acquisition of Simpson, Cascade now has the capability and geographic coverage to better serve the Northwest construction and industrial markets.

Are DeWalt pressure washers made by Simpson?

No, DeWalt pressure washers are not manufactured by Simpson. DeWalt is a brand that is owned by Stanley Black & Decker and all of their pressure washers are made by DeWalt and manufactured in their facilities.

The Simpson company specializes in creating machinery for many industries, including power products, but they do not manufacture DeWalt pressure washers.

What engine does Simpson pressure washer use?

The Simpson pressure washers use a range of engines, depending on the model and series. For example, the MS60762-S MegaShot pressure washer series uses a Honda GX200 engine that provides a reliable 4-stroke design and is CARB Compliant.

This engine has a displacement of 0.98 cubic inches, which results in a 0.6 horsepower engine. The MS60852-S MegaShot pressure washers use a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine that provide a reliable and easy start.

This engine is capable of producing up to 2.7 horsepower and has a 0.04-gallon fuel tank capacity. The ALH4240 pressure washer uses a Honda GC190 engine that is highly reliable and fuel efficient. This engine has a displacement of 0.

18 cubic inches and provides up to 2.5 horsepower. All of these engines are capable of providing high power and performance to ensure that the Simpson pressure washers can adequately clean and remove dirt, grime, and debris from the surfaces.

Is Simpson a good pressure washer brand?

Simpson is a well-known brand in the pressure washer industry with a wide range of models from entry-level light-duty machines to heavy-duty industrial machines. Their machines are reliable and come with accurate accessory kits for the price.

Simpson offers some of the highest quality components compared to other brands, including a longer-lasting Honda GX engine and steel frame construction for added durability. The customer reviews for Simpson machines are mostly positive, with many praising their durability, reliability, and overall quality of the products.

Generally speaking, Simpson is a trusted and good brand when it comes to pressure washers.

Does Honda make pressure washers anymore?

Yes, Honda does still make pressure washers. Honda pressure washers are powered by Honda GX series engines that are designed for less noise, smooth and reliable operation and easy starting. The motors are designed for extended operation with low-oil shut-off for engine protection.

Honda pressure washers come with a variety of power options, from 2,700 to 4,200 PSI. They also feature a variety of cleaning accessories; including, but not limited to, turbo nozzles, power nozzles, and spray guns.

Honda’s pressure washers also come with easy storage, are lightweight, and feature durable wheels for mobility. Honda pressure washers are designed with quality and reliability in mind. You can find a wide variety of Honda pressure washers both in store, and online.

Are Honda power washers any good?

Honda power washers can be a great option for homeowners and professionals who need reliable, long-lasting, and powerful cleaning equipment. Typically, Honda power washers are made with high-quality parts, have lots of power, and provide a reliable way to clean large and small surfaces.

The engines are generally very reliable and fuel efficient, and the pumping systems are designed to provide sufficient pressure to tackle the toughest of jobs.

They offer a range of features from adjustable pressure levels to interchangeable nozzles which can be used to target specific cleaning tasks. They also tend to be relatively quiet compared to some other makes and models, making them ideal for use in residential areas where noise is a concern.

Overall, Honda power washers offer excellent value for money and are usually a good choice for those looking for a dependable and powerful machine. Since they are made to last, you can generally expect many years of reliable service out of a Honda power washer.

Are Honda GC engines reliable?

Honda GC engines are renowned to be extremely reliable; this is attributed to their design, production, and quality assurance standards. Honda is well-known for their superior manufacturing processes and highly reliable engine designs.

Honda GC engines are tested and inspected thoroughly during each production phase to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance. Many independent testing agencies have given Honda GC engines high ratings in regards to their longevity, power output, and overall reliability.

Honda GC engines are highly sought after for their superior performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Honda offers a wide range of GC engine models for a variety of applications, and these engines are known to provide excellent fuel efficiency, smooth acceleration, and high power output.

Ultimately, Honda GC engines are among the most reliable engines on the market and have earned a reputation for providing superior performance and value.

Who owns Simpson power washers?

Simpson Cleaning is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and pressure washers. The company is owned by FNA Group, which specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of outdoor power equipment.

Over its 90 year history, Simpson Cleaning has been an industry leader in outdoor power equipment, with a full line of gas-powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers, generators, and other outdoor power products.

All of the company’s products are designed with the user’s convenience and safety in mind, making them easy to operate and reliable. The Simpsons Cleaning products are recognized for their superior performance, reliability, and superior customer service and are available from a wide variety of retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

How long is the Simpson pressure washer warranty?

The Simpson pressure washer warranty varies depending on the product. For most residential products, the warranty is one year from the date of purchase, covering parts and labor. Pressure washers with a Honda engine have a two-year limited warranty for commercial usage and three years for residential usage.

All other pressure washers with a non-Honda engine have a one-year limited warranty for commercial usage and two years for residential usage. All warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship.

Normal wear and tear parts, such as nozzles, are not covered by the warranty.