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Who slept with Jayce in Arcane?

In the animated TV series “Arcane,” it is revealed that Jayce had a romantic relationship with Mel, who is Jinx’s older sister. Mel was a chemist who worked with Jayce to create the Hextech crystal that would be used to power Piltover and revolutionize the city’s technology. As they spent more time together, their professional relationship turned into a romantic one. However, their relationship was not without its complications. Mel was hesitant to take their relationship to the next level because she was concerned about the potential consequences that their actions could have on their work and the people of Piltover. Eventually, however, they gave in to their feelings and slept together. Although their relationship did not last long, their intimate moment was a significant turning point in the narrative of “Arcane.” It not only highlighted the complexity of their personal lives but also contributed to the unraveling of the events that would shape the future of Piltover.