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Why can’t I remove Norton from my computer?

It is usually not possible to remove Norton from your computer because it is typically integrated into the background of the computer’s operating system, meaning that it uses various processes and registries that can interfere with when you try to remove it.

Additionally, if you are manually trying to uninstall the security software, you may be presented with more obstacles. If the software came pre-installed on your computer, it is possible there are additional layers of protection in the security software that must be disabled to proceed with an uninstallation.

It is also possible that because Norton has been pre-installed, many of the installation files have been hidden or the access to them restricted, preventing you from uninstalling it. That said, it may be possible to uninstall Norton from your computer by using the Windows Add/ Remove Programs tool, as long as you are running a 32-bit version of Windows.

You can also try using the Norton Removal Tool from Symantec to completely uninstall Norton from your computer. If all else fails, you can contact Norton support, who will be able to assist you in uninstalling the security software.

How do I remove Norton Antivirus completely from registry?

Removing Norton AntiVirus completely from the registry requires you to use a third-party registry editor such as CCleaner. Make sure you create a backup of the registry before making any changes in the registry.

To remove Norton AntiVirus using a registry editor:

1. Open an elevated Registry Editor. To do so, press the Windows key + R, type in regedit and press Enter.

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE, and look for the Norton AntiVirus key.

3. Right-click on the Norton AntiVirus key and select “Delete.”

4. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software, and select the Norton AntiVirus key.

5. Right-click on the Norton AntiVirus key and select “Delete.”

6. Exit the registry editor and reboot your computer.

7. Open the Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and uninstall Norton AntiVirus.

8. After uninstalling, use CCleaner to remove traces of Norton AntiVirus from the registry.

9. Reboot your computer once again.

Once you’ve followed all of the steps above, Norton AntiVirus should be completely removed from the registry.

Why does it take so long to uninstall Norton 360?

The length of time it takes to uninstall Norton 360 depends on a number of factors, such as the version of the antivirus software being uninstalled, the configuration of your computer, and how much data has been stored by Norton 360.

Depending on the number of components installed, there can be hundreds of settings and files associated with Norton 360 on your computer, and removing them all can take several minutes. Additionally, if a newer version of Norton 360 was recently installed, it can take longer to uninstall as the new version may include additional components or tools that need to be removed.

Lastly, the uninstall process also includes additional scans to make sure that all traces of Norton 360 are removed, again lengthening the uninstall process.

How do I uninstall Norton 360 from Windows 11?

You can uninstall Norton 360 from Windows 11 by following the steps below:

1. Press the Windows key, then type “Apps & Features” and select it from the list.

2. Scroll to find Norton 360, then select it and click on Uninstall.

3. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the uninstallation.

4. After processing the uninstallation, restart your computer.

5. To complete the uninstall process, go to the directory and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to fully uninstall all Norton products installed on your computer and remove leftovers from the system.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall process.

7. Once the tool is finished, restart your computer again to complete the uninstall process of Norton 360 from Windows 11.

Is it possible to Uninstall Norton?

Yes, it is possible to uninstall Norton. To uninstall Norton, you first need to open your computer’s control panel. From here, you can select the “Uninstall Programs” or “Add/Remove Programs” option to find the Norton program you wish to uninstall.

After selecting Norton from the list, click “Uninstall” and follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process. It is important to note that, upon uninstalling Norton, your computer may become more vulnerable to security threats, so it is important to make sure you have some other form of protection in place to ensure the safety of your computer and its data.

Do I need to Uninstall Norton before installing new version?

Yes, it’s important to uninstall Norton before installing a new version. If you don’t do this, you might experience compatibility issues or a security breach. Uninstalling your current Norton product will also free up some space on your computer, ensuring that the new Norton product has a clean slate to work with.

To uninstall Norton, you’ll first want to locate the Norton program in the list of programs in your “Programs and Features” section on your computer’s control panel. Once you have located the Norton program, click on it and select the Uninstall option.

Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall process and then restart your computer before installing the new version of Norton.

Is Norton better than Windows Defender?

Whether Norton or Windows Defender is better depends on the specific needs and preferences of a user. Windows Defender is already pre-installed in Windows 10, so there is no need to purchase or download additional antivirus software.

However, Norton is a comprehensive security suite that offers advanced features that are not available in Windows Defender, such as automatic backups of important files, secure VPN, identity theft protection and more.

Moreover, due to extensive testing and research, Norton has consistently been rated as one of the most effective antivirus programs available. Furthermore, with Norton, users can manage the security of multiple devices at once from a single, central dashboard.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the user’s needs. For example, those who want the added level of protection that Norton provides will find the additional features beneficial. On the other hand, those who do not have the same security concerns or who are just looking for basic antivirus protection may find that Windows Defender covers their needs at no additional cost.

Should I delete Norton and use Windows Defender?

It depends on what kind of protection you are looking for. If you are looking for basic protection and don’t want to pay extra, using Windows Defender can be an effective way to protect your computer.

Windows Defender comes with the Windows operating system and offers basic protection against malicious software, like viruses and spyware. As Windows Defender is free, it can be a great way to save some money and still keep your computer safe.

However, if you are looking for more advanced protection, then deleting Norton and switching to Windows Defender may not be the best solution for you. Norton usually offers additional features such as a firewall, parental controls, and other advanced protection which Windows Defender does not have.

Moreover, Norton usually provides more comprehensive protection against all kinds of malware and can update its virus definitions more frequently. In addition, some of Norton’s features require more regular updates than Windows Defender.

Therefore, it really depends on what kind of protection you are looking for. If cost is a major factor and you want basic protection, Windows Defender can be a viable choice. If, however, you’re looking for more comprehensive protection, you may want to keep Norton or invest in a different security software.

Should I turn off Windows Defender if I have Norton?

No, you do not need to turn off Windows Defender if you have Norton. Norton and Windows Defender both provide effective virus and malware protection, and you can use them together for added protection.

In fact, Norton recommends that you keep Windows Defender on and active to provide an extra layer of security for your computer. While Norton is a comprehensive, full-scale antivirus package, Windows Defender can help to secure you against more targeted threats, including certain exploits.

This layered approach can make it very hard for malicious actors to penetrate your system. However, if you feel that either program might be hindering the performance of your computer, you can always temporarily disable either Norton or Windows Defender while keeping the other active.

How do I uninstall old version of Norton?

Uninstalling an old version of Norton can vary slightly depending on the version that you are currently running. Regardless, here are the steps needed to uninstall Norton and all its related programs from your computer:

1. Close all running applications except your web browser.

2. Open the Norton interface from either the system tray, or under All Programs in the Start Menu.

3. Click on ‘Uninstall’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Reboot your computer once the uninstall is complete.

5. Download and run the Norton Removal Tool from either the official Norton Website or from this link: Norton Removal Tool

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove any left-over components of the old Norton version.

7. Reboot and you will be fully uninstalled from the old version of Norton.

If you have any difficulty uninstalling Norton or require more assistance, contact Norton support directly for more assistance.

Where is the Norton Removal Tool?

The Norton Removal Tool is available on the Symantec website, located at https://support. norton. com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us. It provides a quick and easy method to remove Norton products and any remnants or components that may not uninstall properly via the Windows control panel.

The tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Android platforms, and can be used on various versions of those operating systems. The tool is designed to remove Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, and Norton System Works from PCs.

Once installed, the tool can be run directly from your desktop, and it will not require any manual intervention from you. It will also provide verifiable proof of removal (when requested by Norton Support).

Although the removal tool is a convenient and effortless way to uninstall and remove Norton products, Symantec does recommend that you follow the instructions outlined in their knowledge base for your version of Norton product to ensure a complete and successful removal.

Why does Norton take forever to Uninstall?

Norton can take a long time to uninstall because it has a number of components that need to be removed from the system. This includes parts of the software that are deeply integrated into the operating system, as well as components that can’t be deleted without leaving behind traces and remnants.

Additionally, if you have multiple versions of Norton installed, then each of those versions needs to be separately removed. This, coupled with large disk and registry scans for any remaining content, can take a long time.

Can you Uninstall Norton and then reinstall?

Yes, it is possible to uninstall Norton and then reinstall it. If you don’t have the installer to install from, please follow the below steps.

1) Download the Norton software from the official website.

2) Uninstall any Norton products from the Control Panel.

3) Double click on the download file to start the installation process.

4) Follow the instructions on screen.

5) Select the subscription for Norton according to your needs.

6) Follow the instructions to create a Norton account.

7) Log in to Norton and activate the account.

8) Install the latest version of Norton.

Once the installation is complete, you should be able to use your Norton product as usual. To ensure maximum protection, you can manually install the latest virus definitions and run a virus scan periodically.

Additionally, it is important to check for any available patches or updates to ensure your Norton product is running at its best.

Does Norton have a malware removal?

Yes, Norton does have a malware removal tool. Norton AntiVirus Plus is designed to detect, remove and block malicious software, including viruses, adware, malware, ransomware and spyware. In addition, Norton AntiVirus Plus also provides real-time protection against online threats, such as dangerous websites and phishing attacks.

It also scans your computer for vulnerabilities and prompts you to apply security updates, making sure your operating system and applications are up-to-date. Norton AntiVirus Plus can be used to delete most malware threats, although some sophisticated strains of malware (including rootkits) may require manual intervention to remove.

Finally, Norton’s powerful online protection is designed to detect online threats that come from suspicious websites, links, emails and applications. Norton AntiVirus Plus also provides a 100% guarantee that your devices are safe from ransomware and other advanced threats.

How do I delete all Norton files?

In order to delete all Norton files, you should first go to the Windows Start menu and then search for ‘Add or remove programs. ‘ In the program window, look for any application or folder that is labeled Norton, then select it and choose to uninstall it.

After you have gone through the process of uninstalling the Norton application, you will need to search for any remaining Norton files on your computer. You can do this by either using Windows search or the search bar in your system tray.

Once you have identified all the Norton files, you can delete them. It is important to note that some Norton files may be hidden, so make sure to check for this before deleting. Once you have completed the above steps, you have successfully deleted all Norton files from your computer.

Can Norton 360 clean up my computer?

Yes, Norton 360 can help clean up your computer. Norton 360 includes virus protection and advanced security to help keep your device safe and secure from malware, viruses, phishing, and other online threats.

The firewall will protect you from unwanted network intrusions and provides automatic backups of your important files. Additionally, the program includes LiveUpdate™ which provides timely updates and fixes for your computer to keep it up to date.

The Norton 360 Disk Cleanup tool can also help to free up space and help to optimize the performance of your computer. Once the Disk Cleanup tool has completed, you’ll have more free space and fewer unwanted files so your computer is running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, Norton 360 also offers 24/7 customer service and technical support in case you need any additional help.

Does Norton Clean Clear cache?

Yes, Norton Clean Clear can help clear cache, temporary files, and other potentially unwanted items from your computer to help it run faster and more efficiently. The program can be used to delete cookies, browser history, address bars, and more.

Norton Clean Clear also can find and remove unwanted toolbars, browser add-ons, and other programs that slow down your PC while providing additional privacy protection. It scans your hard drive and removable media to locate and eradicate any suspicious files.

With Norton Clean Clear, you will be able to clean the clutter and trash left over from applications, packages, and utilities that are no longer in use.