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Why do some of my friends posts not show up on my feed?

It’s possible that some of your friend’s posts are not showing up on your feed if you haven’t interacted with them in a while. Sometimes, algorithms are used to get the content you see in your news feed, and it can be based on things like how often you interact with a particular friend or even the type of content they share.

It is possible that the algorithm has determined that their posts are not relevant to you. Additionally, if Facebook thinks the post could be perceived as offensive, it may suppress the post so that it doesn’t appear in your news feed.

Finally, your friend’s post may also not show up if they have too many people tagged or if they have certain privacy settings that limit who can and cannot see their posts.

How do I see all my friends posts on Facebook news feed?

To see all of your friends’ posts on the Facebook news feed you can:

1. Go to your homepage and locate the ‘News Feed’ section on the left hand side of the page.

2. Click on the drop down arrow beside ‘News Feed’ and select ‘Most Recent’. This should show you all the posts by your friends in chronological order.

3. If you’d like to customise and filter the posts you see, you can also click on ‘Edit Preferences’ in the ‘News Feed’ section to customise your feed settings.

4. You can search for specific friends posts by typing their names into the search bar at the top of the page. This should show you any posts by them.

5. If you’d like to view all recent posts from particular friends, you can click on their name and select ‘Friends’ from the drop down menu on their profile page. This will bring up all the recent posts from that person.

6. Finally, if you need more control over your news feed, you can create custom lists by going to your homepage and selecting “Lists” from the menu on the left hand side. Here you can create lists of friends, family, colleagues etc and you can view posts from these lists all in one place.

Hopefully these tips helped you to see all of your friends’ posts on the Facebook news feed.

How do I get my Facebook news feed back to normal?

Getting your Facebook news feed back to normal is actually quite easy. The first step is to update your News Feed preferences. Doing this will help adjust the types of posts that show up in your news feed.

To do this, go to your Facebook homepage, click the arrow icon in the top right corner and select “News Feed Preferences”. This will open your preferences page, where you can uncheck the categories you no longer want to see and check the categories you do.

The next step is to reconnect with friends or Pages you have blocked or unfollowed in the past. This can be done by clicking the “Reconnect” button in the News Feed Preferences page. Clicking this button will open a list of Pages and people you’ve previously blocked or unfollowed, and you can choose to reconnect with any of them.

Finally, you can also try changing the way stories are ranked in your news feed. To do this, go to your Facebook homepage, click the arrow icon in the top right corner and select “News Feed Settings”.

This will open your settings page, where you can toggle the ranking option to “show me the best stories first” or “show me the most recent stories first”. These changes should help to get your News Feed back to its normal state.

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

Yes, someone can tell if you are looking at their Facebook page a lot. Facebook’s privacy settings allow you to view a list of people who have recently visited your profile, or to see who has viewed your posts or pictures.

Depending on the person’s privacy settings, you may also be able to see other information such as how often a person has been looking at your profile and the content they are viewing. For these reasons, it’s always wise to check your privacy settings to determine how much information you want to make available to others.

Additionally, it is important to remember that if you are looking at someone’s profile frequently and over a long period of time, it could be perceived as intrusive or creepy, depending on your relationship with that person.

How can you tell if someone has restricted you on Facebook?

If you believe someone has restricted you on Facebook, there are multiple ways to tell. When you visit the profile of someone who may have blocked you, you may notice that you are unable to interact with them in any way.

You will not be able to view their profile pictures, read their wall posts, or view any of the photos they have shared. If a person’s profile simply appears empty and there is no profile photo, the chances are they have blocked you.

Another way to tell if someone has restricted you is if their Facebook profile is invisible when you search it. If you type this person’s name in the search bar, their profile should appear. If it does not, then they may have blocked you.

If you send this person a message and it is not delivered, then it is a sure sign that you have been blocked. If the person was previously active in discussing topics with you and suddenly stops replying, the chances are that they have blocked you.

You can try to ask mutual friends if they can view this person’s profile. If the answer is no, then you can safely assume that you have been blocked or restricted.

Can you be friends on Facebook but not see their posts?

Yes, it is possible to be friends on Facebook but not see their posts. If you want to be Facebook friends with someone without seeing their posts, you can mute their posts. This means that you will remain friends on Facebook, but their posts will no longer appear in your News Feed.

To do this, you can access their profile page, select the “Following” option, and click on “Mute posts. ” This will remove all their posts from your News Feed without unfriending them. Additionally, you can also remove certain types of content from your Facebook News Feed without unfollowing someone, such as posts from pages, posts from people you don’t know, posts about advertising, and sponsored posts.

This way, you can continue to be friends with someone but still manage what types of posts appear in your News Feed.

Can you hide your Facebook profile from someone without blocking them?

Yes, you can hide your Facebook profile from someone without blocking them. If you do not want someone to be able to see your profile, you can add them to your restricted list. When you add someone to your restricted list, they will only be able to see the things that you share with them.

Why is my post not showing on my friends timeline?

One possibility is that the privacy settings for your post did not allow your friends to see it. If you keep certain posts as “Friends Only” or “Friends of Friends Only,” then only those within that scope will be able to view the post, and thus your friends timeline will not display it.

Another possibility is that your friend may have “unfollowed” you or blocked you from their timeline, which would keep all of your posts from showing up on their timeline. Additionally, if your friend has a feed filled with posts from other friends and/or pages, your post may have been lost in the shuffle and not have been seen.

Finally, a post may fail to show up on a timeline if there is a delay or issue with the server. If your posts are not showing up, try logging out and back in to possibly refresh the connection, or contact the platform’s support team to get more information on potential problems.

Does Facebook only show certain friends posts?

Yes, Facebook only shows certain friends’ posts in your News Feed. This is due to the algorithms used by the social media platform to determine what content it should prioritize for you. These algorithms take into account factors such as the type of content being shared, how often you interact with a particular friend, and the interests you have expressed throughout your use of the platform.

As such, it is likely that you will not see every post from each of your friends equally. Additionally, if you have fewer mutual friends with someone, the algorithm may not prioritize posts from them as much as someone that you may have more interactions with.

Ultimately, Facebook will prioritize posts from friends and pages that it believes you will want to see based on your usage.

Why can’t I see my timeline on Google Maps?

It is possible that some issues with your Google Maps account might prevent you from being able to see your timeline on Google Maps. If you are unable to see your timeline, there are a few things to check.

First, make sure that you have enabled timeline tracking in the Google Maps app. You can do this by going to the Settings in the Google Maps app and toggling ‘Enable Timeline’ to the On position.

Additionally, make sure that you have allowed Google Maps to access all of your device’s location services. If they are not enabled, Google Maps will not be able to track your timeline. You can check this in your device’s Settings.

If the timeline is still not showing up, you may need to check if your device’s GPS is enabled. You can do this in the device’s Settings. The GPS must be turned on in order for Google Maps to properly track your timeline.

Finally, make sure that you are signing into the same Google account on both your device and within the Google Maps app. If you are not signing into the correct account, your timeline will not show up.

If you are still having trouble viewing your timeline on Google Maps, you may need to contact Google Support for further assistance.

How do I get my Google Timeline to work?

Getting your Google Timeline to work is relatively simple and is an easy way to view your past and present locations. To get it working, the first step is to make sure your Google account has its location settings turned on.

You can do this by going to your Google Account settings on the web version of Google. Here, you should see a tab for “Personal info & privacy”. From here, you can go to “Manage your Google activity controls”.

Scroll down this page for the “Location History” setting. Make sure this is toggled on, and you will now be able to track your locations across all the devices you are signed into with your Google Account.

The next step is to download the Google Maps app onto your mobile device. Once this is installed, log in with your Google account and turn on “Location History” in the settings. This should allow Google to start tracking your location and creating a history of it.

To view your locations, select the menu button on the left of the Google Maps app and choose “Your Timeline”. You should now be able to see your location history and can view where you have been over time.

You can also add and edit your timeline, marking places such as places you have visited or destinations you have visited.

Overall, getting your Google Timeline to work is simple and offers an easy way to track your past and present locations.

How do I get Google Maps to show my Timeline?

In order to get Google Maps to show your timeline, you first need to make sure that the feature is enabled. To do this, open your Google Maps app and tap your profile picture then select “Settings” and make sure that “Location History” is enabled.

Once this is enabled, you should be able to open Google Maps, tap the three lines in the left-hand corner, and select “Your Timeline” to view Maps locations you have visited. You should also see a slider that allows you to change the range of days you want your timeline to display.

If you want to check the accuracy of what’s in your timeline, be sure to double-check your map details against the actual location. If you have any further questions or would like additional information, you can reach out to Google’s support team.

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