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Why is Pixiv not working?

Pixiv may not be working because of a number of different issues. These can include your device being unable to access the internet or network, server or software issues, or issues with your account.

If you’re having issue accessing Pixiv, the first thing to do is to make sure that your device has a strong internet connection. If you’re on a mobile device, check that you have a data connection or that your Wi-Fi is properly connected.

You should also make sure that all your software such as browsers and plugins are updated.

If your internet is working and your device is updated, you should check if there are any problems on the Pixiv website itself. Issues such as server outages, system maintenance, and issues with their API can all result in Pixiv not working.

You can check the Pixiv website or their social media channels to see if there are any server issues.

Lastly, make sure that it’s not an issue with your own account. Check that the account information you are using is correct, and if you’re having trouble signing in with two-factor authentication, make sure that the mobile device you are using is correct.

If all else fails, you can always reset your password to gain access.

Why can’t I log into Pixiv?

There could be several reasons why you are unable to log into Pixiv. If you are sure your username and password are correct, the problem may be related to your internet connection, the Pixiv servers, your ISP, or a technical issue with Pixiv.

If the issue is related to your internet connection, the first step is to check if your network is running correctly. If so, restart it and try again. Additionally, resetting your modem or router may also help solve the issue.

If the issue is caused by Pixiv servers, you need to wait for them to restore the service. To check if this is the cause, search for Pixiv’s current status online. If the servers are down, you can monitor the status page to see when they will be available again.

It may also be due to your ISP, so try switching to a different network or restarting your network and modem. You can also contact your ISP’s customer service, who may assist you further in case the issue is caused by a hardware problem.

Finally, if the problem is related to a technical issue with Pixiv itself, you should contact them directly and let them know about the problem. Be sure to include all the details that could facilitate the resolution of your problem.

How do I log out of pixiv?

Logging out of Pixiv is easy. To do so, you first need to go to your profile page which can be found in the top right corner of the homepage. Once there, you should see a “Log Out” option at the bottom left side of the page.

Clicking on it will log you out of the website. Alternatively, you can also click on “Settings” from the profile page, then select “Account & Settings”, and use the “Sign out of Pixiv” option to log out.

Once logged out, you’ll need to log back in again next time you use the website.

Can you make a pixiv account?

Yes, you can make a pixiv account. All you have to do is go to their website and click the “Create an Account” button. From there, you will be taken to the account creation page, which will prompt you to fill out the required information.

This will include essentials such as your full name, email address, password and birthday. Just make sure to read the website’s Terms of Service before submitting your information. After you submit your information and verify your account, you’ll have access to the full range of features that pixiv has to offer.

Is pixiv only for Japanese?

No, pixiv is not only for Japanese people. Pixiv is an online art community where anyone from any country can join and share their artwork. It was originally started as a Japanese website in 2007 and is still mostly used by Japanese people, but anyone can join regardless of which language they speak or where they’re from.

There is even a dedicated English-language section on the website that is primarily used by international members.

Is pixiv OK to use?

Yes, pixiv is generally considered to be a safe and reliable website. It is an online art platform focused on Japanese original art and manga. The website has a dedicated team that monitors submissions to ensure only appropriate content is posted.

Additionally, the website has a set of community guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure a safe environment. The website also provides a number of security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

So, overall, pixiv is a safe and reliable website.

Does pixiv delete accounts?

Yes, pixiv does delete accounts. Accounts will be deleted if they are inactive for 6 months, or if an account violates the terms of service, which include inappropriate content, spam activities, and malicious activities.

Additionally, pixiv may delete an account without prior notice if it interferes with the service, or if it violates local or national laws. If an account is deleted, all the data associated with it, such as illustrations, comments, likes, and messages, will also be deleted.

To prevent an account from being deleted, users should periodically log in to the site and keep their activities within the terms of service.

Is creating a pixiv account free?

Yes, creating a pixiv account is free and only takes a few minutes of your time. To create an account, start by visiting the pixiv website and selecting the “New Account” option. You’ll then be asked to choose a language and a country of residence.

Once you’ve made your selections, you can start creating your account by entering your email address and a desired user name. You’ll also be asked to create a secure password, which you can use to access your account in the future.

After completing the account setup process, you’ll be granted access to the entire pixiv platform without the need to pay any subscription fee. Enjoy!.

Can I change my pixiv name?

Yes, you can change your pixiv name. To do this, you need to log in to your pixiv account and select “Settings” from the menu. On the Account Settings tab, you will see a field that has your current display name.

Enter the new name that you would like to use, then save the changes. Note that all your information, including the URLs associated with your account, will also be automatically changed. That means that you will need to inform your followers and other contacts if they are likely to have your old name stored in their address books.

How long does it take to delete a pixiv account?

It usually takes less than 10 minutes to delete a pixiv account, however the exact amount of time it takes depends on how large your account is and how quickly you can follow the instructions. To delete your pixiv account, first log in and go to Account Settings.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Delete your PIXIV account here’ link. A page will open explaining the process, as well as any consequences involved with deleting your account.

Once you have read this page, click the ‘Delete My Account’ button at the bottom. This will prompt a confirmation page, where you will need to enter your username and password again to confirm the deletion.

Once this is completed, the account will be deleted and it will take approximately 10 minutes for the deletion to be fully processed.

Is pixiv down right now?

At the time of this writing, pixiv appears to be up and running normally. As with any online service, outages can occur due to technical issues or other factors. The website is currently displaying properly, and users appear to be able to access and use the site as normal.

If you are having difficulty accessing the website or the service, it could be due to local internet or connection issues, or it could be related to a potential issue with the pixiv service itself. To check if pixiv is down, it is best to consult a third-party website such as Downdetector, which can provide up-to-date information on the status of the service.

Can I trust pixiv?

Yes, you can trust pixiv. It is a reliable platform for creating and sharing artwork, and the website and app both take user safety seriously. They provide options for users to block others, report content, and report inappropriate behavior to help ensure the platform is safe and secure for everyone.

Moreover, pixiv is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, a set of privacy laws that provide protections against unauthorized access and misuse of personal data. Finally, all of the artwork and content uploaded by users is subject to moderation by the pixiv staff, who remove any material that doesn’t fit their guidelines.

This makes it easy to trust pixiv, knowing that their standards are stringent and their commitment to providing a safe platform is strong.

Does pixiv cost money?

No, Pixiv is a free online art community where you can upload, view, and comment on artworks made by other members. You can also set up a profile and share your works on the platform. There are no subscription fees or other costs associated with using Pixiv.

You can also choose to support Pixiv by becoming a premium member, which will grant you extra features such as the ability to see daily rankings, hide ads, and more.

Is pixiv anonymous?

Pixiv is an image-sharing website that allows users to upload and share images, illustrations, and comics. Generally, the website is anonymous, with users operating under aliases and not their real names.

Users are able to change their usernames and, while Pixiv requires a valid email address to sign up, most content, such as titles, descriptions and tags, do not include personal information. Furthermore, the site offers anonymity by allowing users to keep their profile and artwork private, as well as the ability to make edits and uploads without the need to reveal any identity.

However, although the website maintains anonymity by keeping the user’s identity hidden, it is important to note that it is not entirely confidential. The website requires users to be at least 13 years old and therefore requests users’ birthdate and gender as part of their registration process.

Furthermore, it is possible for another user to find out the identity of another user if they have access to the user’s email address.

Overall, Pixiv is generally anonymous, allowing users to use aliases and not their real names, as well as being able to keep their profile and artwork private. However, it is not entirely confidential and personal information such as the user’s birthdate and gender is requested, as well as potentially being able to be tracked through their email address.

Is there an English version of pixiv?

Yes, there is an English version of Pixiv. The English version of Pixiv is a website that provides a platform for users to showcase and share their artwork, including illustrations, manga, and comics.

It was launched in 2010 as part of an effort by the Japanese company Pixiv Inc. to make the site more accessible to an international audience. The English version of Pixiv contains a range of features including manga and comics, artworks, community galleries, search functions, a library of resources and tutorials, and contests.

Users can browse through the featured artworks, comment on and rate other’s work, search for specific images or topics, and create a personal profile with a portfolio of their artwork and a list of favorite artworks and creators.

As well as being able to view artwork and comment on it, Pixiv also offers several social functions, such as being able to follow favorite creators and receive notifications whenever they post new artwork.

Does pixiv have an app?

Yes, Pixiv does have an app – both for iOS and Android. Users can easily download the app and create a free account, as well as view and browse artwork, follow other artists and see their artwork, comment on artwork, and even upload artwork for others to view.

The app also features features such as notifications, search engine, “My Gallery” to help you easily acces all the images you have uploaded, an Otapotto-kun chatbot and more. In addition, the app also has a “Friends” page where you can easily track which of your friends is active, interact and discover each other’s creativity.

With the app, users are also able to easily draw and upload art, as well as find out about promotional events and other features on the platform.