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Why is Thanos less purple?

Thanos is a fictional supervillain character in the Marvel Universe, created by writer-artist Jim Starlin. He made his first appearance in Iron Man #55 in 1973. In the comics, Thanos is known for his purple skin color, which distinguishes him from other characters in the Marvel Universe.

However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Thanos appears less purple than his comic book counterpart. This difference in skin color can be attributed to the fact that the MCU is a visual medium, and the filmmakers wanted to avoid having Thanos appear as a cartoonish character on the big screen.

Moreover, the MCU has chosen to portray Thanos as a more realistic and grounded character, compared to his cartoonish portrayal in the comic books. By choosing a more realistic skin tone, the filmmakers are able to create a villain that feels more threatening and believable to the audience.

Another reason for Thanos appearing less purple could be the lighting and special effects used in the films. The MCU films are full of CGI and special effects, and the filmmakers might have found that using a less saturated purple color made Thanos look more natural and realistic in the films.

In addition to these practical reasons, it is also worth noting that the MCU has made several changes to Thanos’ appearance beyond just his skin color. His design has been altered to appear more human-like, with a more realistic body shape and facial features.

This is likely because the filmmakers wanted to portray Thanos as a complex and multidimensional character, one who is capable of expressing emotion and empathy, rather than just being a one-dimensional cartoon villain.

Thanos’ appearance in the MCU is less purple than his original comic book appearance because of practical and artistic considerations. By choosing a more realistic and grounded color palette, the filmmakers were able to create a more complex and believable character that could be taken seriously by audiences.

Why did they change Thanos Colour?

There are a few reasons that have been speculated as to why Thanos’ color was changed. Firstly, in the comic books, Thanos is depicted as purple. However, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, they decided to make Thanos slightly more human-like in appearance.

In order to do this, they altered his skin tone to a slightly more natural-looking shade of blue. This change in appearance may have been done to make him look less like an alien and more like a powerful humanoid.

Another reason for the change in Thanos’ color could be due to the limitations of CGI. In order to create a believable, realistic character, the visual effects team had to make sure that Thanos looked as lifelike as possible.

By making him blue instead of purple, it is possible that they were able to create a more detailed and convincing rendering of the character.

Finally, it is also possible that the change in Thanos’ color was simply a creative decision made by the filmmakers. There may have been aesthetic or symbolic reasons for choosing blue over purple. For example, blue is often associated with power and authority, which would make sense for Thanos, given his role as a cosmic villain with incredible strength and influence.

There are many possible reasons for why Thanos’ color was changed. Whether it was due to creative decisions, limitations of CGI, or simply a desire to make the character more realistic and approachable, the change likely played a significant role in shaping his appearance on the big screen.