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Why won’t my monsters sing in My Singing Monsters?

There are a few different possible explanations as to why your monsters won’t sing in My Singing Monsters.

If it is your first time playing the game, then you may be missing certain elements of the game that need to be unlocked before your monsters can start singing. Make sure that all of the monsters you want to sing have been collected and unlocked first.

Another possibility is that your device may not be compatible with the game. Check if the game has any system requirements in order to avoid any compatibility problems.

Finally, it could be a technical issue with the game itself. If this is the case, you may want to contact the game’s support team or try restarting the game/device or reinstalling the game in order to restore the graphics and sound properly.

What is the error code suv000 in My Singing Monsters?

Suv000 is an error code associated with My Singing Monsters that occurs when there is a problem loading the game, usually due to a problem with the connection. This could be caused by a weak connection or a server problem.

To address the issue, try restarting your device and the game, then check your internet connection. You may want to power cycle your modem or router and reset your internet connection, or try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.

If the error persists, try reaching out to customer support for further assistance.

How do you force quit in My Singing Monsters?

If you need to force quit My Singing Monsters, the best way to do this is to fully close the game. On iOS, you can do this by double-tapping the ‘Home’ button and swiping up on the My Singing Monsters app card.

On Android, you can do this by pressing the ‘Recent Apps’ button, located next to the Home button, and swiping up or right to fully close the app. Once the app is closed, it should no longer be running in the background.

To further ensure that the app is properly closed, you can also restart your device before launching the game again.

Is my singing monster offline?

It depends on whether you are playing it on a mobile device or on a gaming system. If you are playing it on a mobile device, it is likely to be an online game. However, you can also play it on some gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, and if you play it on this platform, then it is likely to be an offline game.

So, to answer your question, it really depends on what platform you are playing the game on.

Do monsters still make money when muted?

No, monsters do not make money when muted. Monsters are a popular form of digital currency used in many video games, and one of the main ways of making money in those games is through in-game purchases such as item tenders or upgrades.

When a monster is muted, the in-game purchases are disabled and so the player can no longer purchase items or make upgrades, which means they cannot make money.

How do I breed a Ghazt?

In order to successfully breed a Ghazt in the DragonVale game, you must first have two Level 10 Air Habitats, each housing two different species of dragons. After that, you will need to collect the four different types of basic dragons (Cold, Earth, Fire, and Plant), and have them each in their respective habitat.

Once the habitats are filled, you will need to select both the Fire and Plant dragon, along with any other two combinations of dragons within the same habitats, and place them in the Breeding Cave. Make sure both habitats are active prior to breeding.

Once the Breeding Cave has been filled, press the breed button and wait for the breeding time to end. If it is successful, your newly hatched Ghazt will appear in the game. If you do not get it the first time, keep trying different pairings of basic dragons until you achieve success.

With patience, luck, and skill, you will eventually be able to breed a Ghazt.

How do you breed a rare Jeeode?

Breeding a rare Jeeode requires patience and a carefully planned strategy. The first step is to find two Jeeodes of the same evolutionary stage with high IVs (Individual Values). IVs are determined by a Jeeode’s stats and are used to indicate how powerful a Jeeode may become.

The higher the IVs, the better. Once two Jeeodes with desirable IVs have been found, they will need to be paired together in order to breed. This step is done by plunging a Fire and Water Stone into each Jeeode respectively.

Once they have been “paired” together, they can be placed in the Petalburg Day Care and a rare Jeeode egg will be produced. Once the egg has hatched, the newly hatched rare Jeeode should be carefully raised and trained in order to maximize its potential.

Be sure to feed and play with the Jeeode often in order to level it up quickly. With the right strategy and dedication, breeding a rare Jeeode is absolutely doable. Good luck!.

How do I get epic Thumpies?

To get Epic Thumpies, you need to have a high enough level on the game, which is usually Level 25 and above. Once you reach this level, Epic Thumpies can be found in the wild, and they can also be bred from different species of regular Thumpies.

When attempting to breed an Epic Thumpie, the chances are much higher if you use parent Thumpies that are level 8 or higher. To breed two Epic Thumpies, both parents must be of Epic rarity. Additionally, there is a chance that an Epic Thumpy can be obtained from a chest or purchased directly from the game store.

How do you breed an epic Reebro on ethereal?

Breeding an epic Reebro in the ethereal biome can be a complicated process, but not an impossible one! Firstly, it’s important to understand that the source of an ethereal Reebro’s genes will determine its strength and ability.

Breeding an epic Reebro requires genes from two ethereal sources, such as two epic Reebros, two rare Reebros, two common Reebros, or a rare and a common Reebro. Secondly, you will need to have good knowledge of the Reebros’ genetic makeup in order to ensure a successful breeding attempt.

You will need to be aware of the variation of colors, size, and abnormalities of the offspring that the breeding can produce. The time required to breed this type of Reebro can depend on the particular genes chosen.

The breeders’ luck, experience and skill will have a great influence too. Lastly, you will need to keep your Reebros in an appropriate environmental setup for optimized conditions for successful breeding.

Be sure to have adequate food, water and space for the Reebros to mate. Good luck, and happy breeding!.

What two monsters make a Reebro?

Reebro is a combination of two types of monsters in the game Dragon City. The first type is a Reeber, which is a Fire-type monster that is known for its deep howl, fiery energy, and fiery wings and tail.

The second type is a Brood, which is an Earth-type monster that is known for its muscular build, resilient strength, and its firebreathing abilities.

When these two monsters are combined, the creature that is created is known as a Reebro. This hybrid monster is commonly used in Dragon City battles due to its ability to issue both fire- and earth-type attacks.

It is known for its large size and amazing strength as well as its large wings, blazing fire breath, and heavy tail. During battle, it can exhale extremely hot fire, creating a powerful offensive attack.

Can rare monsters breed Ethereals?

No, rare monsters cannot breed Ethereals. Ethereals are a special breed of monster that can be bred by using two parents of the same element but with differing rarities. Depending on which two monsters are used, the resulting offspring will be either a Rare or a Super Rare version of that specific monster.

For example, if the two parents used are two Rare monsters, the resulting offspring will be a Super Rare version of the same monster. The rarity of the monsters needed to breed Ethereals must be Super Rare in order for the breeding process to work.

Breeding two Rare monsters will not result in an Ethereal.

What does a Clamble and a Bowgart make?

A Clamble and Bowgart is a type of creature created by the game developer Big Blue Bubble. They are quirky monsters that inhabit the world of My Singing Monsters, a popular mobile game. Clamble is a purple creature with tentacles and Bowgart is a yellow creature with antlers.

They both have an outgoing personality and like to play. Both Clamble and Bowgart are fun and loving creatures, always ready to join in monster activities. They both have unique abilities, which help them become successful singers-in-training.

Clamble has the ability to turn invisible and pass through obstacles, while Bowgart can manipulate objects using its antlers. Together, they make an unstoppable musical duo, and they bring a lot of excitement and fun to the world of My Singing Monsters.

What is a Monculus?

A Monculus is a type of construct, usually mechanical in nature, that is created by a powerful caster such as a sorcerer, wizard, or artificer. It is a living construct, with some degree of sentience and feelings, created to serve as a powerful servant and agent in the mage’s service.

Monculi are designed to be powerful fighters, and possess a high degree of strength and durability as well as magical and alchemical capabilities. They are capable of a wide range of tasks from manual labor to complex magical rituals, and their flexibility and obedience makes them invaluable to their masters.

Some races have even been known to command and deploy monculi as powerful troops in times of war.

Despite their power and honored positions, monculi are rarely seen in public, often driven to secrecy and away from the eyes of the public by the mages and artificers who create them. Monculi are often seen as more of an extension of the caster than a separate individual, and as such have a hard time understanding the concept of free will.

This, combined with their unquestioning obedience, often makes them a source of moral dilemmas and controversy.

How do you get YOOL?

YOOL is a cryptocurrency token released in July 2020 by the YooLotto project. YooLotto is a platform designed to create a safe, secure, and transparent lottery system. To get YOOL, you can purchase it on several decentralized exchanges or buy it directly from the YooLotto team.

You can find the list of current exchanges and buy/sell options here: https://yoopay. io/token_list/. Purchasing YOOL requires a minimum investment of 50 USDT, and you can choose to pay with cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

You can also earn YOOL by joining their referral program. You can earn bonus YOOL tokens by referring friends and family to join the YooLotto platform, or you can also earn YOOL tokens for becoming a YooLotto Merchant or participating in their tournaments and games.

What are the chances of breeding a Ghazt with all torches?

The chances of breeding a Ghazt with all torches are very low as it requires a great deal of luck. While it is possible to breed a Ghazt with all torches, the chances of doing so are incredibly slim.

It is likely that the ultimate combination of monsters used to breed the Ghazt must include two Monster with torches, so finding the correct combinations that do not use rare or hard to obtain monsters can be a challenge.

Additionally, the chances of getting a Ghazt from breeding in the first place are fairly low. Therefore, players should not count on breeding a Ghazt with all torches anytime soon.

How much food should I give my Ghazt to level 15?

The amount of food you should feed your Ghazt to reach level 15 will depend on its current level, as the amount of food you need increases as your monster levels up. Generally speaking, it is recommended to give your Ghazt three pieces of food every time it levels up in order to reach level 15.

A Ghazt will require 60 pieces of food in total to reach level 15, however the exact amount of food your particular monster needs may vary depending on its current level, growth rate, and the amount of experience points it earns in battle.

Additionally, it may take significantly more food to level up if your Ghazt is an armored type, due to the extra experience points required to level up.