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Why won’t my rooms merge in fallout shelter?

It is likely that your rooms are not merging in Fallout Shelter because they are not of the same type. In order to merge rooms, both of the rooms must have the same kind of room. For example, if you have a Science Lab and a Living Quarters, you cannot merge them until both of them become either Science Labs or Living Quarters.

Additionally, you must also ensure that you have the correct amount of dwellers in those rooms in order for the merging to be successful. If one of the rooms is full with 6 dwellers, then it will not be able to merge with the other room that has 5 dwellers.

That’s why it is important to always make sure there is enough space in each room before you try to merge them.

How many rooms can you merge together fallout shelter?

In Fallout Shelter, you can merge up to four rooms together, creating a larger room. When you merge rooms, their functions are combined into the newly created room. For example, if you merge two radioactivity rooms together, the combined room will have the increased protection, efficiency, and capacity that was present in both rooms.

You can merge any combination of three rooms, including diner and training rooms, but you cannot merge Lounge or Nuclear reactor rooms. Additionally, some legendary rooms can be merged together, giving you access to better rewards and more efficient production.

To merge rooms together, simply use the “merge” option located in the room menu.

Can you merge storage rooms in fallout shelter?

Yes, it is possible to merge storage rooms in Fallout Shelter. The game allows players to combine their Vault Dwellers’ inventory items, such as weapons, aid items, and outfits, to create more room in their vault.

To do this, simply tap on the desired item and drag it to the storage room that you would like to merge it with. Once you have done this, the storage room will then increase in size, allowing you to hold more items in it.

As you progress through the game, you will also be able to purchase upgrades to increase the size of these storage rooms to include larger items or even allow them to be combined with other rooms. Additionally, you may find that some missions offer rewards that can be used to increase the size of these rooms as well.

Does putting dwellers in storage rooms do anything?

Putting dwellers in storage rooms can be beneficial in a few ways. First, it provides an additional layer of safety for your dwellers in the event of a radroach infestation or other event in the vault.

Placing dwellers and items in the storage room ensures that the items are not disturbed or taken during a raid, which will increase the odds of your vault being able to survive the raid. Additionally, the storage room is also seen as an area for storing excess supplies and as a place for dwellers to store their belongings.

By doing this, dwellers have less need to carry items around with them, which helps to limit the amount of resources needed from the other areas in the vault. This can be beneficial for resource management in tight quarters.

Finally, having a storage room can help to provide a sense of organization and order to the vault, which can help to create a positive living environment for all of the dwellers.

How many living quarters do you need for 200 dwellers?

The exact number of living quarters needed for 200 dwellers will depend on a variety of factors including the size of each living quarters, the desired density of the living quarters, and additional amenities such as common areas, storage, or bathrooms.

Generally speaking, a minimal living quarters layout with minimal amenities and a higher density may require fewer quarters (e. g. only two bedrooms with one shared bathroom), while larger, more spacious, and amenity-filled living quarters would require more quarters (e. g.

eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a communal kitchen or living room).

In light of this, it is difficult to accurately estimate the exact number of living quarters required for 200 dwellers. However, as a rule of thumb, an estimated calculation based on a high-density living arrangement may fall between around 12-15 living quarters for 200 dwellers.

This would mean that each living quarters would house approximately 14-16 dwellers.

Of course, this is only an estimate and the exact number of living quarters needed for 200 dwellers may vary depending on the individual circumstances and specific layout desired. As such, it is important to consider all factors when attempting to determine the exact number of living quarters that will be required.

Ultimately, professional consultation may be recommended to more accurately determine the exact living quarters needs of 200 dwellers.

Can overseer’s office be expanded?

Yes, the overseer’s office can be expanded. Depending on the type of work an overseer does, there are a variety of ways to expand an office. For instance, some overseers may choose to add additional space for additional staff members, while others may opt to partner with outside consultants or vendors to supplement their work.

Additionally, certain technologies, including computer hardware and software, can help streamline the administrative process and increase efficiency within the office space. Furthermore, integrating modern communication and collaboration tools can help overseers collaborate more effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

Ultimately, the decision to expand an overseer’s office will depend on the type of work they do and the resources available to them.

How long does it take for a woman to give birth in fallout shelter?

The length of time a woman takes to give birth in Fallout Shelter can vary greatly, depending on her individual circumstances. On average, a woman in Fallout Shelter can expect to take an hour or two to give birth once labor has begun.

However, it is important to note that the labor process and length can vary greatly, depending on the size of the baby and any preexisting medical complications. Women can also expect to experience contractions during labor, which can last anywhere from 30-90 seconds.

Additionally, a woman in Fallout Shelter may need to be coached through labor by a doctor or midwife depending on the situation. All in all, the birth process in Fallout Shelter is highly individualized and the exact time frame for delivery can vary drastically.

How long is a pregnancy in fallout shelter?

In Fallout Shelter, the length of a pregnancy is dependent on the dweller’s health and stats. A dweller in perfect health who produces the highest levels of energy and stats has a full term pregnancy length of around three and a half in-game hours.

On the other hand, a dweller with lower stats and health can take up to six or seven in-game hours to have their baby. The pregnancy length is directly affected by the pregnant dweller’s stats and health and can even be increased by providing them with a high-quality meal.

The average time it takes a dweller to have a baby is around four and a half in-game hours.

Can you merge overseer’s office?

Yes, it is possible to merge overseer’s office.

The process of merging overseer’s office starts with a careful review of the existing labor resources, processes and management structure. In order to implement a successful merge it is important to identify any potential areas of overlap and streamline processes, roles and responsibilities.

Depending on the size and type of companies, it may be beneficial to analyze potential cost savings or efficiencies that can be derived by a merge.

Once potential areas of efficiency are identified, next step is to consider potential organizational structures that would incorporate both companies. This should include mapping roles and responsibilities, as well as considering new processes and policies that may be necessary.

It is equally important to review existing systems and employee benefits schemes, as these also need to be taken into consideration.

The final step of merging overseer’s office is to ensure a smooth transition period. This is done best by providing training and support to ensure employees understand the new structure, any changes to processes and policies, and by providing additional resources to employees as needed.

Overall, merging overseer’s office is a complex process but can provide a business with valuable cost efficiencies and improved organizational processes. It is important to take the time to review and analyze the current labor resources, processes, management structure and existing systems before merging in order to identify potential areas of overlap and streamline processes.

Once this is done, it is important to provide a smooth transition period with adequate training and resources to ensure a successful merge.

What rooms in fallout shelter can be merged?

In Fallout Shelter, you have the ability to merge any two adjacent rooms of equal level. If a room is not of equal level, it cannot be merged. Examples of rooms that can be merged are the Living Quarters, Barbershop, Classroom, Athletic, and Medbay.

When you merge two rooms, it combines them into one larger room, which allows more space for dwellers. The new merged room also has more capacity to hold more dwellers. However, merging rooms also comes with a cost – merging two rooms requires the expenditure of a certain number of caps.

So while merging rooms can be beneficial, it is important to consider the cost associated with it before deciding if it is worth it.

Does storage room need dwellers?

No, storage rooms generally do not need dwellers. Storage rooms are designed to provide secure and safe storage for the storage of goods and items. The purpose of a storage room is to maintain and protect these items, not necessarily provide a space for people to live.

A storage room is typically designed to suit the specific goods and items that will be stored in it, such as climate control for temperature-sensitive items, or external security if large items are stored.

Storage rooms are also designed to maximize the efficiency of storage, not to provide living space. In conclusion, a storage room does not need dwellers and it is typically not designed with living space in mind.

What’s the max storage in Fallout Shelter?

The maximum storage for Fallout Shelter is determined by the size of the vault. Each room of the vault adds a certain number of slots for food, water, electricity, and other resources to be stored – the bigger the vault, the more resource slots there are.

The maximum amount of slots for each category varies depending on the vault’s size, with a max of 10 for food, 10 for water, 8 for electricity, and 10 for schmooze. Additionally, there are several miscellaneous slots limited to 10 each that can hold a variety of items.

With each room of the vault having its own slots, the max storage capacity depends entirely on the size of the vault.

Where should a overseer’s desk be placed?

The ideal location for a overseer’s desk depends on the context in which it will be used. Generally, a desk intended for an overseer should be placed in a location that offers easy access to other workers and department supervisors.

This ensures that the overseer can remain attentive and responsive to the daily operations of the business. The desk should also have a clear view of the area in order to monitor any activity while the overseer is away.

If possible, the desk should be placed near windows with natural light, allowing the overseer to easily keep track of activities. Additionally, if possible, the desk should be placed in a quiet corner of the office, allowing the overseer to focus on their work and minimizing distractions.

This placement also allows the overseer to hear any potential issues or crises should they arise. Ultimately, the specific placement of a overseer’s desk should be based on the specific needs and requirements of the business.

What happens to overseer Barstow?

Overseer Barstow is a character in the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison. He is a white man who runs the plantation where Sethe (one of the main characters) is enslaved.

Throughout the novel, Barstow is shown to be a cruel, domineering figure. He is abusive to the slaves and attempts to control every aspect of their lives, including how they dress, how they interact with each other, and how they refer to him.

Near the end of the novel, Barstow is finally exposed for his cruelty. One of the other slaves, Ellen, reveals that he is also sexually abusing her, and this forces the community to confront him and his terrible behavior.

Barstow is beaten and sent away from the plantation, never to return. His violent legacy, however, lives on in the memories of all the people he had mistreated, and in the fearful memory of those that remain.

How do I build the overseer’s office in Fallout 4?

Building the Overseer’s Office in Fallout 4 is relatively easy, once you have the necessary items. First, you will need a Cement Mixer and Steel Beams. The Cement Mixer can be purchased from a Trade station and the Steel Beams can be acquired from a workshop.

Once you have these items, you will need to find an area with enough flat terrain and clear the area of any existing structures that you may have in the area.

Once you have an ideal spot, set up the Cement Mixer and begin pouring the cement to level the area. Once you have achieved a flat surface, place the Steel Beams around the borders of the construction site.

Then arrange the perimeter beams in the desired format. You may use whatever configuration you need but bear in mind that the Overseer’s Office will take up a large amount of floor space, so you may want to leave extra room when constructing the frame.

After the frame is set up, you will need to gather materials to begin constructing the actual office. This could include concrete, tin, wood, and other miscellaneous items. Once all of the materials are gathered, begin to construct the walls of the office and the roof.

You may want to consider adding a few windows on the walls to give the office a more polished look.

When the office is complete, install the necessary lighting and furniture items. Decorate the walls with posters or decorations of your choice. Finally, connect the office to a power source and you’re finished! The Overseer’s Office is now ready to use.

How do I level up my dwellers fast?

If you want to level up your dwellers in Fallout Shelter quickly, the best way to do so is to use the various methods of training and expediting the process. First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your dwellers are well equipped with the right gear.

Make sure they are wearing the best outfit you can provide as better equipment means more points gained faster. You should also place your dwellers in rooms which give them the highest dweller happiness possible.

The higher the dweller happiness, the more experience each dweller will gain while they are working.

Next, you can begin to actively train the dwellers and send them off on quests. Training the dwellers in the wasteland is the fastest method for progressing their levels, as you can choose which skills to upgrade and tapping on their SPECIAL stats will give them experience points.

You should also start sending your dwellers out on quests to give them more experience points. Once you have all of your dwellers on a quest, you can double the experience points gained by rushing the quest through Caps.

Finally, it is crucial to make sure your Vault has adequate resources to supply the best possible results. Ensure that you have the necessary resources to support the upgrades, including a sufficient number of dwellers and energy.

Make sure to assign dwellers to the respective rooms to keep your dwellers and vault healthy and functioning. With a combination of these various approaches, you should be able to level up your dwellers at a much faster rate.

Can you revive Mr handy in survival mode?

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible to revive Mr Handy in Survival Mode. Mr Handy is a robot designed to perform specific tasks, and as such, can only be brought back to life in a single-player game.

There are, however, other robots that players can collect and send out to do their bidding in Survival Mode, including Robobrains, Protectrons, and Assaultrons. While these robots cannot replace the beloved Mr Handy, they can still help you out along the way!.