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Are cubic zirconia fake diamonds?

Cubic zirconia is often referred to as “fake diamonds” because its appearance closely resembles diamonds but it is not a natural diamond. Cubic zirconia is a laboratory-made gemstone that is synthesized from zirconium dioxide and is a popular alternative to diamonds for jewelry pieces due to its affordability and availability.

While cubic zirconia is not a diamond, it is classified as a diamond simulant, which means that it is used as a substitute for natural diamonds in jewelry and other similar applications. Cubic zirconia is not a precious gemstone, and its price is considerably lower than that of diamonds due to the significant difference in their composition, rarity, and value.

Despite the differences in their composition, cubic zirconia is an attractive jewelry alternative for people who want the look of a diamond but cannot afford the real thing. The lab-made stone looks similar to diamonds and reflects light in the same way, which is why cubic zirconia has become a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other types of jewelry.

While cubic zirconia is not a natural diamond, it can be considered a “fake diamond” or a diamond simulant because of its appearance and use in jewelry. If you are looking for a more affordable option to traditional diamonds that still looks beautiful and sparkles, cubic zirconia could be a great choice for you.