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At what age can you buy a lottery ticket in Romania?

In Romania, there are age restrictions in place for buying lottery tickets, just as there are in many other countries around the world. Lotteries can be addictive and lead to problems for some individuals, so most places impose regulations to prevent underage gambling. Understanding the age requirement for purchasing lottery tickets in Romania can ensure you stay within the law.

The Legal Age for Buying Lottery Tickets in Romania

According to Romanian law, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase lottery tickets or participate in any other form of legal gambling. This is the case for both online and retail lottery ticket sales. The age restriction applies not just to citizens of Romania but to anyone buying lottery tickets within the country’s borders. Trying to purchase a lottery ticket if you are under 18 is illegal.

These age limits are defined under Romania’s main gambling legislation, the Gambling Act. Article 15 of this law states that it is prohibited for minors to take part in any games of chance or gambling activities. The law defines a minor as anyone under the age of 18. The Gambling Act and its age requirements apply to all forms of gambling available in Romania, including lotteries, sports betting, casino games, and more.

If you attempt to purchase a lottery ticket from an authorized retailer as an underage individual, the clerk should refuse the sale and ask for ID to verify your age. Retailers can face penalties if they are found illegally selling lottery tickets to those under 18. Likewise, licensed online lottery sites use age verification checks like ID uploads to prevent minors from accessing their services.

Types of Lotteries in Romania

There are several different types of lottery games administered by various operators in Romania. The main lottery categories you will find include:

  • National lottery – Romania’s main lottery is managed by the state-owned company Loteria Romana. Their lottery draws offer huge nationwide prize pools.
  • Regional lotteries – Some smaller regional lotteries exist that serve particular counties or cities.
  • Scratch cards – Instant win scratch card games are sold widely at newsagents and other retailers.
  • Sports betting – Many bookmakers offer pools betting on the outcome of football matches and other sporting events.
  • Keno – A popular numbers game offered through Loteria Romana both online and via retail terminals.
  • Bingo – Paper and electronic bingo games are available from licensed operators.

All these lottery products are subject to the 18+ age limit. Minors cannot legally buy tickets for any kind of lottery or gambling activity in Romania, whether a local scratch card or a bet on the national soccer league.

Enforcement of Underage Gambling Laws

Romania takes the enforcement of gambling age restrictions seriously. There are penalties in place for both players who illegally gamble underage and for operators who allow this to happen.

Fines for Underage Players

If an underage individual is caught buying lottery tickets or participating in other gambling, they can face civil fines. These fines are based on the specifics of the offence and the personal situation of the offender. Potential penalties include:

  • Fines between 300 and 500 RON for the minor caught gambling (£47 – £79).
  • Fines up to 2500 RON for the parents or legal guardians of the minor (£395).

These fines act as a deterrent to stop minors accessing gambling services illegally. The Gambling Act states the fines can be applied each time a minor is caught gambling underage. The exact amount of the fine will be determined by the regulatory National Gambling Office on a case by case basis.

Sanctions for Sellers and Operators

If a retailer or gambling operator does not follow the proper age verification procedures and allows minors to access gambling products, they can face severe sanctions. These include:

  • Suspension of the retailer or operator’s license to sell lottery tickets or provide gambling services.
  • Permanent revocation of the license for repeated violations.
  • Financial penalties up to 325,000 RON (£51,000).

These strong sanctions encourage lottery retailers and gambling operators to be diligent in enforcing age restrictions. Before selling any lottery tickets, they must verify a player’s age through ID checks or other means.

Responsible Gambling Measures

Aside from enforcing age limits, Romania also promotes responsible gambling through the following measures:

  • Self-exclusion options – Problem gamblers can ban themselves from accessing lottery tickets and other gambling products for set periods of time.
  • Advertising restrictions – Rules prohibit advertising gambling directly to minors or showing underage individuals participating.
  • Gambling addiction resources – Resources are available to help provide support and counselling to those suffering from problem gambling.

These initiatives help complement the strict enforcement of gambling age limits in Romania. They aim to lower risks and promote more responsible gambling practices across all segments of the population.

Checking Identification

When trying to purchase any lottery or gambling products in Romania as a young adult, you should expect retailers to check your ID. Here are some tips for ensuring the age verification process goes smoothly:

  • Carry valid photo identification whenever attempting to buy lottery tickets. A passport, driver’s license, or national ID card will all be acceptable.
  • Make sure your ID clearly shows your date of birth confirming you are 18+.
  • Do not argue or become confrontational if asked for ID, even if you are above the legal age. Sellers are just following the rules.
  • If you look under 25 years old, always expect to have your age checked.
  • Be cooperative when staff need to verify your identity and age.

Following these tips will help prevent any delays or confusion when retailers check your age. Being patient and providing the necessary verification makes the process easier on both sides.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets Underage

Attempting to buy lottery tickets under the legal age in Romania is considered a serious offence. Here are some key dangers of trying to purchase lotteries illegally as a minor:

  • You could face civil fines and have your parents or guardians penalized if caught.
  • Retailers could lose their lottery license for selling to you.
  • Getting caught gambling underage can result in a criminal record.
  • You contribute to the illegal gambling market which often has ties to organized crime.

It is not worth the risks trying to obtain lottery tickets if you are still under 18. Patience is key – wait until you are of legal age, then you can enjoy participating without any worry of penalties. The lottery will still be there when you turn 18.

Gambling Education for Minors

While underage individuals are restricted from accessing gambling products, Romania does promote education around responsible gambling practices. Some initiatives include:

  • School-based education programs on the risks and responsible practices related to gambling.
  • Public health messaging around gambling literacy, targeted at teenagers and young adults.
  • Free counselling services for minors with emerging problem gambling issues.

These education efforts aim to prepare minors for making responsible choices around gambling once they come of legal age at 18. The programs provide resources and support based on evidence and harm minimization principles.

Oversight of Gambling Laws

Responsibility for overseeing Romania’s lottery and gambling legislation lies with the National Gambling Office. This regulatory body monitors compliance, enforces rules, and applies penalties to any parties who violate the laws.

Some key responsibilities of the National Gambling Office include:

  • Vetting and licensing online and retail gambling operators.
  • Auditing licensed operators for compliance with regulations.
  • Investigating reports of illegal underage gambling.
  • Running public education campaigns around responsible gambling.
  • Commissioning research into gambling trends and addiction metrics.
  • Blocking access to unauthorized offshore gambling sites.

This wide mandate empowers the National Gambling Office to enforce rules around underage gambling and ensure lottery retailers abide by legal age limits.

Reporting Underage Gambling

You can lodge complaints with the National Gambling Office if you witness illegal sales of lottery tickets or gambling products to minors. Reports can be made confidentially by phone, email, or via an online form. The regulator takes alleged violations seriously and will open an investigation if there is credible information provided.

With cooperation from the public, the National Gambling Office can better enforce Romania’s age restrictions. This improves protections for minors and penalizes any operators trying to attract underage players.

Age Limits Around the World

Legal gambling ages vary across different jurisdictions globally. Some examples include:

Country Lottery Age Notes
UK 16 18 for casinos/betting
USA 18-21 Varies by state, 18 most common
Australia 18 Except 16 in some states
Canada 18-19 Depends on province
South Africa 18 18 for all gambling

Most countries have aligned lottery age limits with 18 as the age of legal adulthood. However some jurisdictions do allow exceptions for purchasing lottery tickets at younger ages like 16 or 17. Many factors influence these age thresholds including cultural norms, legal precedents, and problem gambling rates.

Research on Gambling and Underage Players

Extensive research has been conducted around underage gambling to help guide legal age policies. Some key findings include:

  • Introducing gambling at younger ages can increase risks of developing gambling disorders later in adulthood.
  • Setting age limits below 18 is associated with higher rates of problem gambling among minors.
  • Strong laws restricting underage access are linked with less underage gambling participation.
  • Parental gambling and supervision practices influence likelihood of illegal gambling among youth.
  • Responsible gambling education from young ages can help limit risks.

These insights support restrictions prohibiting minors from accessing gambling until reaching adulthood. Ongoing research continues to track youth gambling patterns and attitudes to optimize public policy.

The Future of Gambling Age Laws

Romania may revisit its gambling age limits in the future if there are changes in problem gambling patterns or in the policy priorities of the government. However there are no immediate plans to alter the current 18+ requirement.

With gambling expanding online and on mobile devices, enforcing age limits faces new challenges. Emerging technologies like digital ID verification and biometrics may play a greater role in restricting underage access. Educational initiatives will also need to evolve as gambling platforms change.

For now, Romania’s core 18-year minimum age for gambling appears unlikely to change. However amendments to the supporting laws and regulations around responsible gambling are probable in the years ahead.


Romania permits lottery ticket purchases only for individuals aged 18 and over. Strong laws prohibit underage gambling, with fines in place for minors who try to violate the rules. Retailers also face losing their licenses if they enable illegal underage gambling. While the minimum age is unlikely to be lowered anytime soon, Romania does support gambling education programs to promote informed choices once young people reach adulthood. With balanced regulation and education, Romania aims to enable responsible gambling practices for those of legal age.