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Best Battery Pressure Washers:Top 10 You need for Your Daily Duties

Having tried several gas pressure washers, you may not have thought of a lesser alternative. Have you ever known that battery pressure washers are powerful as much? They provide the same service as gas washers but with a portability advantage. Read below to see some of the best that you should try.

How to Choose a Battery Pressure Washer

When choosing a battery pressure washer, you need to look at a few things. I know you always wish to see the value of your money. These tips will help you spend wiser on the device you want to acquire for your daily cleaning.

Battery life

If you decide to go for a battery pressure washer, you must ensure that its battery life will fit your washing activities. After charging the battery, how long does it take to run out? You will be able to plan well, especially if you are a traveler, to avoid disappointments.


Your device’s pressure dictates the kind of activity you will use your device on. If your activities are not heavy duty, a lesser pressure may be oaky. If the activities are heavy, you may need higher pressure.

Flow rate

The rate at which your device releases water to the surface matters. Ensure it is high enough to help you do your job faster.


The materials used to make the device also matter. If they are steady and robust, you can use your machine longer. If not, be sure to use it only for a while, then think of buying another one.

Ease of use

You do not need to pay an expert to install the device for you after reaching home. The instructions provided should be clear and easy to understand when assembling the accessories.


The pressure washer must have all parts. And in case any of the parts spoil, you should find it with ease from any shop. If not, be sure that you will have difficulty since no machine can serve a lifetime without needing any part replaced.

Spray angles

The more the spray angles on the nozzles, the better for you. You should adjust the angles to wash any part of your surface.

Ten Best Battery Pressure Washers

The list below contains the ten best pressure washers that you can consider. Feel free to go through and make the best and wise decision. Each item includes pros and cons. So, be sure that you are not alone as you choose.

10 Best Battery Pressure Washers 

1. VARSK Portable pressure washer

VARSK Portable pressure washer


Life is always easy when you have the best device that can work for you. Varsk has a maximum pressure of 380 psi that will not let you down in all your activities. Its flow rate is 135 litres per hour, a sure feature that you will not waste time with it.

With a six in one nozzle, you can use it for several purposes. Besides, you can turn the nozzle to fit your need and save you lots of water. It also comes with an extra nozzle a 400ml detergent container. You can use it for your daily cleanings. It easily foams and makes your work easier when washing your car.

You will not need to worry when your kids touch the machine. You may not need to panic that an accident may occur or that they may tamper with it. It has an inbuilt security button feature that prevents any touch by accident.


  • The device can filter dirt using its 20 feet hose.
  • It includes abundant accessories such as 20 volts, a 4 Ah battery, charger, and other crucial parts.
  • It is light hence portable.


  • It does not include a brush attachment.
  • You must purchase an additional three years warranty at some cost if you want it.

2. Lieber 21V battery powered pressure washer


Lieber 21V battery powered pressure washer

You can rotate its 6 in 1 nozzle to any direction you wish as you clean. Hence, no matter the place on the surface, you can clean it with comfort. Apart from the common 0, 15, 25, and 40 spray angles, it includes soap and a rinse pattern.

This battery pressure washer has a psi of 410, powerful enough for heavy cleaning. Besides, it includes a foldable bucket. You will, without a doubt, enjoy every bit of using it anytime and anywhere you wish.

You can use the device on many projects such as benches, patios, motors, furniture, etc. Its versatility is on another level.


  • Its 3 Ah battery lasts long and is rechargeable.
  • It has a durable and sturdy copper material.


  • You may need a garden hose at some point.

3. BIBURY Battery Pressure washer


BIBURY Battery Pressure washer

With its four nozzles, you can save lots of water since you can choose any according to your need. It also includes a foam watering pot that you can use to deep clean your car. It foams fast and easy hence perfect for your car’s cleaning needs.

It has 362 psi with a flow rate of 120 litres per hour. Working for at least 45 minutes, you will love the 4000 Mah battery power. It can also jet water up to around 7 metres away with so much ease.

Even if you are a novice, you may not need an instructor to help you assemble the equipment. It has a connector that eases installation and reduces storage space. It has a filter that removes impurities from the water. So, no matter your source of water, it will always be clean.


  • You can use it for many functions, both inside and outside the house.
  • It is strong and sturdy hence durable.


  • The battery takes longer to recharge.

4. Self Priming 24V Battery Pressure Washer


Self Priming 24V Battery Pressure Washer

It includes 6 in one nozzle, namely, 0, 15, 25, 40, and the diagonal plus shower. You can choose the nozzle depending on the cleaning you wish to do. It also includes a foaming pot you can use to spray foam to whatever material you want to clean.

You will not waste time due to low pressure. It provides up to 400 psi with a flow rate of up to 240 liters per hour. Its 4000Mah large capacity battery has the potential to support this pressure as you work on heavy-duty cleanings.

The battery can work for up to 40 minutes without stopping. A good amount of time to clean a good portion. It also comes with a five-miter hose plus a filter to help you use clean water always.


  • It is quite light hence you can carry it along with you for camps.
  • It has cords hence convenient to use.
  • It can draw water from various sources, including a water bottle.

5. WORX WG620 Hydroshot battery Pressure Washer


WORX WG620 Hydroshot battery Pressure Washer

You will love to use this lightweight machine. You will not get tired of holding it as you perform your daily cleanings. It is very compact and cleans most things, including bikes, cars, windows, etc. It has a 5 in one spray nozzles that include a watering setting.

It has five times more pressure, and you cannot compare it to a garden hose. No matter the place, you can carry it with you. It can draw water from most sources, including buckets.

With the Worx power share feature, you can power 20V and 40V with the same battery.


  • It includes the necessary parts such as 20 volts, a 4.0 Ah battery, a charger, a quick connect adapter, and a draw hose.


It does not have enough pressure.

6. Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 Battery Pressure Washer


Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 Battery Pressure Washer

Sun Joe includes 4Ah batteries that can last up to twenty minutes after charging. Besides, it has a double port charger; hence, very convenient. If you are not using it, the device stops by itself to save energy! A great technology indeed.

It has a 6-gallon bucket and a bottom connecting to the tap, allowing water to flow without a stop. With a pressure of up to 650 out of 800 psi, you will enjoy working on your heavy or complex materials. No matter the grime or dirt, the pressure can handle it.

The Ecosahar technology enhances the no fade feature and allows performance to the maximum. And no matter where you would like to move the machine, its wheels will always be a helper.


  • You can switch tasks using its 5-in-1 spray nozzles.
  • It includes a hose, a trigger gun, and a needle that you can use to clean the item with.


  • The battery does not last long.

7. Briggs and Stratton 020661 battery pressure washer

Briggs and Stratton 020661 battery pressure washer


Briggs is quite a unique pressure washer. It uses gas as well as a battery to power it. So, if your battery runs out of charge, you can use the gas to continue with your cleaning duty.

I know you have tested several sprayers, but this is the most powerful. It has up to 3100 psi. So, no matter the amount of dirt or grime on your surfaces, nothing can overpower this machine. However, you must be careful as you handle it. This pressure is too high and can damage surfaces.

You can as well change the nozzle among the five choices for any spray that fits your cleaning. Besides, you will not struggle to start it. You only need to push the necessary button, and there you go.


  • It has maximum pressure.
  • It has two years warranty.
  • It is battery-powered and electric ignited.


  • You must have gasoline.
  • Its batteries are quite expensive.

8. Rockpals 2*40V Batteries Pressure Washer


Rockpals 2 40V Batteries Pressure Washer

Apart from the common spray nozzles, Rockpals has slant direction, foam jets, and a shower mode spray. It also comes with a pipe that you can rotate up to 180 degrees. These multiple jets make work easier for you since you can turn them to any angle you wish.

Its pressure is 870 psi with a flow rate of 200 litres per hour. You will enjoy quick service due to your assistant’s speed. Besides, the 2*40 volts lithium batteries are powerful enough to carry you through the process. So, you can clean your cars, deck, trucks, etc., within minutes.

If you wish, you can also carry it along with you since its weight is not wanting. It is also easy to assemble and store. If you wish, you can also use the 19.6 feat pipe that comes with it.


  • It has 18 months warranty.
  • You can choose between different modes of power to save energy.
  • It features a safety lock.


  • The battery life is a bit low.

9. Dereal Battery power Pressure Washer


Dereal Battery power Pressure Washer

You will love using this device since it does not just power off without your knowledge. When its battery is full, you will see a red light, and green light shows the battery is running out. So, the red light will protect your device from overcharging.

You can use the six-in-one spray nozzles at different angles. Besides, you can rotate IT to fit your desired place. You only need to choose the nozzle you need according to the place you are washing. You do not need to change the nozzle. Hence, you can save time.

It also has a soap jet that you can use for various purposes, such as washing your car, fence, or patio. Its handle is made in a way that you can use it with ease. Besides, the trigger has a safety lock to prevent accidents.


  • It is light enough to carry around.
  • It can draw water from any source.
  • It has a 12 months warranty.


  • You may need an extra battery if you are working for long hours.

10. Ivation battery pressure washer


Ivation battery pressure washer

Your hose may not reach some water sources. However, Ivation provides a solution no matter where you want to draw your water. It weighs around 17 pounds; hence you can carry it anywhere you wish. It can be heavy when you fill it with water, though, thanks to its strong wheels.

It comes with a 12 volts car charger and wall charger.  The car charger can be of great help if you forget to charge the pressure washer.


  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • You can charge at home or inside a car.


  • The 130.5 psi is quite low for heavy washing.


Most battery pressure washers are not known to be as powerful as their counterpart gas washers. However, some have gone beyond the expectations and provide great services. Try any of the above listed, and you will always love the results.