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Best Bathroom Faucets

From our morning cleanup routine to attempts at an evening after work refresh, these fittings have our backs. Bathroom faucets are one of the rarely acknowledged foot soldiers that help get us through the buzz of daily life.

Hence, it is no surprise that there are so many different types and designs of bathroom faucets for our homes. In addition to performing an important functional role, the right pick gives you an excellent sight to look upon at the start and end of your day, as well as be hitch-free and easy to operate.

However, if you have ever handled a bathroom remodel yourself, you know how painful it can be. You can quickly get into a pickle trying to select the right faucets and fittings for your washrooms. Considering the wealth of options available, then factoring in your taste is one thing. Then you have to try to match the overall aesthetic of your bathroom or building quickly compounding a seemingly mindless task.

Bathroom faucets also range across a wide array of prices while durability varies from one product to the other.

This problem is why we have created this review to serve as your all-in-one report and guide to choosing the best faucets for your bathroom sinks. Whether you are building a new bathroom or looking to update your current setup, we’ve got the right fixtures for you. These faucets will amp up your bathroom aesthetics while keeping it at peak functionality.


Types of Bathroom Faucets

With the massive array of options available to you, you can expect mazy categorisation of faucet types and design. When choosing a new bathroom faucet, you can select from a wide range of finishes, different number and spread of holes, or a high arc or low.

Here is a quick rundown to help you make sense of bathroom faucets categories:

1. By Style

You can get bathroom faucets in the retro classical style or the more minimal contemporary style. Furthermore, depending on the model you pick, you can get any from a variety of valve styles. Common forms include old school compression valves, ball valves, cartridge valves, and ceramic disk valves. Ball valves work with washerless faucets, while cartridge faucets use a movable stem cartridge to regulate flow. Ceramic disk valves that are some of the most durable on the market.


Classical-styled faucets are a tribute to the aesthetic of 19th and 20th century US/Europe. While this faucet retains all the features of a modern faucet, their dated design creates a unique look that complements themed bathrooms for an authentic magical feel.


Modern designs employ a sense of simplicity that features clean-cut geometric patterns with straight lines and a few curved edges. However, some contemporary-style faucets take the design of classic faucets and add straighter lines and sharper edges to create a form of hybrid.

2. By Arc

white ceramic sink beside window

You can get bathroom faucets in three height options: high arc, low arc, and mid arc. “Arc” height, in this case, refers to the height of the faucet’s water spout.

Low Arc

Low arc faucets feature water spouts that are in line with the sink. These faucets prevent countertop and floor splashes as the water line is directed directly at the centre of the basin without any portion of the flow suspended in midair. However, low arcs provide less wash space. For example, with a typical small arc bathroom faucet, you couldn’t fit your face or larger hands comfortably under the water flow.

High Arc

The relatively newer high arcs have elongated spouts that can reach up to 10 inches long. high-arc faucets generally start at 6 inches, but most models are in the 8 to 10 inches range. In addition to providing a large room for washing, high arcs offer a more beautiful view. However, high arc bathroom faucets are relatively more expensive, and you stand more risk of countertop and floor splashes with these types.

Mid Arc

Mid arc bathroom faucets offer a perfect midway between both types with an even neck length of 4-6 inches.

3. By Spread

Spread refers to the number of tap head, their arrangement, and how much space is between each fixture. You can get bathroom faucets in single tap heads, a center-set, a spread-fit, or a wall mount configuration.


A single faucet is one one head tap that uses a single hole and has one handle for controlling the water flow.


A center-set features one tap head and two temperature control handle in one block. Hence, a center-set only uses one hole in the countertop. This one-hole setup makes center-sets significantly more easy to install than spread-fits.


Spread-fits or widespreads separates the handles from the spout to create three separate units that are installed individually. Hence, these types of faucets request a more complicated installation process as they require three different holes. Spread-fits look more premium than center-sets and tend to impress more often. Depending on their finish, spread-fits can also be easier to clean.

Wall Mount

Wall mount bathroom faucets are single, double set units that ditch their ties to the sink and are installed instead on the adjoining wall. Wall-mounted faucets are excellent space-savers, and they bring a super stylish modern aesthetic.

4. By Special Features

Many bathroom faucets bring special features that improve the functionality of the unit or brings added convenience. Some faucets feature pullout spray heads that let you convert the spout to a pseudo-shower, improving the range and precision you can attain with the waterline.

Other faucets feature motion-detecting or touch controls to improve user convenience significantly.

5. By Material and Finish

A crucial selection criterion for picking the perfect bathroom faucet is its material and finish. The makeup of a faucet will affect its durability, price, and its looks. Also, you can get a brushed or polished finish in a variety of color schemes. Glossy finishes are the prefered aesthetic by many, while brushed finishes require less cleaning. Popular faucet material options include brass, steel, zinc, and plastic.


Brass fittings are some of the most dependable options you can get. Brass is leak and corrosion resistant, and the right brass bathroom faucet is guaranteed to last you for at least a decade. However quality brass faucets are more expensive than the other options like zinc and plastic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel bathroom faucets

Like with other bathroom and kitchen fixtures, stainless steel is still the most popular option when it comes to bathroom faucets. They are readily available, and you can get them in a vast array of finishes to match your kitchen theme. Stainless steel faucets are a bit more expensive than brass ones. These fittings are also corrosion and heat resistant.


Plastic bathroom faucets are the least expensive of the bunch and also the least durable as they are prone to breakage under stress. However, plastic fittings are entirely lead-free, and their low price allows you to update them as often as possible to match current trends.


Zinc and zinc alloy faucets are some of the cheapest metal bathroom faucets you can get. They are almost on par with plastic when it comes to durability. However, zinc being metal allows for more luxurious looking finishes.

6. Bathroom Faucets Configuration and Compatibility

There is no use picking out the perfect faucet if it does not work with your sink setup.

Went selecting a bathroom faucet, you should check that the size is relative to the size of your sink. The larger the sink, the bigger the faucet you will need to complement it.

Also, the number of mounting holes pre-drilled into your sink is essential to consider before going center-set or spread-fit. You can always make more holes to fit a spread-fit. However, some materials like cast iron and marble are significantly harder to drill through. Hence, the effort and cost required for customisation may not be worth it. In this case, opt for a faucet spread that matches the holes on your sink.

Best Single Bathroom Faucets

1. Delta 567LF Mid Arc Faucet

If you enjoy modern, geometric designs, the Delta 567LF will sit right at home with you. This brass bathroom faucet is currently one of the best selling on the market thanks to its elegant yet straightforward minimalist design. The unit sports a chrome finishes that is sure to blend in nicely in bathrooms with a lot of white. You also get the option of a more expensive stainless steel finish.

The single spout faucet is made to fit single holes or 3-hole setups in 4-inch configurations. For use with a 3-hole structure, you will need a unit-specific deck plate holes or 3-hole setups in 4-inch configurations. For use with a 3-hole structure, you will need a unit-specific deck plate which you can buy separately.

The bathroom sink faucet matches the ADA standards and is rated by Delta to save up to 20% of your water supply thanks to its unique Delta WaterSense dispense system.

The tap comes with a pop-up drain assembly with plated flange and stopper in the box, and you get a limited lifetime warranty with every unit.


  • Sleek and minimalist contemporary design
  • Eco-friendly as it uses 20% less water than regular faucets
  • Included drain assembly with plated flange makes installation significantly easier
  • Works with both single and 3-hole setups
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The glossy finish is a smudge magnet and will require regular cleaning

2. BWE Waterfall Spout High Arc Faucet

BWE Waterfall Spout High Arc Faucet

Another modern-style single handle faucet, this impressive piece with its eye-catching rubbed bronze finish will make an excellent addition to any bathroom.

On the BWE waterfall model, the sleek finish combines with a massive 9.8-inch arc to create a stately high arc faucet. This unit will immediately arrest the attention of anyone that enters your bathroom.

The faucet gets its “waterfall” tag from the broader pattern it uses to distribute water that helps to conserve water during use as you can do more with less.

The main body of the faucet is made from durable brass while the single lever handle contains zinc alloy. The valve is a reliable ceramic cartridge with a disc that is rated to withstand up to 500,000 uses.

Straight out the box, you get two 3/8 inch flexible hoses for hot and cold water and the faucet unit, and screws to help complete the installation process. Thanks to its simple setup, the BWE waterfall is quite easy to install, and you should have no problem setting it up yourself. However, there is no instruction manual in the package.

Each BWE Waterfall Spout High Arc Faucet comes with a lifetime breakage warranty.


  • Aesthetic design and finish
  • The waterfall water system is eco-friendly as it helps conserve water
  • Easy to install
  • The brass build is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Ceramic valve provides more precise control and improved durability
  • Lifetime breakage warranty


  • No instruction manual in the box
  • Best Centerset Bathroom Faucets

3. Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Centerset Faucet

Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Centerset FaucetIf you need a center-set that guarantees durability with reinforced parts yet no compromise on aesthetics, the Delta 2538-MPU-DST is your best bet.

The faucet is fitted with Delta’s patented diamond seal technology.  It uses diamond inserts to reduce leak points and ensures the unit model lasts for up to a million cycles, at least twice as long as standard offerings. The embedded ceramic disc valve uses the same technology, and it requires no lubrication and eliminates wear on seals ensuring reliable lifetime performance.

Technical prowess aside, the Delta Lahara center-set ranks quite highly on our list when it comes to good looks. The handles take a very beautiful swan-like curve. The spout itself is one stately piece. All three parts of the unit are set in one solid block with superior soft detailing that mimics the follow of water. Pick one of the elegant finishes to match your home aesthetic, and you have got yourself a stunner.

You get everything you need for the installation straight out of the box, including coordinating metal pop up drain assembly and InnoFlex PEX supply lines. The unit is designed to fit 3-hole 4-inch configuration.

The faucet is ADA certified and carries a WaterSense logo that signifies that it saves up to 20% more water than industry-standard offerings. With the Delta 2538-MPU-DST Lahara Centerset Faucet, every unit is backed by Delta’s lifetime limited warranty.


  • Aesthetic two-handle center-set with alluring features and superior detailing
  • Diamond Seal technology ensures extended leak-free use
  • WaterSense certified and ADA compliant
  • With matching finish drain assembly
  • Easy installation with installation instructions
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Noisy at a high water pressure

4. Moen Eva Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Moen Eva

The number one choice for many contractors, Moen faucets provide some of the most durable beautiful pieces, and this center-set is no exception. The Moen Eva center-set combines a sturdy brass build with an appealing hybrid design to create a reliable faucet that will fit right into most home aesthetics.

This faucet’s design features clean edges and curved lines that build two petal-shaped lever handles to match a swan-like high arc spout. The level handles make adjusting the tap easy while the spout features an aerated stream that delivers up to 1.2 gallons per minute for a sustained flow for all your daily tasks.

Furthermore, for a truly personal experience, you can get the center-set in brushed nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze to match your home aesthetic. The finishes are scratch-resistant and are designed to withstand prolonged wear and tear.

The faucet is ADA certified, and it meets WaterSense criteria for water conservation while outputting reliable performance every time.

Straight out the box, you get the center-set faucet, a matching lift rod and drain assembly, and two temperature 1234 cartridges: everything you need to complete the installation process.

With its elegant design and its durable construction, the Moen Eva Centerset Bathroom Faucet is an excellent addition to any three-hole sink. Moen’s limited lifetime warranty covers each unit.


  • Durable construction and elegant transitional design
  • Variety of high quality finishes to choose from
  • Matching lift rod and drain assembly included in the package
  • WaterSense certified and ADA compliant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Some customer reviews reported stuck handles after the first few years.

Best Widespread Set Bathroom Faucets

1. Kohler K-394-4 Devonshire Widespread Faucet


Home contractors everywhere know Kohler for their elegant fixture designs. These fittings are guaranteed to immediately up the aesthetic tempo in any home under remodeling. Hence, it is no surprise that the brand spares no expense in making the K-394-4 quite easy on the eyes.

The Kohler K-394-4 Devonshire bathroom faucet brings a glossy modern design with hints of that old world elegance thanks to its rounded edges. You can get the Devonshire in a variety of tarnish-resistant finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, polished brass, and both brushed and polished nickel.

The faucet itself is made from solid brass and fitted Kohler ceramic disc valves to guarantee durability and hitch-free performance over extended usage.

This widespread bathroom faucet with its two temperature control handles and a pop-up drain is quite easy it install with a little DIY. The two-handle faucet comes pre-assembled on the valves to reduce your workload further. For the installation, you will need a screwdriver, wrench, sealant tape, and plumber’s putty. The supply lines are also included in the box to facilitate the process further.

This bathroom faucet is compatible with a 3-hole sink or counter for 8″-16″ centers.

With the Kohler K-394-4 Devonshire Widespread Faucet, you get the Kohler limited lifetime warranty.


  • Sleek design available in an array of finishes to match your home aesthetic
  • The brass build is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Ceramic valve provides more precise control and improved durability
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some customer reviews have reported quality check issues

2. Moen T6125-9000 Kingsley High Arc Faucet

Moen T6125

The Moen T6125-9000 is a stylish curved high arc that would hold its own in any bathroom aesthetic. The faucet features a hybrid design that shows strong ties to classic antique patterns while retaining its contemporary roots. Furthermore, you can pick up this model in 4 different scratch-resistant finishes to match your bathroom theme.

One advantage of this classy bathroom faucet comes with a high arc spout that gives more clearance for your hands, allowing for more comfortable usage. Its two-handle lever design further improves its ease of use, while its elegant 8-Inch to 16-Inch setup makes for a one genuinely eye-catching piece. The unit uses a 9000 valve.

The unit is also quite easy to install. Following the included installation manual, even beginner DIY enthusiasts should have no issues installing it with the need for a professional. The manual is straightforward and easy to follow.

Moen T6125-9000 Kingsley High Arc Faucet complies with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act for bathroom faucets and is rated by WaterSense to use at least 30% less water than standard 2.2 GPM faucets. Moen’s lifetime limited warranty backs each unit.


  • Aesthetic hybrid design in 4 scratch-resistant finishes
  • High-arc spout provides more clearance
  • Two-handle lever design for ease of use
  • Elegant 8-Inch to 16-Inch widespread installation
  • Easy install with installation guide included
  • ADA compliant


  • The tightening nut can be difficult to reach

How to Install a Bathroom Faucet

If you want to DIY install your new bathroom faucet, first you must read the manufacturer’s notes and installation guide. This will help acquaint you with any peculiarities of that model.

The typical steps to mount your new faucet includes:

  • Installing the gasket using the provided nuts and mounting holes
  • Fitting the drain (if provided) to the gasket by screwing it on
  • Waterproofing the drain connection by applying a sealant to the spaces before tightening the gasket
  • Installing the drain rod(s)

Fitting the faucet and tightening it with a wrench if necessary