Top 14 Best Wine Glass Decoration Ideas with Pictures

Do you have a set of old wine glasses stacked up in your cupboard, and you don’t know what exactly to do with them? No, don’t toss them in the bin! Your old wine glasses could be awesome tools for decorating your apartment whether or not you have an event. I mean, who doesn’t love a beautiful living space with glowing decorations?

In the same vein, if you’re planning to host your friends to a house party or cocktail party in your home, or you’re an event planner looking for unique ways to make a birthday party or wedding event appealing, you should consider using wine glasses. You don’t know how? Not to worry!

In this article, I unveil some of the best wine glass decorating ideas you could use for different events and occasions ranging from Christmas to wedding. It doesn’t matter if your glasses are old or stained. You will find an idea to turn them into stunning decorative pieces here.

Why Wine Glass Decorations?

Home decor is a fun and interesting activity I like to do from time to time. Whether during holidays or for special events, like to keep my apartment all shiny and attractive. The unique thing is that I prefer to use the common wine glass rather than leave them lying around. Wine glass decorations are easy to do, and require very little costs. So, rather than inviting a home decor specialist, I use my old wine glasses to make very beautiful decorations that get my guests swooning.

Another reason why wine glass decorations are the best for any apartment is occasion is that they’re quite simple, and give you the opportunity to add your own touch of creativity.

Top 14 Best Wine Glass Decoration Ideas for You

If you’re just testing out the idea of wine glasses, or you’re looking to learn new DIY wine glass decoration ideas, you’ll find some really amazing ideas with different themes as you move on, and I’m sure you’ll love them.

1. Wine Glass Terrariums Decoration Idea

I consider this the simplest wine glass decoration idea ever, and it gives off a pretty feel on the eyes. If you are a lover of gardens or plants, you should consider the wine glass terrariums. The presence of plants brings life to your living space. More so, the wine glass gives you a special connection to the growth of terrariums. You could leave the wine glass terrariums in your study or office desk at work to give you clarity at all times.

To make wine glass terrariums, you should get a wine glass that has enough inner space for the base of the plants. Fill it halfway with any base of your choice. You could use brown soil, fine sand or pebbles, depending on which option suits you best. Get your succulents and place them comfortably in the middle of the soil or pebbles.

Tip: You could use one or more glasses, but one will do just fine for your coffee table or work desk.

2. Seashell Centerpiece Wine Glass Decoration Idea

The seashell centerpiece is and amazing design especially for lovers of the beach. It feels like bringing a part of the beach to your center table at home. You don’t have to forget everything about your last beach experience. A seashell centerpiece design on your dining table keeps the memory alive.

You would require a large old glass wine. Pour some fine beach side into the glass almost halfway. Place the shells you picked right on the sand in the glass.

Tip: You could add a little candlelight extra to your seashell centerpiece. Get a small burning candle suspended by a candle holder attached to the rim of the glass. The candlelight gives your dining table a cozy experience, and boosts your appetite!

3.Floral Wine Glass Wedding Decoration Design

This priceless design literally comes at no cost despite its beauty. It is an excellent choice of designs to use on your wedding. The presence of flowers add color to your wedding while still keeping the table busy and settling for your wedding guests.

All you need are flowers of your choice, water and your slender old wine glasses. Pour just little water into each of the glasses and fill them with your flowers already bound together.

Tip: You could drop one or two colorful pearls into the glass to give it extra sparkling look. You might also want to surround the bottom of the glasses with a different specie of flowers.

4.Candle Lampshades Wine Glass Decoration Idea

How I love the candle lampshades design! If you’re a lover of glowing lampshades too, you don’t have to spend so much buying them. With your old wine glasses, a couple of tea lights, your colorful decorative papers and your glue, you have for yourself a set of beautiful wine glass lamps glowing right there on your dining table or the corners of your apartment.

Tip: The color of your paper should be made to reflect the occasion at hand, whether it is a proposal or a family dinner, and so on.

5.Wine Glass Candle Holders Decoration Idea

The best thing about this creative design is that it doesn’t only beautify your home, but also doubles as your candle holders all night long!

To make this design, you would need to assemble cylinder candles, optional ribbons, paper napkins, metallic ribbons and of course your wine glasses. The glass is to be positioned upside down. Fold your napkin into it, and carefully position the ribbon in it. Your candle stands on the bottom of the glass.

Tip: Be creative with your colors. Your napkin and candle may or may not be of the same color. The choice is yours to make. You could also drop a couple of rose or hibiscus flower underneath the glasses to add more colors.

6.Jewel Wine Glasses Decoration Idea

For jewel lovers, this is a suitable way of blending your love for jewels and creativity into one beautiful wine glass decoration. What’s even more appealing about the jewel design is that you could harness it with other designs. However, to use the jewel wine glass design alone, you would need just your old wine glass. Any glass size ranging from small to large will do just fine. Get your jewels knitted into any shapes of your choice. With the help of a foam tape, attach the jewels to the exterior of the glass. If you wish, you could drop a different color of jewels into the glasses. This gives your dining table a luxurious appearance.

Tip: Beads are the most inexpensive options to use for this design. In fact, they could be jewel stones from a piece of jewelry you don’t fancy anymore. Recycle them into decorations!

7.Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses Candle Holders Decoration Idea

Who says you can’t theme your regular wine glass candle holders? With this design, you could make your home reminisce the cold winter and at the same time use the base of the glasses to hold your candles. All you need are your wine glasses, snowflakes, optional bells and your spray paint. The preferred spray color is blue, to reflect winter. Spray the exterior of the glasses in different patterns, attach your snowflakes and turn the glasses upside down so the base could hold your candles.

Tip: Feel free to add any other winter costume that appeals to you. Remember that the essence is to be creative.

8.Wine Glass and Shot Glass Combination Decoration Idea

Have you ever considered adding your shot glasses to your wine glasses to spice things up a bit more? There’s really no end to the extent of creative designs as far as wine g lass decoration is concerned, and you should try out this too. To do this, you need your shot glasses, wine glasses, gum and a thick tape. First glue the tape to the base of your wine glass upside down and then attach your shot glasses to the base of the wine glasses.

Tip: Only wine glasses with broad bases can work with this style. You could also choose to spray or paint the exterior of the glasses to give them a cool look.

9.Wine Glass Chandelier Decoration Idea

Yes, it is possible to make your old wine glasses into beautiful chandeliers. This might be a little demanding, but it is worth the efforts. If you want the Queen’s apartment look in your apartment you should give this a try. To pull this together, you would need to assemble your stemware, a small lighting device, wire and pliers to couple. You would also need a handful of glasses to achieve this.

Tip: You need to be extra cautious to effect this wine decorating idea. Ensure that your glasses are all well tied together before you lift it upside to hang.

10.Glitter Stem Wine Glasses Decoration Idea

This idea works with almost any occasion, and it is extremely easy to design. The exterior of the glasses are designed using special paints that come in different colors. They are available in malls and cheap to procure. You might choose to combine a few colors to give the design a more appealing look.

Tip: Slender wine glasses are best used for this design.

11.Personalized Wine Glass Decoration Idea

If you’re inviting a few friends or colleagues at work to a dinner at your home, you might want to make them feel welcome with this awesome design. All you need to do is scribe their names on glass corks. In fact, you could use this same method for useful wine glasses to be sued for the night. You might also choose to paint the base and stems of the glasses with your paint spray to give the wine glasses an extra look.

Tip: This option is best used at events that involve a small group of people.

12.Glass Plates Plus Wine Glasses Design

This design is awesome for placing extra flowers. If you have a couple glass plates at your disposal, rather than give them out, you could combine them with your wine glasses to arrive at a beautiful decorating design. You would need just a glass glue. Turn your old wine glass the other way round and attach the glass plate to the base with the glue. The surface of the plate could be used for other decorative purposes like carrying flowers, and so on.

Tip: Use a wine glass with enough weight to bear the plate. You could also spice it up by leaving small flowers or fruits such as grapes and apples under the glasses.

13.Teacup and Wine Glass Decoration Idea

If you have a set of old colorful teacups, you could put them to a new use in a creative design with your old wine glasses. To do this, you would need a glass cutter to cut off the stem of your old glass because that it all you need to combine with your teacup. After neatly cutting out the stem, glue the teacup to the rim, and your decorative teacup and wine glass is good to go!

Tip: The interior of the teacup could hold other items especially flowers. You could leave some beautiful flowers in it to give your apartment a sultry look

14.Wedding Wine Glasses Candle Holders Decoration Idea

You can never be wrong with your candle holders design. For this specific design, you need to employ your artistic creativity. Get your spray paint, and design any wedding feature of your choice. You could use the bride and groom design or any other design that catches your fancy.

Tip: The same design could be used for Christmas themes or other holidays.

Wine Glass Decoration FAQ

1. What are the best quality wine glasses?

Whether for drinking wine, or you want to use them especially for designs, I like to recommend the crystal Chardonnay glasses because they have a strong base, a sleek appearance and feel good between the fingers. For other designs, the Williams Sonoma Red Wine glasses are also exquisite choices. They have a good interior both for red wine and for flowers.

2. How do you decorate wine glasses for Christmas?

To decorate wine glasses for Christmas, you would need lighting devices, figs, red ribbons, and any other flowers that represent the joy of Christmas. You could use the candle holder design as explained above and top it with a red candle at the base.

3. What are the best wine glass decorating ideas for weddings?

For weddings, there are no limits to the designs you could adopt. You could use the bride and groom design explained above or design a set of glasses bearing the beautiful colors of the bridesmaid. All refer to the wedding design in my precious content. The choice is all yours!


Wine glass decorations are ingenious ways to give your apartment, dinner events, proposals or weddings the best outlook possible without spending much. Whereas some of the wine glass designs are easy to make just by collecting a few items, some could be a little demanding. However, with a little guide as you have seen in this article, you should be confident enough to have your own wine glass decorating ideas. The bottom line is to allow your creativity flow. Feel free to try out new methods and combine new items in addition to the best DIY wine glass decorating ideas suggested here, and you would be amazed by the outcome!

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