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Can a fireplace be remodeled?

Yes, a fireplace can be remodeled! Fireplace remodels can range from simple and cost effective updates to more complicated and expensive changes. For example, an easy change can include changing the color of the fireplace with a fresh coat of paint, while a more involved fireplace remodel may involve removing the fireplace insert and completely replacing it.

Other remodeling options can include refacing or resurfacing the fireplace, as well as adding a stone or tile surround. When planning a fireplace remodel, it is important to consider the budget and the desired end result, as well as the condition of the existing fireplace.

Additionally, it’s important to take safety into consideration and abide by any local building regulations and requirements. If the remodel requires the installation of a new appliance, it is best to hire a professional to ensure proper installation and operation for a safe and successful remodel.

Can you redo the inside of a fireplace?

Yes, it is possible to redo the inside of a fireplace. This is a process that typically requires special tools and materials, as well as some knowledge of fireplace construction. If you do not have experience with this type of project, it is best to hire a professional to handle the job.

Before beginning any work, it is important to ensure the fireplace is completely cool and that there is no risk of fire. To redo the inside, the existing bricks and mortar must be removed and cleaned so that the new components can be installed.

Depending on the type and complexity of the job, it may involve relining and refacing the inside of the firebox, replacing or adding dampers, and/or installing an air-cooled liner. Once all of the necessary components have been installed, it may also be necessary to repaint the interior or finish it with tile, stucco, or other materials.

With proper care, a redone fireplace can last for many years.

What does refacing a fireplace mean?

Refacing a fireplace means to give an existing fireplace a facelift, typically with new brick, stone, or other materials. This could involve giving the fireplace a complete overhaul, or simply freshening it up with some new materials and improved features.

Refacing a fireplace can be a great way to improve the overall look of a room, and can add a unique element of design to a space. Depending on the project, this type of renovation may involve removing the existing surround and hearth material, installing new ones, or simply patching and painting the existing material.

If a complete overhaul is being done, the homeowner may choose to add a new mantel, a new hearth material, or build out the area around the fireplace with shelving or new cabinetry. The job may also involve adding insulation or ventilation components to improve energy efficiency and safety.

The cost and complexity of a refacing project will depend on a variety of factors such as the scope of the project, the materials used, and the frequency of use.

What is the current trend for fireplaces?

The current trend for fireplaces is for modern and contemporary designs. Fireplaces have become a stylish and functional way to heat up and spruce up any living space. Many homeowners are looking for fireplaces that have sleek lines, minimalistic designs, and natural materials.

The use of glass, stone, metal, and porcelain tile are all popular materials used to modernize fireplaces. And, many homeowners are also opting for eco-friendly options that can be powered by electricity, ethanol, or gas.

Fireplaces are also being used to bring an outdoor aesthetic to the indoors by incorporating outdoor elements like stone and river rocks. The addition of smart technology to the fireplaces has also been a hot market in recent years with homeowners wanting the convenience of being able to switch on, adjust, and even set the temperature with remote access.

How do you Modernise a fireplace?

Modernising a fireplace can be a great way to add style and personality to a room, and there are a few different ways to do it.

If you want a more contemporary look, consider replacing the fireplace’s surround with materials like brick, stone, stucco, tile, or wood paneling. This will also provide the opportunity to redesign the entire space, allowing you to update the mantel and make the fireplace a more integral part of the room’s overall design.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of a major renovation, you can also paint or stain the existing fireplace surround to give it a more modern look. When choosing the type of paint or stain, consider the type of material your fireplace is made from (for example, avoid painting brick or stone with a high-gloss paint) and the color scheme of the room.

Adding an electric or gas insert to an existing fireplace is another great way to modernise the look without doing major renovations. New fireplaces come in a variety of sleek and modern designs, and they can be installed quickly and easily.

Once you have your new fireplace insert in place, you can add a closing glass door to keep out drafts and turn off the fireplace when not in use.

Finally, consider installing a new mantle over the fireplace. Choose a modern style that complements the other elements in the room and update the fireplace tools, vases, and other accessories to complete the modern look.

How do I update my 70s stone fireplace?

Updating a 70s stone fireplace can be a great way to update a room and create a modern, stylish look while still enjoying the timeless beauty of stone. Depending on how much work you want to do, you may want to consider painting the stone to give it an entirely new look.

Painting the stone can be an inexpensive and relatively easy project. You can use a stone-specific paint or a pop of color to create a new look. It’s best to use a high-quality primer and a good-quality paint so that your work lasts.

Another option is adding a mantel to the fireplace. Doing this can help to create a new focal point and provide more depth to the design. It can also make the room feel larger. You can also look into using updated tile or stone around the fireplace.

Doing this can give the room an entirely new look and feel. When selecting tile, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing one that won’t be affected by heat exposure. Finally, you can consider adding new accessories, such as a fire screen, to update the look.

Decorative tools can help to give the room an updated and modern look while still maintaining the classic charm of the stone fireplace.

How much does it cost to reface a fireplace with tile?

The cost of refacing a fireplace with tile depends on a variety of factors, including the size and complexity of the reface project, the types of materials used, and the labor costs associated with the job.

Generally speaking, a simple reface with tile can cost between $350 and $900, while a more complex reface project with multiple types of tile, intricate designs, or custom installation can cost up to $2,000 or more.

Additionally, if you are installing a new mantel or updating the surround, these costs can also be factored in to the overall expense. Fireplace tile installation often requires professional help, and those labor costs can increase the total cost significantly.

As with any large-scale home improvement project, it’s best to get multiple quotes from qualified contractors in order to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your fireplace reface.

Are stone fireplaces out of style?

The answer to this question is not straightforward as opinions may vary. Stone fireplaces remain a popular choice and can be seen in a variety of home styles. While some may consider them to be a traditional choice, modern designs for stone fireplaces are becoming more and more common.

Many homeowners have updated their stone fireplaces with more contemporary colors and materials, such as marble. Stone features can also be used as a luxurious style statement and add an elegant touch to a room.

However, other popular fireplace options include electric fireplaces, which allow for an eco-friendly source of heat, or gas fireplaces for a more modern look. Of course, styling decisions are ultimately up to the homeowner, so stone fireplaces are still viable options even if they are not in vogue at the moment.

Can you tile over brick fireplace?

Yes, you can tile over a brick fireplace. The process is similar to tiling any other surface. First, you will need to make sure that the surface is clean and free of any debris or dirt. If the brick is particularly old and porous, you may want to seal the surface with a primer or sealant to help with adhesion.

Once the area is clean and prepped, you can begin to lay the tiles. Start by applying a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the tile and then press into the brick, starting at the top of the fireplace and working downward.

Use a level to make sure you have a level and even look as you go. Make sure to use spacers between each tile, as well as grout once all the tiles are down.

How can I make my gas fireplace look more modern?

Updating your gas fireplace to make it look more modern is a great way to refresh any interior décor. Here are a few of the ways you can give your gas fireplace a more modern look:

1. Paint or tile the surround: A brightly colored paint or sleek tile can be used to create a modern look for your gas fireplace. Consider bright or natural colors for a clean look, or graphic patterns for a bold one.

2. Choose a new mantel: Choose a mantel that is simpler in design and in a bold hue or crisp shade of white. A light-colored mantel can make your fireplace look larger and more updated.

3. Update the hearth decoration: Replacing your existing hearth decorations with modern pieces like candles or art pieces is a great way to freshen up your fireplace.

4. Swap out the gas log sets: Replace existing gas log sets with more modern versions that look more like real wood logs. Or, consider replacing them entirely with decorative glass beads or rocks.

5. Install wall lighting: Adding lighting to your fireplace’s wall-mounted space can create a more modern, contemporary look. Updating the wall lighting with modern sconces will create a distinct and stylish look.

These are just a few of the ways you can update your gas fireplace to give it a more modern look. Use these ideas to help you create the perfect modern gas fireplace for your space.

What do you put in a fireplace to decorate?

There are lots of different things you can put in a fireplace to decorate. Many of them are common around the holiday season, such as garland, pinecones, and stockings, but you can get incredibly creative with your decorations.

Consider adding some bookshelves to the sides of the mantel and utilizing those for displaying your favorite items such as pictures, vases, and figurines. You can also spread out some festive holiday-themed throws and pillows over the mantel to add a bit of warmth and unique flair to your decor.

Candles also make a great addition to any fireplace, especially when placed in an eye-catching pattern. Finally, of course, you can’t forget the centerpiece of the fireplace- the fire! Adding some dry logs or adding in some kindling and a firestarter will instantly transform your fireplace into a cozy and inviting centerpiece.

Hopefully, these suggestions have inspired you to have fun and create your own unique decorations for your fireplace!.

Do you need to open a window when using a fireplace?

Yes, a window should be opened when using a fireplace, as the smoke and carbon monoxide from burning fuel needs a place to go. Opening a window helps to create a draft that will draw smoke and carbon monoxide out of the house and allow for fresh air to enter.

Additionally, a closed window may cause smoke to accumulate in the home, creating a potentially dangerous situation with carbon monoxide buildup. It’s important to also make sure the chimney is in good condition and that the damper is open.

Finally, when the fire has burned down, it’s important to close the damper and open an additional window in the same room to provide ventilation that will help clear it of any smoke.

Should you leave the flue open?

It depends on the type of appliance you’re using. If your appliance operates on natural gas or propane, the flue should be open when the appliance is running. This allows the inflammable and sometimes toxic combustion products to escape safely.

If the flue is closed, combustion products can accumulate in your house and present a health hazard. Some wood stoves may also require an open flue.

On the other hand, if you have an oil furnace it is usually recommended that you leave the flue closed for safety reasons. Combustion products from oil furnaces contain carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which are dangerous gases.

Leaving the flue closed prevents those toxins from entering your home.

In the end, it’s important to consult the manual for your specific appliance and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re unsure or have any questions, it’s best to call a qualified installer or local gas safety authority.

They can assess your specific situation and advise on the best approach.

How do you make an old fireplace look new?

Making an old fireplace look new typically requires a few repairs and some elbow grease. Depending on the age of your fireplace and the condition of the materials, it may be necessary to make repairs before painting or refinishing it.

The first step is to clean the entire fireplace using a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner, and to use a wire brush to remove any dirt and grime. Once the fireplace is clean, inspect it to assess any necessary repairs.

Some common areas of necessary repair include the chimney, flue, hearth, and mantel. Make any necessary repairs, such as replacing cracked tiles, or replacing any missing or damaged parts. Once the repairs are complete, you can paint or refinish the fireplace.

To paint the fireplace, use a high-heat-resistant primer and an oil-based paint. To refinish a brick, tile, or stone fireplace, lightly sand it and then apply sealant, followed by a coat of paint, stain, or glaze.

Finally, for a wood mantle, you can simply sand it, seal it, and finish it with a wood wax.