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Can I play SC Pick 3 online?

SC Pick 3 is a popular lottery game offered by the South Carolina Education Lottery. It is a daily game where players try to match 3 numbers from 0 to 9 to win prizes. SC Pick 3 can be played in different ways like straight, box, straight/box, front pair or back pair. Many people enjoy playing the SC Pick 3 game because it is easy to play with different prize levels.

With the growth of the internet, online lottery play has become very popular. This allows players the convenience of purchasing tickets and checking results online or via mobile apps. So a common question for SC Pick 3 players is – can I play SC Pick 3 online?

Ways to play SC Pick 3 online

Yes, there are a few ways SC residents can play SC Pick 3 lottery online:

Through the official SC Education Lottery website

The South Carolina Education Lottery offers online play for SC Pick 3 on their official website You can register for an online account, fund it and then purchase SC Pick 3 tickets. The lottery website allows you to play your favorite numbers, choose the type of play and number of draws. You can also check winning numbers and your account balance.

Purchasing Pick 3 tickets online on the official website is safe, secure and convenient. Your selections and payment are encrypted. You must be 18 years or older and physically located in South Carolina at the time of purchase. Winners can claim prizes up to $500 from the website itself or up to $100,000 at any SC Education Lottery claim center.

Via the SC Lottery Mobile App

The South Carolina Lottery also offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to play Pick 3 online from anywhere in SC. You can store your favorite numbers, check past draw results and rules. Payouts and account balance are also visible on the app.

The SC lottery mobile app uses geolocation to confirm the player is within state borders at time of ticket purchase. This provides an easy way to play SC Pick 3 on your phone or tablet both online and in retail locations.

On lottery messenger service websites

There are some online lottery messenger services like TheLotter or Jackpocket which let you play SC Pick 3 online. You sign up on these websites, select your Pick 3 numbers and the service will purchase the official ticket on your behalf from a licensed SC lottery retailer.

The service scans and uploads your ticket as proof of purchase. You can see scanned copies of your tickets online. When you win a prize, the service will collect winnings and transfer to your account after deducting service fees. While convenient, messenger services do charge transaction fees.

Requirements for playing SC Pick 3 lottery online

Here are some requirements for legally playing SC Pick 3 online:

You must be physically located in South Carolina

To play SC lottery games including Pick 3 online, you must be physically present within the South Carolina state borders at the time of ticket purchase. This is tracked using geo-location on mobile devices or IP addresses for website logins.

If you try playing while being outside SC, you will get an error during ticket checkout. This is an important legal requirement for online lottery play.

You must be 18 years or older

Like retail SC lottery ticket purchases, you must be at least 18 years of age to play SC Pick 3 online. When you sign up for an online lottery account, you must provide your legal name, date of birth and last 4 digits of SSN. This information is used to verify your age eligibility.

Underage players cannot purchase lottery tickets online or claim prizes. Providing false information can lead to account suspension.

No online lottery subscriptions

SC Education Lottery rules prohibit online lottery subscriptions. This means you cannot setup recurring auto-play options for Pick 3 online.

You have to manually go and purchase each ticket one at a time. This is to prevent people from overspending on lottery tickets.

No lottery ticket resale

Reselling of official SC lottery tickets purchased online is illegal. The lottery terms and conditions prohibit any unauthorized resale of tickets or ownership transfer. Each ticket can be claimed only by the player who originally bought it.

Benefits of playing SC Pick 3 online

Here are some major benefits of playing SC Pick 3 lottery online:


You can play Pick 3 online 24/7 without having to go to a retailer. Tickets can be purchased at anytime from anywhere within SC borders which adds to the convenience. You can also check results and prizes won online.

Easy access

The SC lottery website and mobile app provide quick access to play Pick 3. You don’t have to fill out paper slips and wait in line at stores. Online play is fast and tickets can be bought in just a few clicks.

Secure payment

You can add funds to your online lottery account using credit cards or bank accounts. These payment transactions are encrypted and secure. This avoids the need to carry cash to buy tickets.

Ticket tracking

All tickets purchased online are tracked in your personal account. You have a record of the numbers played and can see scanned copies of tickets. This provides security and allows you to go back and check old tickets.

Prize claims

Smaller Pick 3 prizes up to $500 can be claimed online which is very convenient. You don’t have to go to a retail location or mail in a claim form. The prize money gets credited electronically to your account.


You can switch between different SC Pick 3 play types like box, straight, combo etc. easily when playing online. This provides more flexibility compared to retail play.

How to get started playing SC Pick 3 online

If you want to start playing SC Pick 3 lottery online, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register on

Go to the South Carolina Education Lottery website and click on “Sign Up” to create a free account. Provide personal details like legal name, date of birth, last 4 SSN digits, contact info and residential address. This information is required by law and ensures you are eligible.

Step 2: Fund your online lottery account

Login to your account on the website and click “Deposit Funds”. You can add money using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or bank transfer. The minimum is $5 and maximum $500 per transaction. Funds are instantly available to play Pick 3 online after deposit.

Step 3: Select your Pick 3 ticket

Go to the Pick 3 page, select “Play Now” and choose your preferred ticket option: straight, box, combo, etc. Enter your 3 numbers, number of draws, play amount and add to cart.

Step 4: Checkout

Once ready, proceed to checkout to purchase the tickets. The purchase will only go through if you are located within SC borders at time of transaction.

Step 5: Check results

Login back to your account to check if your numbers matched the official Pick 3 results. Match all 3 digits in exact order to win the straight prize. Match in any order for box prize. Prizes get credited to your account.

It’s that simple! You can now play SC Pick 3 lottery online. Remember tickets must be purchased separately for each draw. There is no auto-renewal or subscription option.


– SC Pick 3 can be played online via the official lottery website or mobile app.

– You must be 18+ years old and physically located within South Carolina to play online. Geo-location is tracked.

– Online play offers convenience, flexibility and security compared to retail ticket purchases.

– Tickets purchased online are tracked in your personal account with scanned copies available.

– Prizes up to $500 can be claimed online while bigger wins require visiting a claim center.

– Begin by registering online, funding your account and then purchasing Pick 3 tickets through the website.

So go ahead and enjoy playing SC Pick 3 lottery online if you are within South Carolina state borders! It provides a safe and convenient way to play your favorite numbers. Just ensure to gamble responsibly and play only with money you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play SC Pick 3 online?

Yes, it is completely legal to play SC Pick 3 online through the official SC Education Lottery website/app as long as you are physically located within South Carolina state borders and 18+ years old.

Can I play SC Pick 3 online from another state?

No, you cannot legally purchase SC Pick 3 tickets online if you are located outside of South Carolina at time of ticket purchase. The lottery system uses geo-location to confirm you are within SC borders when buying tickets online.

What is the minimum play amount for SC Pick 3 online?

The minimum bet amount is just $1 per play. You can purchase single tickets for $1 or multiple tickets on one bet slip online starting from $1.

What are the fees for playing SC Pick 3 online?

There are no extra fees or charges for purchasing SC Pick 3 tickets online through the official lottery channels. Just pay the cost of the ticket bet amount. Third-party messenger services may charge service fees.

Can I setup recurring plays for SC Pick 3 online?

No, South Carolina does not allow recurring lottery subscriptions or auto-play options online. You have to purchase each SC Pick 3 ticket manually for every draw. No tickets are automatically renewed.

How long does it take to get online winnings from SC Pick 3?

Prizes up to $500 are credited instantly to your online lottery account. Bigger prizes may take a few business days to process after you submit a claim at a lottery office. Winning amounts get electronically deposited to your account.

Is there a mobile app for playing SC Pick 3?

Yes, the South Carolina Lottery offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android. You can use the app to purchase SC Pick 3 tickets online, check results and manage your account. Just ensure location services are enabled so it can verify you are in SC.

What is the biggest SC Pick 3 prize possible online?

The maximum prize for a $1 straight bet in SC Pick 3 is $500. However, you can win up to $100,000 online if you match all digits on a bet costing $200 or more. Bigger prizes have to be claimed in person at a lottery office.

Can I buy SC Pick 3 tickets online as a gift?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase SC lottery tickets online as gifts for others. All tickets are tied to the account holder who purchased them. You can only buy tickets for yourself through your own account.

Is my credit card information secure when playing SC Pick 3 online?

Yes, the SC Education Lottery website uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal and payment information. Credit card numbers are tokenized and not stored on lottery systems. This keeps your information safe.

Where does the money for SC Education Lottery go?

By law, all net proceeds from the SC lottery are transferred to the state Education Lottery Account. This money is then appropriated by the General Assembly for education programs and purposes across South Carolina.

What happens if I lose internet connection when playing SC Pick 3 online?

If you temporarily lose internet connectivity when purchasing a ticket, don’t worry. The lottery system secures and processes your bet once the connection is restored. You will see the ticket under your account.

Can I play other SC lottery games online?

Yes, in addition to SC Pick 3, you can also purchase these lottery games online on Palmetto Cash 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, Lotto and instant scratch-off tickets. You must be in SC to play.

What are the SC Pick 3 draw timings?

SC Pick 3 draws are held twice daily – once in the afternoon and once in the evening. The afternoon draw takes place at 1:59 PM and the evening draw is at 11:59 PM.

So in summary, playing SC Pick 3 lottery online provides a safe, convenient option for players to purchase tickets if they are located within South Carolina. It offers flexibility and accessibility over retail purchases. Just play responsibly and have fun!