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Can I scan a GA lottery ticket?

Yes, you can scan a Georgia (GA) lottery ticket to check if it is a winner. The Georgia Lottery offers a ticket checker service that allows players to scan their tickets using the Georgia Lottery mobile app or by visiting a Georgia Lottery retailer location and using their ticket checker. This convenient service allows you to quickly find out if your lottery ticket is a winner without having to wait for the next drawing.

How Do I Scan My GA Lottery Ticket?

There are a few easy ways to scan your Georgia lottery ticket to see if it is a winner:

  • Use the Georgia Lottery Mobile App – Download the free Georgia Lottery mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Open the app, select “Scan Tickets” and scan the barcode on your ticket. The app will instantly let you know if your ticket is a winner.
  • Visit a Georgia Lottery Retailer – Take your ticket to any lottery retailer in Georgia. Ask the clerk to scan your ticket through their lottery terminal. The terminal will connect to the Georgia Lottery’s database and check if your ticket is a winner.
  • Use the Georgia Lottery’s Website – Visit the Georgia Lottery’s website and select the “Check My Tickets” link. Follow the instructions to enter and check your ticket numbers online. The lottery’s website will verify if you have a winning ticket.

Scanning your ticket is the fastest way to check if your lottery ticket scored a big prize. Retailers and lottery terminals are connected to the Georgia Lottery’s centralized system, allowing them to quickly verify tickets.

What Can I Win When I Scan My Ticket?

Here are some of the lottery prizes you could win in Georgia that would be revealed when you scan your ticket:

  • Jackpot Prize – Match all 6 numbers on your ticket to the winning numbers to win the game’s huge jackpot amount, usually starting in the millions.
  • Second Prize – Match 5 numbers plus the Powerball to win $1 million.
  • Third Prize – Match 5 numbers on your ticket to win a set prize amount, usually $10,000 or more depending on the game.
  • Lower-Tier Prizes – Match fewer numbers to win smaller fixed prize amounts that can range from $4 to several hundred dollars.

The Georgia Lottery offers both multi-state draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions along with in-state games like Cash 4 Life and Fantasy 5. Scan your ticket after any drawing to see if your numbers align with the winning numbers for a chance to win big!

Does Scanning My Ticket Turn It In For Prize Payment?

No, scanning your Georgia lottery ticket will not automatically turn it in or validate it for prize payment. Scanning simply checks the system to verify if your ticket has won a prize. To actually claim your winnings, you will need to:

  1. Sign your winning ticket – Sign your name on the back of the original ticket. This establishes ownership.
  2. Visit a Georgia Lottery office – Bring your signed ticket to one of the four Georgia Lottery office locations around the state. Present your photo ID and claim form.
  3. Complete required tax forms – For substantial prizes, you will need to complete tax paperwork like a W-2G form.
  4. Get your prize check – After verification, you will receive a check for the amount you have won!

Scanning provides instant gratification in knowing you won, but you must follow the prize collection process to actually receive your lottery winnings. Make sure to keep your ticket safe until you can turn it in.

Can I Scan a Scratcher Ticket?

Yes, you can also scan scratch-off lottery tickets in Georgia to see if you scored an instant win. Scratcher tickets have barcodes that retailers can scan to check for prizes. Simply scratch off the coating over the barcode, then scan the barcode using the Georgia Lottery mobile app or by handing the scratcher to a lottery retailer. This will instantly verify if your scratcher is an instant winner.

The main advantage of scanning a scratcher is that it can reveal if you won a secondary prize. Sometimes scratchers have multiple opportunities to win beyond the main game played by scratching off the coating. Scanning provides a quick way to check for any secondary instant wins you may have missed by only scratching off part of the ticket.

Can I Scan Tickets from Other States?

Unfortunately, you can only scan lottery tickets purchased in Georgia through the Georgia Lottery’s systems. Other states use their own lottery networks and ticket formats. For example, you cannot scan a Florida Lottery ticket using the Georgia Lottery app or retailer terminals.

To check tickets from other states, you would need to either scan them using that state’s lottery app or ticket checker system. Most U.S. lotteries have mobile apps and retail ticket scanners that work similarly to Georgia’s. But each is limited to only validating tickets sold in their state.

Key Tips for Scanning Lottery Tickets

Follow these tips when scanning your lottery tickets to check for wins:

  • Double check your ticket numbers to make sure you have entered or scanned them correctly.
  • Sign the back of winning tickets immediately to establish ownership.
  • Store tickets securely until ready to claim prizes.
  • Check results from official sources only, not just social media posts.
  • Act quickly on substantial wins – prizes expire within 90 or 180 days.
  • Bring valid photo ID and your ticket to Georgia Lottery offices to claim winnings.

Useful Facts About the Georgia Lottery

Some key facts about the Georgia Lottery:

  • Started in 1993 following amendment to state constitution
  • Provides over $1 billion each year for education funding in Georgia
  • Joined multi-state games Powerball in 1996 and Mega Millions in 2011
  • Has awarded over $23 billion in prizes to Georgia players
  • Has more than 7,700 retailer locations statewide
  • Offers in-state jackpot games like Fantasy 5 and Cash 4 Life
  • Players have 180 days to claim prizes on draw games, 90 days on scratchers

Knowing some key facts about the Georgia Lottery can help you understand the context around scanning tickets, prize claims, and more. With education funding and billions in player winnings, the Georgia Lottery has had a major impact across the state.

Scanning Lottery Tickets in Other States

While specific apps and scanners vary, most states offer similar convenience when it comes to scanning lottery tickets. Here are some examples for nearby states:

Florida Lottery

  • Mobile App – Florida Lottery App for iOS and Android
  • Ticket Scanners – Located in every Florida Lottery retailer
  • Prizes – Huge jackpots along with various instant win scratcher games

South Carolina Lottery

  • Mobile App – SC Lottery App for iOS and Android
  • Ticket Scanners – Over 3,000 retail locations statewide
  • Prizes – Big multistate jackpots plus Carolina Cash games

Tennessee Lottery

  • Mobile App – TN Lottery App for iOS and Android
  • Ticket Scanners – At over 7,000 retailers across Tennessee
  • Prizes – Jackpots along with instant win scratcher tickets

While lottery systems vary by state, the ability to scan tickets for instant validation is consistent. Players across the U.S. enjoy this convenience when playing the lottery at retail locations or on mobile apps.

The Legality of Scanning Lottery Tickets

Scanning lottery tickets is completely legal in Georgia and other states with government-sponsored lotteries. Ticket scanners simply provide players with information on whether or not their ticket is a winner. The scanners are not gambling devices themselves. They connect to the state’s centralized lottery system to verify tickets.

Retailers are authorized to scan lottery tickets as part of their contract to sell lottery games on behalf of the state. Lottery mobile apps also connect to the same official data systems. There are laws prohibiting the misuse of ticket scanners to improperly obtain lottery information or tamper with the system.

Scanning or checking tickets through approved channels is always legal. These services benefit players by letting them conveniently confirm prizes prior to the claims process. Scanning your ticket using the Georgia Lottery’s online, mobile, and retail options is a 100% legal and encouraged activity!

Reliability of Lottery Ticket Scanners

Lottery ticket scanners are extremely reliable at accurately verifying whether or not a ticket is a winner. The scanners connect with the lottery’s official centralized computer system to check the status of tickets. This is the same system that stores official drawings and winner data.

So long as the barcode on your lottery ticket is legible and you scan it properly, you can trust the results from a lottery scanner. The technology used is highly accurate and tamper-proof to protect lottery integrity. Any discrepancies or errors when scanning tickets almost always come from user mistakes rather than tech failures.

Over billions of ticket scans, lottery scanners have proven their dependability. When in doubt, you can always verify by scanning your ticket through multiple channels – such as both the mobile app and a retailer terminal.

Scanning Tickets as a Retailer

Retailers who sell lottery tickets play an important role in providing ticket scanning services. Here are some key facts about scanning as a lottery retailer:

  • Retailers receive ticket scanner terminals from the lottery free of charge.
  • Terminals connect to the lottery’s centralized computer system.
  • Scanners verify ticket wins almost instantly when scanned.
  • Some scanners can also validate and pay out lower-tier prizes up to $600.
  • Retailers must follow lottery procedures for operating scanners properly.
  • Ticket scanners help convenience players and attract lottery sales.

Having working ticket scanners available is an obligation and advantage for lottery retailers. Players appreciate being able to instantly check their tickets. When scanners are down, retailers should promptly alert lottery officials for repair.

Are Lottery Scanners Always Correct?

Scenario Is Scanner Correct?
Barcode will not scan No – Ticket may still be a winner, scanner can’t read damaged barcode
Shows a $0 win Yes – Damaged tickets may still register, but won’t win prizes
You misread your numbers No – User error, your numbers may not match what was scanned
Scanned too early No – Drawing hasn’t occurred yet, premature scan
Scanned after drawing Yes – Scanner will have official results by next day

In most cases, lottery ticket scanners are highly accurate in telling you whether your ticket matches the winning numbers. However, there are some situations where a scan may provide incorrect results based on user errors or damaged tickets.

It’s always smart to double check your numbers, wait until after the drawing, and scan using multiple methods when possible. But nearly all the time, the scanner can be trusted if used properly.

Pros and Cons of Scanning Lottery Tickets

Here are key pros and cons to keep in mind about scanning lottery tickets:


  • Instantly verifies if you’ve won – no waiting for drawings
  • Can reveal overlooked secondary prizes
  • Prevents tickets being discarded unknowingly
  • Saves trip to lottery office just to check status
  • Easy to scan from home or while out running errands
  • Provides satisfaction of checking tickets immediately


  • Won’t catch user entry errors in scanning app
  • Doesn’t replace need to claim ticket to lottery office
  • Can’t validate mutilated or damaged tickets
  • Not helpful before drawings occur
  • May mislead if technical issues with scanners

Overall, the convenience and benefits of scanning lottery tickets far outweigh the limitations. Scanning gives players an easy way to quickly validate their tickets anytime and anywhere.


Scanning lottery tickets using Georgia Lottery’s various options for retailers, mobile apps, and online checking provides a great way to instantly see if your ticket is a winner. While a scan alone won’t redeem your winnings, it saves significant time and gives immediate gratification compared to waiting through a drawing.

As long as you properly scan the barcode after the drawing occurs, you can trust the results to accurately validate your ticket. Just be sure to hold onto your tickets until you complete the full claims process. Scanning tickets has become a vital part of playing the lottery conveniently with instant results.