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Can LP SmartSide panels get wet?

Yes, LP SmartSide panels can get wet without any loss of performance. The LP SmartSide panel siding is treated with an advanced formulation of water-resistant resins, waxes, and zinc borate – all designed to provide long-term protection against water damage, decay, and termites.

This protective barrier also allows for normal rain and weather exposure making it suitable for outdoor applications. As with any construction material, any prolonged or deep standing water can cause problems, so LP SmartSide recommends adding flashing and diverting water away from panels to ensure maximum protection.

In addition to providing excellent water-resistance, LP SmartSide panels come with a 5/50 limited warranty that provides up to 50 years of protection from termites and fungal decay.

Do I need house wrap behind LP siding?

Yes, you should install house wrap behind your LP siding. House wrap provides both insulation and weatherproofing benefits. It serves as a barrier that protects your home from moisture and wind infiltration.

The house wrap prevents water from entering your walls and insulation, keeping your home more energy efficient and protecting it from potential future water damage. Additionally, if your home is in a cold climate, the house wrap will help to trap the heat inside your walls to keep your home warmer.

Installing house wrap is an important step in keeping your LP siding strong and protecting your home from the elements.

Is LP SmartSide being discontinued?

No, LP SmartSide siding and trim is not being discontinued. LP Building Products, the company that makes LP SmartSide, is continuously making improvements to the product to increase its durability and maintenance requirements in order to suit the needs of homeowners.

LP SmartSide is an engineered wood product that provides the look of traditional wood siding but with added durability and resistance to the elements. It is also easier to install than traditional wood siding, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

LP SmartSide is available in 16 colors and 19 different profiles so you can create a one-of-a-kind look for your home. Along with siding, LP SmartSide also produces many other compatible trim products such as fascia, soffit, and cedar boards, which make it easy to coordinate your siding project.

All LP SmartSide products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is well-protected. For more information, you can visit their website at www. lpsmartside. com.

How long does LP SmartSide siding last?

LP SmartSide siding is designed to offer superior and durable performance and is engineered to last a lifetime. It has been tested to last up to 15 times longer than fiber cement siding and 50 times longer than vinyl.

Its proprietary SmartGuard process helps create some of the toughest siding in the industry, making LP SmartSide siding exceptionally resistant to the extreme temperatures, moisture, and insect infestations often experienced in the elements.

The siding is also protected by a 5/50 Year Limited Warranty from LP, with coverage that includes Hail Damage and Labor. Depending on local environmental factors, such as climate, rain and snow, as well as the homeowner’s care and maintenance, LP SmartSide siding has been known to last as long as 50 years with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Does LP SmartSide rot?

No, LP SmartSide siding is designed to be resistant to issues like rotting, cracking, splitting, and swelling. The siding is made with an advanced material that is engineered using wood strands and treated with zinc borate to help protect against fungal decay and termites.

The siding is then treated with a resin-saturated overlay for additional protection. The product also comes with Diamond Kote® Building Products’ factory-applied coating to provide superior UV protection and is backed by a 5/50-Year Limited Warranty for peace of mind.

The siding is available in 16- foot lengths, which helps make installation easier and also helps eliminate the concern of traditional wood rot found in longer lengths.

Is LP SmartSide worth the money?

Yes, LP SmartSide is worth the money. It is made of treated wood fibers, making it resistant to decay, and it also has a longer than average life span thanks to its customized resin coating. It is extremely low maintenance, and will not rot, warp, or crack.

Additionally, LP SmartSide is impact, bug, and fire resistant, making it one of the most durable options on the market. Its installation process is also simpler than other siding options, allowing for a fast and efficient installation, which in turn helps save time and money.

With all the advantages of LP Smartside, the fact that it is cost-effective means it provides exceptional value for money.

Do you have to paint LP smart siding?

No, LP SmartSide siding does not require painting. LP SmartSide siding is a type of engineered wood product designed to stand up against the elements and provide decades of low-maintenance performance.

Its advanced finish is engineered to resist absorption of water, staining, and cracking, and it is backed by an industry-leading 5/50-Year Limited Warranty. In an effort to maintain its beautiful, natural wood-like appearance, LP SmartSide siding may require cleaning with a soft bristle brush or pressure washer with a fan tip and mild detergent.

Note that painting or staining is not required for proper performance. However, if desired, paints and stains intended for use on wood siding may be used. Additionally, colors are pre-finished on LP SmartSide siding, so painting is not necessary to achieve a desired color.

Is house wrap necessary?

House wrap is not absolutely necessary, however there are numerous advantages to using it which can make it an important part of the home building or renovation process. House wrap is a high-tech sheet material that is used in between the exterior cladding and the sheathing.

It provides a number of benefits such as water and air seal, added insulation, and helps enhance the appearance of the house. The wrap is designed to increase the home’s energy efficiency and protect it from the elements.

It can also be used as a barrier to airborne and moisture-borne vapor and air, thus improving thermal performance and reducing air leakage through the walls and siding. House wrap is particularly important if you are installing vinyl siding, as an additional layer of protection is required as this material does not have the same insulation properties as other types of cladding.

Overall, house wrap plays an important part in helping create a more energy-efficient home and is worth considering when undertaking any building or renovation project.

Is LP smart siding termite proof?

Yes, LP SmartSide siding is termite proof. This siding is made of a treated engineered wood, which uses zinc to form a barrier that protects it from wood-destroying insects like termites. This termite-proof siding is strong, durable, and is backed by a five-year, no- rotting, no-termite warranty on all products.

LP SmartSide siding also offers a variety of beautiful finishes with various designs and textures, giving your home a unique and stunning appearance. The siding is also resistant to high winds and hail, in addition to being termite-proof.

Therefore, you can feel secure with LP SmartSide siding, knowing that it is a trusted product that will stand up against harsh conditions and bug infestations, providing lasting beauty and protection for your home.

What was the problem with LP siding?

LP siding suffered from a variety of issues and is no longer a popular siding choice. In the past, LP siding had a tendency to rot and deteriorate, especially in wet climates. LP siding is also prone to cracking and warping, which can create gaps and leave homes vulnerable to water and air infiltration.

Additionally, LP siding may have been incorrectly installed, leaving gaps between panels and creating a weak form of weatherproofing. Even with the use of sealants, LP siding was still vulnerable to weather-related damage over time.

Finally, most LP siding products did not come with a good warranty and were often not very durable. As a result, homeowners often had to replace or repair their siding every few years, resulting in a lot of expense, hassle, and potential for additional damage.

Is LP siding a good choice?

Yes, LP siding is a great choice due to its many benefits. LP siding is a high-quality, durable product made from wood strands and a resin-based material. This combination makes it resistant to moisture, winds, hail, insects, and fire.

It provides superior insulation, making it an efficient choice for any home. LP siding is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to install and maintain. On top of all that, LP siding comes in a variety of styles and colours to fit any home’s aesthetic.

All in all, LP siding is a great option for both protecting and beautifying your home.

Does LP smart siding increase home value?

LP SmartSide siding does have the potential to increase your home value. It’s more durable and longer lasting than other siding materials, which means it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home until you decide to sell.

It also requires less maintenance, as it won’t need to be repainted every few years. While it can increase your home’s selling price, it’s important to consider the overall value you can get when you compare it to other siding materials.

While the upfront cost of LP SmartSide siding may be higher than other materials, it will pay off in the long run with minimal maintenance costs. Additionally, buyers may be willing to pay a premium for a home with LP SmartSide siding on it due to its reputation as a low-maintenance, durable siding material.

Is LP siding maintenance free?

LP siding is not completely maintenance-free, but it does require less ongoing upkeep than other types of siding. Generally, LP siding will not need to be repainted or refinished, as its color won’t fade with time.

However, despite its durable construction, LP siding is not immune from environmental damage. Regularly inspecting your siding can help you spot any potential issues like excess moisture, cracks, warping, or fading.

Additionally, to keep your LP siding looking like new, you should periodically clean it with mild soap and water. Although LP siding is low-maintenance in comparison to other siding materials, it still requires regular maintenance to prolong its life and retain its original appearance.