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Can Reddit posts be permanently deleted?

Yes, Reddit posts can be permanently deleted. This can be done through the Reddit website or the Reddit mobile app. When viewing your post on the website, hover over the post, and in the menu that appears, select “delete”.

This will delete the post permanently, and it will no longer be visible to anyone, including you. On the Reddit mobile app, you can delete the post by accessing the post, pressing and holding the post until a menu appears, then selecting “delete”.

Deleting posts on Reddit is permanent, and they cannot be recovered or retrieved once deleted.

Is there a way to delete all my posts on Reddit?

Yes, there is a way to delete all your posts on Reddit. You can access the Delete All Posts tool by going to your Reddit profile, selecting the “My Profile” tab, and then clicking “Tools” > “Delete All Posts.

” Once you have accessed this tool, you can select which subreddits to delete all posts from, and your posts will be deleted from these subreddits. You should be aware that this delete all posts tool is permanent, and deleted posts cannot be recovered.

You can also delete individual posts manually by going to the post itself and selecting “Delete” from the options menu.

Does deleting a Reddit post remove it?

Yes, deleting a Reddit post removes it. When a post is deleted, it is removed from public view and can no longer be seen or accessed by anyone. The post, as well as its comments and any related assets, are all permanently deleted from Reddit.

Deleting a post is the only way to remove it from Reddit and cannot be undone.

How do I permanently delete my Reddit history?

To permanently delete your Reddit history, you will need to go through a few steps. First, you will want to navigate to the “Preferences” page by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your user name.

On this page, select the “Deactivate account” tab located to the bottom left corner. You should then see an option to “Delete content”. While this will not delete all records of your Reddit activity from the site’s servers, it will delete your posts and comments from public view.

Next, you will want to delete all of the data associated with your Reddit account that is stored locally on your computer. On most browsers this is done by navigating to the settings menu, opening the history section and deleting all record of Reddit related activity.

Finally, you may want to consider contacting Reddit’s customer service to ask if there is any way to request your personal data on their servers be permanently deleted. It is important to note that this is not a guarantee, so you may want to consider alternative methods in order to be sure that all of your Reddit history will be wiped clean.

What happens to removed Reddit posts?

When a post is removed from Reddit, it is no longer visible to viewers. The post is hidden from public view, and it cannot be accessed by any user, including the user who posted it. While the post is no longer visible, Reddit administrators can still access the post’s content.

This allows Reddit to review any potentially inappropriate content or offensive language.

The original poster will receive an email notification informing them that their post has been removed, and why. In some cases, the post may be restored, depending on the violation. However, if the post was deemed to be in violation of Reddit’s Content Policies, it will remain hidden from public view.

How do you find someone’s Reddit post that you deleted?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Reddit, once a post or comment is deleted it is gone forever and there is no way to find it or recover it. And no way to view a past version of the post. In some cases, you may be able to ask other people who might have seen your post if they have any screenshots or a copy of it, but that is the only way to find a post you have deleted on Reddit.

What is Unreddit?

Unreddit is an alternate platform created by Reddit which allows people to freely express their opinions without the fear of censorship or being downvoted. Unreddit works by creating a safe space where people can be transparent and open with their thoughts, without worries of trolls or other negative feedback.

It was created as part of Reddit’s anti-harassment and anti-trolling policies, and strives to maintain a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Unreddit works much like Reddit, but without the upvote/downvote system.

Instead, people are encouraged to openly discuss topics, offer advice, and share their views without the fear of being bullied or judged. Unreddit also implements moderation policies that protect users from harassment, malicious behaviors and hate speech.

Does Reddit track what you view?

No, Reddit does not track what users view directly. While Reddit does track overall activity on the platform and users’ interactions with posts and other users, it does not directly track what users are viewing and engaging with.

Reddit users can use the platform in complete privacy and browse whatever they like without being tracked individually.

When a user logs in to Reddit, an account is generated that logs their overall activity on the platform as well as their interactions with other users, communities and posts. This generic behaviour information is collected and stored, but Reddit does not keep track of individual pages or posts that the user views.

That being said, other platforms such as Google do track user behaviour on Reddit, such as what communities and posts they frequent. However, this tracking is done by Google’s own systems and has nothing to do with Reddit.

In this case, it is up to the individual user to ensure their privacy is respected by turning off third-party tracking features in their browser.

What causes you to lose karma on Reddit?

Losing karma on Reddit is mostly caused by downvotes on your posts and comments. Reddit is a community-driven platform, where users upvote and downvote content and engagement based on how they value it.

When one of your comments or posts receives a downvote, it reduces your overall karma, as the total is the sum of upvotes and downvotes on all comments and posts.

Other causes of karma loss include spamming, posting inappropriate or offensive content, or intentionally antagonizing other users in the community. Reddit has strict rules and guidelines aimed at ensuring users are respectful and courteous to one another in the community.

If a user violates these rules, they may receive a warning from Reddit moderators, and in extreme cases, may also be faced with losing potential karma points.

Do you keep karma if your post is removed?

Unfortunately, whether or not you keep karma if your post is removed depends on the platform. Generally, karma tends to be a reflection of quality and helpfulness, so if your post is removed, it’s likely because it was deemed to be of poor quality or not useful for the platform.

In these cases, it’s possible that the platform will take away your karma in order to punish you for breaking their rules. Some platforms have specific policies regarding karma and removed posts, so it’s best to read their Terms of Service before you post.

Additionally, be sure to stay within the rules of the platform so as to avoid any potential of having your posts removed, and by extension having your hard-earned karma taken away.

Does hiding a post on Reddit delete it?

No, hiding a post on Reddit does not delete it. When a post is hidden on Reddit, anyone who visits the site can still see it, but it will be hidden from users who are not logged in or who do not subscribe to the subreddit where the post was made.

In addition, the post will no longer show up in searches, “hot” lists, and recommendations. By hiding the post, Reddit allows users to maintain control over their posts without deleting them.

How do I take down a post on Reddit?

In order to take down a post on Reddit, you will need to contact the moderators for the subreddit that the post is located in. You can do this by clicking on the “Message the Moderators” link found in the sidebar of the subreddit.

You then need to explain why you would like the post taken down, and the moderators will take it down if they agree. Alternatively, if you are the one who posted the content, you can easily delete the post yourself.

To do this, click the three dots next to the post and then click “Delete”. Keep in mind, however, that posts cannot be edited or deleted once they have been stickied or archived.

Do you lose karma for Downvotes on Reddit?

No, you do not lose karma for downvotes on Reddit. However, your post’s score may decrease as more people downvote it, which can affect its visibility and the likelihood of it being seen by others. Upvotes are used to increase a post’s score, while downvotes are used to decrease it.

Reddit also has an algorithm to prevent posts from achieving popularity at an abnormally fast pace, and downvotes can be used to help it identify such posts. So while downvoting won’t affect your karma, it can still be a valuable tool in helping Reddit maintain a positive environment.

What happens when you get Downvoted on Reddit?

When you get Downvoted on Reddit, it means that users are disagreeing with your post or comment. Downvotes are anonymous and do not show who downvoted you. This can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that downvotes are part of the Reddit community and a way for people to express their opinions.

When you get downvoted, your Karma score will decrease, and it will be more difficult to gain an upvote. Reddit is also an open platform, meaning that other users can comment on your post or reply to it, so make sure to keep a positive attitude when you get downvoted.

It’s important to remember that Reddit is all about the conversation, so be respectful of other people’s opinions and try to keep the conversation constructive.

How can I delete my post?

If you want to delete a post, you’ll need to go to the page where the post is located. You can then find a delete icon near the post, usually near the post title or content. Depending on the platform you are using, you may be able to click on the post and then select “delete” or “erase”.

If this option isn’t available, you may be able to find a delete option when you click the Options or Settings tab near the post.

On some social media platforms, you may only be able to delete some parts of the post and not the whole thing. For example, if you originally posted with a photo, you may only be able to delete the photo and not the text you posted as well.

Once you’ve clicked delete, there’s likely a confirmation box that appears. You may need to confirm that you want to delete the post before it’s gone for good.

If you are unable to delete the post on your own, you may need to contact the customer service team from the platform and ask them to help you delete your post.

How do you delete something on the Reddit app?

To delete something on the Reddit app, start by opening the Reddit app and logging into your account. Then navigate to the post you’d like to delete. At the bottom of the post, you’ll see an icon with three vertical dots.

Tap on this icon and a menu will appear with a variety of options, which will differ depending on the post. Select the option that says “Delete” from the menu, and then select “Delete” from the popup.

Once you have done this, the post will be deleted from your account. If you would like to delete a post that you commented on, you can select the “Delete Comment” option that appears in the menu.

Can I delete all my Reddit posts?

Yes, you can delete all of your Reddit posts. To do so, go to your profile page and click the ‘Posts’ tab. You should then see a list of all your posts. At the top right of each post, you should see a ‘Delete’ button.

Clicking this will delete your post. However, please keep in mind that deleted posts may still be visible to other users and moderators. Deleted posts may also remain in cached versions of Reddit and be visible to certain search engine crawlers.

Why can’t I Delete messages on Reddit?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete messages on Reddit. This is due to Reddit’s platform and the way it was designed. Reddit is an open platform, meaning that all content posted by users is accessible by everyone.

This means that anyone can view the content posted and it cannot be removed or deleted. Therefore, messages posted to Reddit are permanent and cannot be removed. However, messages can be edited or locked to prevent further replies or comments.

There are some moderators that have the privilege to delete messages, but this is only in extreme cases.