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Can videos be sent on Instagram?

Yes, you can send videos on Instagram. To send a video on Instagram, open the Instagram app and select the Heart icon located at the bottom of the screen in the direct section of the app. Then, select “+” which is located in the top-right corner of the screen.

This will bring up the option to choose a photo or video from your device’s photo library. After choosing the video you would like to send, picked your desired recipients and click the send button located at the bottom right to send your video.

Note that the maximum video length you can send on Instagram is currently one minute. Additionally, you can send previously recorded videos or live videos through Instagram as streaming apps such as Instagram Live, an Instagram Stories video or you can share a clip from a live video you previously recorded.

How do you send a video on Instagram through text?

You can send a video on Instagram through text in a few steps. First, go to the person’s profile page on Instagram, and select the “message” button at the top-right of the screen. Once you’ve opened the conversation, locate the “Gallery” button in the bottom-left corner of the chat window.

Tap the “Camera” icon to select a video from your phone’s library, or tap “Take Video” to record one through the chat window. When you’ve chosen a video, tap “Send” in the bottom-right corner of the chat window.

The person you are messaging will receive your video, and can view it by opening the conversation.

Why can’t I send a video to someone on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot send a video to someone through Instagram Direct Messages. Instagram does not allow you to directly upload or share videos as a message, however, there are ways to work around it.

You can send a link to a video you have posted on your Instagram profile, or you can upload a video to a hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo and then send the link in a Direct Message. That way, the person you are sending the video to can access it by clicking on the link.

Additionally, you can upload a short video clip to your Instagram Story and then direct message the link to it.

How long of a video can you DM on Instagram?

Currently, you can direct message (DM) videos up to 15 seconds in length on Instagram. Instagram has an auto-play feature, so when a video is sent in a DM, it will automatically start playing for the recipient.

You can even create a longer video if you are looking for a way to express yourself more. Instagram allows you to stitch together multiple clips, each up to 15 seconds in length, and the total video can be up to 60 seconds.

The “Create” option on your Instagram profile lets you use tools to edit the video, such as color and filters, before sending it in a DM.

How can I send long videos?

There are multiple ways to send long videos, depending on the video format and size. If you’re working with a large video file, here are a few methods you can use.

Email (Depending on video format, size, and email provider):

If your video file is small enough, you can attach it to an email and send it to the recipient. To ensure that the video remains small enough to be accepted by an email provider’s limits, you can compress the file using a third-party program before attaching it.

Cloud Storage (Eg. Dropbox, Google Drive):

A convenient way to send large files is by using cloud storage providers like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can upload the video file to the cloud storage and then send the recipient a link to the file.

However, keep in mind that the recipient may need a third-party software to access the file.


WeTransfer is an online platform that provides users with an easy way to send large files. All you need to do is upload your video, enter the recipient’s email and click ‘Send. ’ You can also add a message to your file if you want.

USB/External Hard Drive:

If you want an offline solution, you can save your video to a USB drive or external hard drive and give it to the person you want to send it to. This is generally the best option if you want to transfer a lot of files quickly.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that the video is in a compatible format so it can be played by the recipient. You can use software like VLC for Mac to convert your video into a format that is compatible with many different devices.

What is the Instagram DM limit?

The Instagram Direct Message (DM) limit for sending messages is 25 people at a time. You can DM multiple people at once by typing in the names or usernames of those people in the recipient field, or you can select them from a suggested list.

Additionally, you can create groups of up to 32 people in Direct, or have conversations with one person at a time. Be aware, however, that if you DM someone who is not following you, they may not be able to receive it.

When you’re Allowing Message Requests on Direct, you can also receive messages from people who are not following you. Direct will automatically put message request into a special tab where you can review and decide to accept or reject each request before it gets moved to the inbox.

Once accepted, it will appear in the inbox like any other message.

Instagram also allows businesses to use their Direct Messaging platform as a means of customer service, providing the ability to respond to questions and inquiries, and discuss customer service and review requests.

These messages are just like regular Instagram DMs, with the exception that business accounts can receive them from users who don’t follow them.

In summary, the Instagram DM limit allows you to send messages to up to 25 people at one time, create groups of up to 32 people, and receive messages from users who don’t follow you if you have Message Requests enabled.

How can I send a 20 minute video from my iPhone?

To send a 20 minute video from your iPhone, you will need to first determine the size of the file. If the file size is larger than what can be sent through e-mail or a messaging app, you will need to look for an alternative method.

Here are some potential solutions:

1. Use a file-sharing service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer. These services allow you to upload the video and then send a link for the recipient to view and download the video. Depending on the video size and connection speeds, the upload can take some time.

2. If the video size is within the boundaries for e-mail or messaging services, you can utilize them to send the video. Depending on the app, the video may be compressed, reducing the file size. This is convenient, as you don’t need to sign up for an external service and the recipient can view the video directly within the app.

3. A third option is AirDrop, Apple’s file sharing feature. AirDrop allow you to send files between compatible Apple devices, allowing you to share the video with people nearby.

No matter which method you choose, sending a 20 minute video from your iPhone requires careful consideration. Keeping the file size small, utilizing the right service, and giving the recipient time to download are all important factors to consider when sending larger files.

What is the maximum video length for Instagram?

The maximum video length for Instagram is 60 seconds. Instagram added the ability to post videos up to 60 seconds in length at the end of 2016. This decision was met with considerable excitement from Instagram users, and users have been able to post longer videos for over three years now.

For some users, 60 seconds may still be too short to convey the message they want to share. However, Instagram does offer two other features to help with longer-form content: IGTV and Reels.

IGTV is Instagram’s dedicated video platform, where users can post videos up to an hour long. Reels, released in late 2020, gives users the ability to record and edit 15-second videos. Users can then stitch these clips together to form longer videos up to 30 minutes in length.

So, while the standard video length is still capped at 60 seconds on Instagram, users have other options to post longer accessible videos.

How do you send videos from your gallery to Instagram?

To send videos from your gallery to Instagram, the first step is to open the Instagram app on your phone and log in if necessary. Then, go to the Home tab, which is the house icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Once in the Home tab, tap the camera icon at the top of the screen to open the Instagram Story camera. From there, tap on the icon in the top left corner, which looks like a rectangular box with a downward-facing arrow.

A menu should appear, giving you the option to select the video you want to share. After selecting the video, you can add filters, text, stickers, and other edits before uploading it to your story. Be sure to tap the share button to send your video.