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Can you add another person to Costco membership?

Yes, you can add an additional person to your Costco membership. To do so, one of the members on the account must visit the membership counter with a valid ID and the person they are adding. When they arrive, they will need to fill out an additional cardholder application and pay the required fee, which is typically around $60.

If accepted, the additional person will have access to all the same benefits as the current members on the membership. Keep in mind that only one card will be issued to the membership, and that card should be used at all times by the individuals on the account.

If a third person is ever needed, the same process should be followed.

How many family members can be on a Costco membership?

The exact number of family members that may be included on a Costco membership depends on the type of membership purchased. A “Gold Star” membership, which is the most common type of membership, is limited to one primary member and up to two additional household members, or up to two adults living at the same address.

The “Business” membership allows the primary member to add up to six additional household members, or up to six adults living at the same address. Finally, the “Executive” membership allows the primary member to add an unlimited number of additional household members, or an unlimited number of adults living at the same address.

How much is it to add a third person to Costco Executive Membership?

Adding a third person to a Costco Executive Membership costs an additional $60 per year. This is in addition to the annual membership fee each person pays. That means if you have two people in the Executive Membership, you would pay a total of $175 each year (each person pays a $120 annual fee plus the additional $60 fee for the third person).

The additional person must live in the same household as the primary member, and they must all have the same address on their Costco membership. This third person doesn’t need to be related to the primary member in any way and will have their own membership card.

They will also receive the same benefits as the primary and secondary members, including access to the same products, discounts, online shopping, and more.

Can my husband use my Costco card without me?

No, unless you add your husband to your Costco membership as an additional Cardholder. A Costco membership is tied to one individual and most memberships include two cards – one for the primary member, and one for the Additional Cardholder.

The Additional Cardholder is allowed to make purchases in-store or online, and he must be present at the time the membership is renewed. To add your husband to your membership, you must fill out an Additional Cardholder form at the membership counter of your local Costco.

This can’t be done online and the Additional Cardholder must be present with valid identification. As the primary cardholder, you must also provide sponsorship. Note that there is an Additional Cardholder fee, so be sure to review the pricing structure before adding your husband to your membership.

What benefits do Costco Executive members get?

Costco Executive members get a range of additional benefits compared to regular Costco members, including an annual 2% reward on qualifying purchases up to $1,000. This reward can be redeemed toward future purchases at any Costco warehouse, either as a statement credit or merchandise.

Additionally, Executive members receive additional discounts on select services and products, access to special Costco Travel offers, additional bonus coupons and discounts, and cash rewards for online purchases.

Executive members are also offered additional benefit programs not available to regular members, such as identity protection, business and personal cell phone plans, and additional travel and car rental discounts.

Executive members also enjoy exclusive access to special savings events, discounts on Costco services and products, preferred seating at concerts and special events, and free shipping and delivery of Costco merchandise.

Furthermore, Executive members are rewarded with exclusive offers from business partners.

How much do you have to spend at Costco to make the Executive Membership worth it?

The Executive Membership is the highest tier of membership at Costco and comes with a number of additional benefits, such as more cash rewards, free shipping, and exclusive discounts and promotions. In order to make the Executive Membership worth it, you will need to spend an average of at least $2,500 a year at Costco.

However, this amount can vary slightly depending on your individual shopping habits. If you are a frequent shopper at Costco and often purchase items in bulk, you may find that the Executive Membership is a great option for you and can provide great savings.

On the other hand, if you don’t often shop at Costco or only purchase smaller items and one-off purchases, you may find that the regular membership is more suitable to your needs. Ultimately, it will depend on how often you plan to shop at Costco and the type of items you purchase.

Can someone else use my Costco rewards?

Unfortunately, no. Costco rewards may not be shared with anyone else. These rewards are meant to be used for the individual who earned them and are not transferable to someone else. If your family wants to use your rewards, you can purchase items in your name and have them transferred to someone else.

Additionally, rewards can be used in combination with coupons and other offers to save more money.

Do Costco Executive members get early entrance?

Yes, Costco Executive members are eligible for early entrance to certain warehouses. This early access lets members shop ahead of the general public for an hour on select days. The specific dates and times of early entrance differ by location, so you should contact your local Costco warehouse or check their website for the exact details.

You can also access the early entrance dates and times on the Costco app. To enjoy the benefit, you’ll need to present your Costco membership card and Executive membership card to be eligible for entry at the designated time.

When shopping during early access, you will be subject to the same shopping limitations as other members and must adhere to the regular rules of the store.

What is the difference between Costco Gold Star and Gold Star Executive Membership?

The primary difference between Costco Gold Star and Gold Star Executive Membership is that the Executive Membership provides an annual 2% reward (up to $1,000) on most Costco purchases, while Gold Star members do not.

Additionally, Gold Star Executive members get access to additional benefits, such as early shopping hours, exclusive business services, and provide additional discounts on Costco services like the Pharmacy, Optical, and Travel.

Gold Star members have access to all the same products and services, however, the Executive Membership provides extra perks and allows for more savings.

Can I add someone to my Costco membership without them being there?

Yes, you can add someone to your Costco membership without them being present. You will need to make sure they have a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license to be eligible. You can either add them as an additional cardholder on your existing membership or purchase a full Costco membership for them.

To add the new cardholder to your account, you will need to visit your local Costco or log into your Costco account online. On the membership page, select “Add an Additional Cardholder” and follow the instructions.

You will need to provide the full name and photo ID of the new cardholder. Once you have completed the process, you will receive an email confirmation with your new card.

If you choose to purchase a full Costco membership for the new cardholder, you will need to visit your local Costco or go online to purchase the membership. You will have to provide the full name and photo ID of the new cardholder and complete the purchase process.

Once the purchase is complete, the cardholder will receive their membership card in the mail.

Can you get a Costco membership over the phone?

Yes, you can get a Costco membership over the phone. You will need to call 1-800-774-2678 and be prepared to provide the following information: your name, address, phone number, email address, and a valid credit card number (to pay for the membership).

Once you have provided this information, Costco will process your membership and you will receive your new membership card in the mail within two to three weeks. If you need to start using your Costco membership before then, you will be given a temporary membership card for immediate access to the warehouse.

Can two people have Costco card?

Yes, two people can have a Costco card. Most Costco memberships are sold as annual memberships to a single household. This means that two people in the same household can each have their own membership card and access the warehouse with their own membership account.

When joining as a new member, you can add a second card for a spouse or partner for no additional cost. If you have an annual membership, you can add a second cardholder anytime when shopping at Costco or from the Member Services desk.

The second cardholder will be able to enjoy the same benefits and savings as the primary cardholder on their own Member number.

How do I take someone off my Costco membership?

In order to take someone off your Costco membership, you will first need to contact a Costco representative. You can do so by visiting the membership counter at your local Costco warehouse or by calling their membership services phone number (1-800-774-2678).

The representative can help you remove the current member from the membership and will provide you with the documents needed to add a new member to the membership if desired. In some cases, the current member may be able to transfer the membership to another person in their household, as long as they are present to provide the necessary information.

After speaking with a representative, they will inform you of the process of removing the current member from the membership. Depending on your situation, you may have the option of transferring the membership to another person in the household or canceling the membership altogether.

If you do decide to cancel the membership, you should make sure that all purchases made with the expired membership are taken care of as refunds cannot be given after the membership has ended. Once your membership has been addressed in accordance with the instructions provided by the representative, the current member will be removed from the membership and the process of adding a new member may begin if needed.

Can I update my Costco membership online?

Yes, you can update your Costco membership online! To do this, log into your online Costco account (or create one if you don’t have one yet). Once you’re logged in, select the “Membership” option from the menu.

From here, you can update your membership card photo, contact information, payment information and account preferences, and more. If you have any trouble with this process, feel free to contact Costco’s customer service department for further assistance.

What is a household card at Costco?

A household card at Costco is an additional card that enables two individuals to use the same Costco membership. This is beneficial for households with two adults that do their shopping together. With the household card, each cardholder can access their own Costco account and shop separately, while still enjoying the benefits of the same membership.

The household card also allows each cardholder to use their own payment methods, allowing them to keep their spending separate. The household card also means that both cardholders are able to access exclusive savings and coupons, while also taking advantage of discounted prices.

With the household card, each cardholder is able to track their own spending and rewards, and can also access their own online account. In addition, the household card allows for the addition of up to two additional registered cardholders, who can also access the same discounts and benefits.

Does Costco have a senior membership?

Yes, Costco does have a senior membership. The membership is available to people over the age of 50. With this membership, seniors will get access to exclusive benefits and discounts, including a complimentary membership card for a spouse or partner of the same household, a full 12-month Costco membership, free door-to-door delivery, and access to a special senior-focused shopping experience.

There are also additional savings available, including a special 3% discount on select Costco purchases. Additionally, senior members have access to special events and activities that are designed specifically for their age group.

To join, seniors must present valid proof of age, such as a state-issued ID or driver’s license, at the time of membership purchase or renewal.

Is Costco cheaper than Walmart?

The answer to this question depends on the items that you are looking for and the specific store you are shopping at. Many items at Costco tend to be cheaper than Walmart, especially bulk items. However, some items at Costco tend to be more expensive than Walmart, such as electronics, household items, and pet supplies.

When it comes to fresh produce, Walmart tends to have better prices on individual items, but Costco will often have better deals when you buy in bulk. So, the answer to this question ultimately depends on your specific needs and which store you’re shopping at.

Does Costco offer AAA discount?

Yes, Costco does offer AAA discount. AAA members can save on membership fees, receive exclusive offers and discounts on select items and services, and get a free household card. To take advantage of your AAA membership at Costco, you need to opt in for a special membership that gives additional savings and benefits to AAA members.

This membership includes a free household card, which gives an additional cardholder the same benefits as the primary cardholder. Plus, you can save up to $60 a year on the regular Costco Executive Membership fee.

After signing up, just present your AAA card each time you shop at Costco to get your special discounts and offers.

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