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Can you buy extra bands to Great Wolf Lodge?

Yes, you can buy extra bands at Great Wolf Lodge. The resort offers a variety of colors and sizes so that you can choose the ones that are most comfortable for your family. The prices vary based on the size and color of the band you select.

Plus, there’s a special package that includes four complimentary bands. The package also includes a lanyard to keep the bands on and store them safely when not in use. Additionally, if a band has been accidentally damaged, the resort staff can provide you with a replacement band free of charge.

With a Great Wolf Lodge band, your family can enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer—it’s the perfect way to stay connected and have fun during your stay!.

Do I have to wear a bathing suit at Great Wolf Lodge?

No, you do not have to wear a bathing suit at Great Wolf Lodge. The indoor waterpark inside the lodge does require proper swim attire, but guests of all ages are welcome in the other areas of the lodge wearing any attire that is appropriate for the location.

That being said, many of the activities throughout the lodge require being in the water, so proper swimwear and footwear are recommended.

What should I bring to waterpark?

When heading to a waterpark, it’s important to have key items on hand. Some basic items to consider packing are a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, water shoes, comfortable clothes, and a waterproof bag. It’s also a good idea to bring a few snacks along.

Other items you might want to consider include goggles, snorkels, life jackets, portable chargers, and waterproof phone cases. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera or disposable waterproof camera to capture the fun.

If medication is required, it’s important to pack your medication, just in case. If a lock is needed, bring a small lock to lock up your items while you’re away enjoying the park. It’s also helpful to bring a map of the park or park app guide in case you get lost.

Finally, make sure to have some cash on hand for vendors and extra snacks throughout the day.

How much are the refillable cups at Great Wolf Lodge?

The refillable cups at Great Wolf Lodge cost $19.99 plus applicable taxes. The cups come with a range of benefits, including all-day access to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, all-day access to the Plaza beverage stations, various souvenir cup designs, and a $0.

99 refills for the rest of the stay at the Lodge. Additionally, for each purchased beverage, you will receive a $0.99 refill at any participating Coca-Cola Freestyle location.

Does Great Wolf Lodge have life vest?

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge does have life vests. All of their swimming areas are staffed by certified lifeguards who provide complimentary life vests that guests can use while swimming or playing in the water.

In addition, wristbands are provided to children 5 years old and younger, as well as to all non-swimmers. These wristbands remind lifeguards and others that the guest needs assistance while in the water.

While life vests are recommended, they are not mandatory and adults can choose to not wear them. However, the pool and other water areas are monitored closely and swimmers are required to obey all rules posted in the areas.

How strict is Great Wolf Lodge on height requirements?

Great Wolf Lodge is very strict on height requirements and will not allow children below the minimum to participate in any activity including the Waterpark, Ropes Course, Wolf Rider Wipeout Adventure and MagiQuest.

The height requirements vary depending on the activity, with the Wolf Rider Wipeout Adventure requiring a minimum of 42 inches tall and the Ropes Course requiring a minimum 48 inches tall. Additionally, the Waterpark requires most of the guests to be 42 inches tall, although some attractions may require a minimum of 48 inches.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult or responsible guardian who is at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, children who do not meet the minimum height requirements can still be permitted in the waterpark if they are wearing wristbands with a life jacket or floaty vest.

What are puddle Jumpers?

Puddle Jumpers are small recreational aircraft designed to be used for short-haul flights in remote areas and flight training. They typically have fixed landing gear, are typically single-engine, and have a short range (usually under 300 miles).

The design of Puddle Jumpers is made to give the pilot great visibility, agility and maneuverability in areas with tight restrictions such as backcountry, bush, and ski flights. The wings of a Puddle Jumper have a low-wing configuration, which allows them to handle larger aircraft in tight spaces.

The typical Puddle Jumper has a full-dashboard instrumentation, typically consisting of a transponder, GPS unit, flight gauges, and radios. Some of the more advanced models have autopilot and intercom systems to allow pilot and passengers to talk while the aircraft is in flight.

The cabin area is generally small and designed to accommodate one or two people at most. These types of aircraft are most commonly used by flight schools and experienced pilots who are looking to fly in and out of remote areas or make short-haul flights in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Can you wear life jackets on water slides?

No, it is not recommended to wear life jackets on water slides. Water slides offer a unique thrill that requires a certain level of physical ability and personal knowledge of a rider’s limitations. Life jackets can be restrictive and can cause a person to become stuck on the slide or slide off, depending on the slide and the size of the rider.

While life jackets are crucial safety devices for swimming, boating and other water sports, they are not necessary for water slides. Each rider should abide by the safety regulations for the particular park or facility and must use the safety equipment provided, such as ladders, flotation devices, handles, and stairs to exit the attraction safely.

It is important to check with the facility to find out any additional precautionary steps that must be taken before sliding. Most facilities are happy to provide tips and advice for safe sliding and relaxing.

Are Puddle Jumpers Coast Guard approved?

No, Puddle Jumpers are not Coast Guard approved. Puddle Jumpers are inflatable and otherwise non-powered devices such as arm floaties or “water wings” that are meant for use by children. As such, Puddle Jumpers do not meet the stringent requirements set forth by the United States Coast Guard for approved personal flotation devices and are not approved for use on the water.