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Can you cancel a shipment once it is shipped?

Unfortunately, once a shipment has been shipped it cannot be completely canceled. Depending on the carrier, you may be able to request a change to the delivery address, or request a hold on delivery.

In some cases, an additional fee may be applied to change the delivery address and/or hold the shipment. If the shipment is eligible, you would need to contact the carrier directly with the tracking number to request a change.

However, if the shipment has already been delivered, it cannot be canceled.

How long do I have to cancel a Mercari order?

You have 14 days to cancel an order from the time you receive the item. If you need to cancel an order, please contact the seller as soon as possible. Your request will be considered at the discretion of the seller.

Please note that if you cancel the order after the item has been shipped, you may be responsible for any additional costs, such as shipping fees. If the item has already been delivered, you may need to arrange for return shipping at your own expense.

The seller will provide you with more specific details on how to proceed with cancellation. Please also keep in mind that depending on the condition of the item, the seller may refuse a cancellation request.

Do I get my money back if I cancel a Mercari order?

Yes, if you cancel an order on Mercari you will be refunded the money from the transaction. This includes both the full amount of the item, as well as any shipping cost paid at the time of purchase.

When cancelling an order, you will have the option to choose how you would like to receive your refund. You can choose to have the money returned back to your original payment method, or you can have it returned to your Mercari wallet to use again on the site.

When returning money to your original payment method, please note that the refund may take up to 14 business days to process, depending on the payment service used.

If there are any issues with your refund, you can contact Mercari’s customer service team to help assist with the process. It is important to note that fees associated with the payment transaction are non-refundable and will not be included in the amount returned back to you.

Can a buyer cancel a sale on Mercari?

Yes, a buyer can cancel a sale on Mercari. Mercari allows buyers to cancel a sale for any reason up to 48 hours after the end of their purchase. To cancel, buyers should go to My Orders and tap the Cancel button next to the item they’d like to cancel.

After the buyer cancels a purchase, they will receive a full refund, minus any fees associated with their order. It may take up to 5 business days for the refund to appear as credit in a buyer’s account.

Why do sellers cancel on Mercari?

One of the most common reasons is if buyers fail to make payment in the allotted timeframe. This could be due to inexperienced buyers or credit card issues. In these cases, the seller may opt to cancel the order in order to avoid any further delays or issues.

Additionally, if a buyer requests an item that is not available in the seller’s inventory, the seller may also choose to cancel the order. Finally, if the seller is unable to contact the buyer and get confirmation of the order, they may decide to cancel it for the sake of their own safety.

Ultimately, these types of cancellations are done to protect both parties from any potential risks that could arise from an uncertain transaction.

Does Mercari automatically refund?

No, Mercari does not automatically refund purchases. Buyers and sellers must agree to a refund and the seller is responsible for initiating the process. If a seller agrees to provide a refund, the seller must create a return request and return the item to the buyer.

Once the item is received by the buyer, they must approve the return in order for the seller to issue a refund. If a buyer and seller are unable to come to an agreement, buyers can reach out to Mercari support for assistance.

Do you have to accept returns on Mercari?

Yes, you are required to accept returns on Mercari. This is because Mercari is a marketplace committed to providing a reliable and safe experience for its buyers and sellers, and part of this commitment includes allowing returns.

This helps to ensure that buyers remain comfortable purchasing items from sellers on the platform, knowing that they are protected against unexpected issues with their orders.

When a return is accepted by a seller, the buyer has up to four days to return their items back to the seller. If the item arrives in the condition it was listed on the app, with all of its original parts and accessories, the seller must provide a refund to the buyer.

It’s important to note that the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs, and sellers cannot charge a restocking fee.

It’s beneficial for sellers to remain open to returns, because buyers can leave feedback on their Mercari accounts after returning an item. Good feedback has the potential to benefit sellers, since potential buyers can view the reviews when shopping on Mercari.

Ultimately, by accepting returns in a timely manner, sellers can increase their chances of making successful sales on the platform.

Who pays for returns on Mercari?

Typically, the buyer pays for the cost to return an item when they make a return on Mercari. As each seller may set a different return policy, buyers should always check the return policy listed on each item before making a purchase.

Buyers are responsible for reading and understanding the return policy of the seller before making a purchase. This policy should also include the cost of shipping for the return, who is responsible for paying for the return shipping cost, as well as any other related costs.

Depending on the seller’s policy, the seller may or may not choose to pay for part or all of the return shipping costs. It is also important to check the seller’s return and refund policies before purchasing to ensure the item is covered in the case of a return.

How long should I wait for Mercari to ship?

The time it takes for Mercari to process, package and ship your item depends on several factors, including the type of item you’re selling and its size and weight. For most items, it should take about 5-7 business days for purchase and shipping.

This process includes the amount of time it takes for a buyer to make payment and for the seller to package and ship the item. Depending on the item, it can take up to 10-14 business days.

You can check on the status of your order by accessing the ‘Order Details’ tab in your Mercari account. You will be able to view the estimated delivery time of your order, and track your shipment.

If you have any questions related to shipping, please contact Mercari customer service for assistance.

Can you cancel a Mercari order before it ships?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a Mercari order before it ships. You can cancel an order at any time before the seller has shipped the item and marked it as shipped. After the seller has marked the item as shipped, you will no longer be able to cancel the order.

If you would like to cancel an order, you should contact the seller directly, either through a message in the Mercari app or their contact information listed in their profile. Once you have contacted the seller, they will usually be able to cancel the order, and Mercari will be able to process a refund directly through the app within a couple of business days.

However, sellers are under no obligation to accept cancellations and may have their own policies on returning items and refunds that you may need to abide by. In some cases, they may also refuse to accept cancellations, so it is important to read their policies and contact them as soon as possible if you need to cancel a Mercari order.

What happens if I cancel my order on Mercari?

If you cancel your order on Mercari, the buyer will be notified immediately and a refund will be issued automatically to the original payment method used. The refund will include any fees you paid, such as shipping fees and Mercari fees.

Additionally, the item will be removed from your account and the buyer will not be able to purchase the item. Please note, if you use a payment method other than Paypal or Mercari Credit, you may have to send a message to the buyer yourself to clarify that the order has been cancelled.

Does Mercari charge for cancellation?

No, Mercari does not charge for cancellation. You can cancel your orders on Mercari for free. If you’re the buyer, you can cancel a sale before it has shipped and receive a full refund of the purchase price, including shipping costs.

If you’re the seller, you’ll automatically receive a full refund when a buyer cancels an order. If a buyer has already shipped the item and you refund them, you will have to pay the return shipping costs.

You also have the option to resell the item if the buyer has already shipped it.

Can I cancel a Mercari offer?

Yes, you can cancel an offer on Mercari. To do so, first log into the Mercari app and select the “My Offers” option from the menu. Here, you will be able to view all the offers that you have made. Once you have found the offer you wish to cancel, simply tap the cancel button next to it and confirm the cancellation.

Please note that you are only able to cancel offers that have not yet been accepted. If the offer has already been accepted, you won’t be able to cancel it. In addition, once an offer has been canceled, you won’t be able to recreate it, or make a new offer for the same item.

What fees does Mercari charge?

Mercari charges a Service Fee, ranging from 10-20%, and a Payment Processing Fee, depending on your location. The Payment Processing fee includes a flat fee, typically $0. 20, and a percentage fee that varies by region, such as 4% in the US, and 4.

4% in the UK. Mercari also charges a Cash on Delivery fee for COD orders, typically around 10% of the payment amount, and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for any applicable orders. Additionally, sellers are charged a Selling Fee, typically 10%, and sometimes a Referral Fee, typically 10%, for any items sold by referred buyers.

To keep Mercari running smoothly and fairly, Mercari also collects and deposits a digital currency fee for certain digital currency-based transactions, and an account activation fee may be charged for certain accounts.

Is it possible to get scammed on Mercari?

Yes, it is possible to get scammed on Mercari. Scams on Mercari are becoming increasingly common and can involve fraudulent payment services, fake items, or identity theft. Payment scams typically involve someone offering to pay for an item with a payment service not supported by Mercari, such as money transfer apps.

Fake items are items that are advertised as legitimate but are counterfeit or used without the seller disclosing this information. Identity theft is when someone steals your identity details, such as your personal information, and uses it for their own selfish gain.

In order to protect yourself from these scams, it is important to be aware of the different types of scams and to always exercise caution when engaging in a transaction through Mercari. Always make sure to research the seller, read all of their terms and conditions, and double check any payment information they send you.

Additionally, make sure to always use a secure payment method, such as PayPal, and avoid sending payment or transferring funds directly to a seller’s bank account or via a business or money transfer app.

Finally, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, so be wary of any deals that sound too good to be true, and if you are ever in doubt, contact Mercari’s customer service team who can help you verify the authenticity of any payment or item.

Does Mercari refund money?

Yes, Mercari does refund money in certain circumstances. They have a money-back guarantee for items that are flawed, damaged, or not as described in the listing. If the item is returned to Mercari within three days of delivery, they will issue a full refund.

If the item is returned after three days, but within 14 days of delivery, they will issue a partial refund of 90% of the item’s purchase price. Items must still be unworn and in original condition in order for a money-back guarantee refund to be issued.

Mercari also offers an item protection plan for items shipped with a tracked delivery option which allows for refunds for items that are lost in transit or never delivered.

What happens if seller doesn’t respond to cancel request Mercari?

If a seller does not respond to a cancel request on Mercari, customers can reach out to the Mercari customer service team. Customers should provide as much information as possible about the item and provide screenshots of any communication with the seller when submitting their request, as this helps Mercari’s customer service team better assess the situation.

In some cases, Mercari may be able to facilitate a cancellation on behalf of the customer, such as if the seller is no longer responding. However, they may also suggest that the customer continue to attempt to contact the seller directly in order to come to some kind of resolution.

If the customer is unable to reach the seller, or if the seller is unresponsive, Mercari suggests that the customer contact their financial institution to see if they have any options. Each mercari has a time limit setting which you might want to review first before you reach out to customer service.

If the time frame has passed, Mercari may not be able to offer any help and the customer may have to accept the transaction.

Does Mercari protect buyers?

Yes, Mercari does protect buyers. Mercari offers several ways to ensure buyers are protected when shopping. First, all purchases on Mercari are covered by the Mercari Protection Program, which guarantees that buyers receive their items as described, or their money back.

Additionally, all sellers are required to provide timely, accurate information about their items, and must follow Mercari’s Standard of Quality Policy, which includes guidelines for what type of items can be listed.

Furthermore, all payments on Mercari are securely processed through a third-party payment system, so buyers’ personal information is safe and secure. In addition to these measures, Mercari also offers several other perks and offers to protect buyers, such as free item protection, quick item returns, and the Safe Offer system which allows buyers to place offers on items on confidence knowing the seller can not access their personal data.

With all these protection measures, Mercari ensures buyers have both a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Can you return an item on Mercari if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, you can return items on Mercari if they don’t fit. Mercari allows you to return items for a full refund provided that you meet the return criteria. To be eligible for a full refund, you must return an item within 30 days from delivery.

The item must be in the same condition that you received it and must also be in its original packaging. If the item is not in its original condition or packaging, you may be subject to a partial refund depending on the condition of the item.

Additionally, you must apply for a refund within 3 days of receiving the item and you are responsible for all return shipping costs.

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