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Can you change primary blog on Tumblr?

Yes, you can change the primary blog on Tumblr. To do so, access your dashboard and click the Account icon in the upper right corner. Then choose “Settings” and click on your primary blog from the dropdown menu.

Then click the Edit button, and you should be able to select a different blog and make it your primary. You can also change your primary blog quickly and easily by clicking on the blog name at the top of the dashboard.

This will take you to the “Blog Settings” page where you can select the blog you want to make your primary from the dropdown menu.

Can you move Tumblr posts to another blog?

Yes, you can move Tumblr posts to another blog. To do this, you will need to export your posts from the source blog to an external file. To export your posts, first log in to your Tumblr account, then go to the blog you want to export posts from.

On the right side of the dashboard, click the three dots and select “Settings”. Next, at the bottom of the page, click the “Export” button. This will generate an XML file with all your posts. Now log in to your target blog and click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the dashboard and click “Import”.

Follow the prompts and upload the XML file which contains all your posts. All of your posts should now be imported to your target blog.

What is the point of a secondary blog on Tumblr?

The point of having a secondary blog on Tumblr is to diversify and expand a user’s Tumblr presence. It typically serves as an alternate version of the primary blog and allows users to focus on a specific niche or topic with different content, providing an extra layer of flexibility and freedom of expression that the primary blog may not be able to accommodate.

For instance, an artist may have a primary blog that showcases their work and a secondary blog that caters to a particular style they want to explore. Having multiple blogs can also increase the likelihood of being featured by Tumblr, as well as better engaging and connecting with Tumblr followers in different ways.

Can I merge two Tumblr accounts?

Yes, you can merge two Tumblr accounts. To do this, you will first need to make sure that you meet the requirements for merging – both accounts must be over a year old and they must have the same email address associated with them.

Once you have confirmed these requirements, you will need to log into both accounts and visit the ‘Merge Accounts’ page. You will need to enter the URL of the account you want to keep and the URL of the account you want to merge.

If you are using the same email address for both accounts, click ‘Merge Accounts. ’Your accounts will then be merged, and all content from the secondary account will be added to the primary account. After the merge is complete, you will be able to access all your content from the primary account.

How do you copy Tumblr posts?

Copying Tumblr posts requires a few simple steps. First, navigate to the Tumblr post you want to copy. Next, click on the ‘Share’ button located at the bottom of the post and select ‘Copy Link’. This will copy the URL of the post and you will be able to paste that URL anywhere you need to.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Tumblr post you want to copy and select ‘copy link address’. Lastly, paste that copied URL anywhere you need to and you have successfully copied a Tumblr post.

Be sure to properly credit the post to the original author.

How do I import a blog on Tumblr?

Importing a blog on Tumblr is simple and quick. To get started you’ll need the “Export” option from the blog you want to import. After accessing the “Export” option, click the “Download Project” button – which will generate the blog in an XML file.

Once you’ve downloaded the XML file, you’ll need to go your new Tumblr blog’s “Settings” and select “Import” found in the right-hand side menu. Select “Choose File” and select the XML file you’ve just created.

When this is done, select “Import” and the blog will automatically populate itself onto the new blog. It’s quite simple and fast, but if you’re still unsure of how to complete the process, Tumblr offers various tutorials and tips to ensure a successful import.

Good luck with importing your blog and happy posting!

How long does it take to export Tumblr blog?

Exporting your Tumblr blog can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of your blog. Tumblr gives you a few options for exporting your blog. You can either export all your posts, or a selection of posts, as a. zip file.

This. zip file contains a. JSON file with all your blog information, and any media from those posts such as images and videos. The larger and more complex the blog, the longer it will take to export.

If there are more than a few hundred posts, it can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours for the download and export to complete, depending on the connection speed.

How many primary blogs can you have on Tumblr?

You can have as many blogs as you like, provided that you have enough time and resources to maintain them. Your blogs can be public or private, and you can even have multiple access levels for different groups of people.

You can also switch the blog visibility setting from public to private whenever you want, depending on your preferences. However, it is important to note that most Tumblr users tend to have one primary blog, with a few additional side blogs as needed.

How do you switch accounts on Tumblr?

Switching accounts on Tumblr is relatively simple. First, make sure that you are logged out of all accounts by visiting the log out page. Then, navigate to the main page of the Tumblr website, and select the login button in the upper right-hand corner.

At this point, you can enter the new account information or choose the “Sign Up” button to quickly create a new account. Once you’ve entered the account information, Tumblr will direct you to your dashboard.

Here, you can customize your account and begin exploring the platform. Keep in mind, though, that you must log out of your account before switching to a new one.

Can my followers see other blogs I have on Tumblr?

Yes, if you have multiple blogs on Tumblr, then your followers can see all of them. From the dashboard, go to your settings and click on the “Blogs” tab. You can add, edit, and delete any of your Tumblr blogs that are connected to your account.

After linking them, all of your followers can see them when they click on your username. Additionally, when you make posts on any of your blogs, all of the posts will appear in your followers’ main dashboard feed.

How can I delete all my Tumblr posts at once?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete all your Tumblr posts at once. However, you can delete them one at a time by visiting your post history page and selecting each post one by one. To do this, log in to your account, click on the avatar icon at the top of the page, and select “Activity” from the drop-down menu.

Here you can scroll through your blog posts and select the Delete option from the more menu (three vertical dots) associated with each post to delete it.

Alternatively, if you are using a desktop browser, you can also delete posts from your dashboard by selecting the “posts” section at the left side of the screen. Here, you can select up to 50 posts at a time by ticking the checkbox beside each post and clicking the “delete” button at the top of the page.

If you are comfortable doing so, you can also delete posts in bulk from the Tumblr API. However, this requires knowledge of a coding language such as Python and is not recommended for inexperienced users.

If you still want to pursue this option, you can find more information on the Tumblr API here: https://www. tumblr. com/docs/en/api_reference.

Can you hide old Tumblr posts?

Yes, it is possible to hide old Tumblr posts; however, there is no direct way to do this within the Tumblr platform itself. Instead, you must use the Archive feature to hide a post from public view or restrict its visibility.

To use the Archive feature, simply log in to your Tumblr account and click the post you’d like to hide. From the post page, click the icon in the upper-right corner and select the Archive option. This will hide the post from public view and move it to the Archive tab on the main dashboard.

You can also restrict who can view a post by clicking the “Make this post private” option at the bottom of the post. This option restricts the visibility to only people you have approved to follow your account.

If you wish to make a post visible again at any time, simply re-select the post from the Archive tab and click “Unarchive”.

Does deleting Tumblr account delete posts?

Yes, deleting your Tumblr account will delete your posts. When you delete your Tumblr account, your blog and all of its content is permanently deleted from Tumblr’s servers. This includes posts, reblogs, messages, and activity.

However, other users’ reblogs that featured your content may still be visible depending on their own settings. Additionally, any content you have submitted to multiple other services may remain posted on those sites.

It is a good idea to save copies of your posts and/or back them up prior to deleting your account.