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Can you control a split tongue separately?

No, you cannot control a split tongue separately. In some cases, a split tongue can be contracted more on one side than the other, but you cannot separate the two sides completely and control them independently.

Many people believe that a split tongue provides them with the ability to control each side separately, but that is a misconception. Split tongues have been practiced for centuries in various cultures for ceremonial, cosmetic, and spiritual purposes, but some studies suggest that the procedure does not provide any functional benefits.

Can you talk properly with a split tongue?

Yes, it is possible to talk properly with a split tongue. While speaking and articulating words may be slightly different with a split tongue, it is still possible to communicate and be understood. And the level of difficulty in communicating with a split tongue depends on the individual and the depth of the split.

People who have a split tongue often have to learn how to use their tongue muscles differently in order to speak more clearly with their altered anatomy. There is a lack of research on the vocal capabilities of those with a split tongue, and the overall ability to communicate with clarity may differ greatly between individuals.

People with a split tongue should visit a speech-language pathologist to determine the best course of action for addressing any speech-related issues that may arise. With some practice, it is possible to learn how to use the split tongue effectively for proper speech, and consulting with a professional is the first step to improving communication.