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Can you dye grey hair blonde?

Yes, you can dye grey hair blonde. Depending on the condition of the hair, achieving your desired blonde hair color might take quite a bit of effort. The key factor is that in order to successfully dye grey hair blonde, you will need to do more than simply apply a standard box dye.

If your gray hair is mostly unaffected by chemical treatments, it is likely that the gray hair is resistant to the dye. This means that in order to achieve your desired color, you’ll need to use a product specifically designed to dye resistant grey hair blonde.

In addition to using the proper dye, it is recommended that prior to dyeing your hair, you get it bleached and toned in order to prepare it. This will greatly reduce any potential damage caused by dyeing the hair.

Finally, it’s also important to consider the health of your hair before diving into a hair coloring process. If your hair is damaged, dyed, or overly porous, it could be difficult to achieve the desired shade of blond.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get a professional haircut and conditioning treatment before dyeing your hair blonde.

What colour blonde can I put on grey hair?

When it comes to coloring grey hair to blonde, it is important to choose a shade that is flattering to you and a shade that won’t further damage your already fragile, grey hair. Grey hair tends to be more porous than other hair types and is more prone to breakage, so dyeing it can be tricky.

That being said, achieving a beautiful blonde shade on grey hair is possible if you take the right steps.

The best color for grey hair is one that is two shades lighter than its natural color, as this will reduce the risk of further breakage. Depending on your skin tone, opting for a golden blond or an ash blond could be the best choice.

To achieve the color, you’ll need to invest in a good quality haircolor product that is specifically formulated for grey hair. This will help to nourish the hair and coat it in color that won’t look flat.

The haircolor should contain items such as keratin, amino acids, and other nourishing oils.

Before dyeing your hair, make sure to carry out a skin test 48 hours prior and ensure to follow the instructions as recommended. If you find that you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, it’s a good idea to visit a salon and to have a conversation with your professional stylist.

They will be able to assess your hair and advise you on the right shade of blonde to go for.

Good luck with your new look!

How can I go from grey to blonde?

If you are wanting to go from grey to blonde, the process can be tricky and time consuming. Depending on how dark the natural grey is, you may need to bleach the hair multiple times to achieve the desired shade.

It is important to seek the assistance of a professional stylist to ensure the health of your hair.

The stylist may first need to lighten your hair to its lightest level before applying a toner. It is important to be mindful that bleaching your hair can lead to damage, so it is essential to use a quality, professional hair care system to help reinforce and preserve the hair’s structure.

This would include a hair mask to restore nutrients after bleaching, a protein spray to strengthen the hair and prevent damage, and a leave-in treatment containing heat protective ingredients.

Your stylist may also suggest a shimmering color treatment that can help brighten and highlight the blonde shade. If your grey hair has a slight yellowish hue, it is important to use a violet shampoo to balance and neutralize the tones of the hair.

This can prevent a brassy look and help keep your blonde shade looking vibrant and healthy.

Can grey hair be bleached blonde?

Yes, grey hair can be bleached blonde. Bleaching is a process that lightens and removes color from the hair. It’s done by using a lightening agent, either in the form of a cream or powder, and typically involves applying the agent onto the dark strands.

The agent stays on the hair for several minutes and removes the natural pigmentation. After rinsing it out, the hair is left a lighter blonde color. Styling after bleaching is also important, as this will help restore the strands to their natural texture and form.

Depending on the desired color, you may need to tone or tint the hair to get the desired look. However, keep in mind that bleaching grey hair is often more difficult than bleaching brown or blonde hair, as the strands are already very light in color and may be hard to tone.

It’s always recommended to have a professional take care of the process in order to ensure great results.