Can you extend existing cabinets to ceiling?

You can add extra storage space and drama to your kitchen by extending existing cabinets to the ceiling. Adding additional height also eliminates wasted space and gives your kitchen a streamlined look. To extend existing cabinets to the ceiling, you can start by cutting a 3/4-inch plywood board to the desired length and width. Use scrap wood as inner supports for the end caps. Nail the bottom piece of wood into the top of the cabinets. Attach a block of wood at the ceiling to a wall stud.

If you have tall ceilings, you might need to install battens to support the tops of your new cabinets. While crown moulding is decorative, it takes up a lot of space. Extending cabinets to the ceiling may be difficult because of its added cost. Tall ceilings might require you to install battens to prevent solid wood doors from warping or twisting. Also, beware of ceiling beams. These can interfere with tall cabinets because they serve a supportive and decorative purpose. Therefore, it is important to build your new cabinets below the ceiling beams.

In addition to installing the plywood blocks, you can also extend your existing cabinets to the ceiling by bumping out the wall above the cabinets. This will make the space look bigger and reduce the gap between the existing cabinets and the ceiling. Besides, adding additional storage space will make your kitchen look larger. This method requires a little bit of planning and preparation. However, it is well worth the effort. You may want to consider hiring a contractor to complete the project.

How do I raise my cabinets to the ceiling?

You can raise your cabinets to the ceiling by adding cleats to the top of the cabinets and attaching them to the ceiling joists. You will need to add supports to the cabinets to keep them from tipping over.

What do you do if your cabinets don’t go to the ceiling?

If your cabinets don’t go to the ceiling, you may want to consider adding some decorative molding or trim to fill in the space.

How do you fill the gap between cabinets and ceilings?

One way to fill the gap between cabinets and ceilings is to use caulk. Caulk is a type of sealant that can be used to fill in gaps and cracks. It is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that closely matches the color of your cabinets.

How do you close a gap above kitchen cabinets?

There are several ways to close a gap above kitchen cabinets, including using trim or molding, installing a decorative shelf or using a tension rod.

Should cabinets be flush with ceiling?

Typically, kitchen cabinets are not flush with the ceiling. The cabinet door opening should be about 1/4-inch lower than the ceiling so the door can clear the trim when it opens.

What can you do on top of kitchen cupboards?

On top of kitchen cupboards, you can store plates, bowls, glasses, and other dishware. You can also put decoration items on top of the cupboards.

How do you hang cabinets without studs?

You can use metal drywall anchors, also called “self-drilling anchors,” to support cabinets. The anchors screw directly into drywall, so you don’t need studs or joists behind the wall.

Can I mount a cabinet on drywall?

You can mount a cabinet on drywall but you will need to use wall screws that are long enough to secure the cabinet to the wall studs.

How much weight can cabinet screws hold?

Cabinet screws can vary in strength, but most can hold around 80-100 pounds.

How much weight can you hang on drywall?

A single drywall screws can hold up to 4 pounds. However, it is not recommended because the drywall may crumble and break.

Can I hang cabinets on plywood?

Plywood used for cabinets must meet kitchen cabinet standards. The plywood should be smooth, free of large knots and voids. Some of the better plywood is marine-grade. Depending on the wall, you may be able to screw the cabinets to the plywood, or you may need to nail strips of wood to which you can screw the cabinets.

What is the most expensive plywood?

1. Multiply plywood

Sixth-grade plywood: is composed of an odd number of thin sheets of wood, usually three, five or seven. Price: The price is about $70 for a 4-by-8-foot sheet.

How much does three quarter inch plywood weigh?


How can I make my upper cabinets taller?

You can make your upper cabinets taller by adding risers or shims to the bottom of the cabinets. This will raise the cabinets up and make them taller.

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