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Can You Freeze Almond Milk?Right Way to Freeze

Have you bought an almond milk carton, opened some, and you are failing to understand what to do with the remaining? Will it go bad? Yes, of course, it will spoil. So, can you freeze almond milk to extend its lifespan? Let’s read to see if it is possible.

Almond Milk Nutrition Table 

Almond milk contains the ingredients below in 240 ml or one cup.

calories 39
Proteins 1 g
Fats 3 g
Carbs 3.5 g
Fiber 0.5 g
Potassium 4 % of the DV
Calcium 24 % of the DV
Vitamin D 18 % of the DV
Vitamin E 110 % of the DV

Should you Freeze Almond Milk?

Should you Freeze Almond Milk

Most producers do not recommend you freeze almond milk. The best thing is that they usually sell it in well-sealed packs and can last several months if you do not open them. So, it can stay in this form until it reaches its best by date.

Another reason that you should not freeze almond milk is because of the changes it goes through once frozen. Its color, texture, flavor, and consistency change.

However, for various reasons, you may opt to freeze the almond milk. Of course, one is that you want to extend its life. The other reason could be that you opened it and were unable to finish it from the container. So what do you do? No throwing away your almond milk. Just freeze it.

How to Freeze Almond Milk

How to Freeze Almond Milk

Being a lover of smoothies, I believe you enjoy it when frozen. Hence, you will always opt to freeze almond milk and enjoy its cold state since it makes it tastier and creamier. You can freeze it using various ways, including using containers or ice cube trays. Let us see how to use each.

Method 1: Using ice cube tray

Clean your selected ice cube trays. Pour your almond milk into the tray. Ensure that you leave some space for the almond milk to expand when it freezes.

Wrap your almond-filled tray with a cling film if you fear stuff entering your precious milk or spillage. Put it into the freezer. Leave them there until frozen. It may take around three or four hours.

Final freeze

Remove the frozen almond milk cubes, then pack them in a freezing bag. Ensure you label each bag with dates. If you fear that you will confuse them with other items in the freezer, you can add names too.

Method 2: Freeze in containers

Freezing your almond milk in a container is not different from using cubes. Containers can only save space and be a better option when you freeze the product in larger quantities.

Put your almond milk in an airtight container. Remember, the milk will expand while in the freezer. Ensure you leave some space before installing the cap on the container.

Freezing Tips

Everyone that loves frozen almond milk will always wish to have the best freezing results. Below are some tips to carry you through as you freeze your tasty food.

1. Consider how you will use it after thawing it.

As you know, freezing almond milk once you thaw it is not something you would wish to do. So, it will be wise to know how much milk you would like to use once you thaw it. Hence, you will know the portions to divide. So, you will save and try as much as possible to avoid wasting food.

2. Give it a whizz after thawing.

Almond milk is not the best product to freeze because of how it behaves once you thaw it. It separates so much, and even blending may not do so much to bring the pieces back together. However, it will be better than how it could have been without blending it.

3. Do not take it as it is

You may not love the almond milk just on its own. Adding it to a recipe can do good if you want to enjoy it. You can opt for a smoothie if you love them.

How Long Does Almond Milk Last In The Freezer?

How Long Does Almond Milk Last In The Freezer

There will not be any problem freezing your almond milk if you think you cannot use the whole of it. Like most items we freeze, your almond milk can stay in the freezer for up to six months.

However, we recommend that you not use the product after three months of being in the freezer. That way, the milk might have gone bad without your knowledge. Hence, you may end up suffering from stomach upset, diarrhea, etc.

What Changes When You Freeze Almond Milk?

What Changes When You Freeze Almond Milk

When you put your almond milk in the freezer, it no longer remains the same. It goes through various changes, including:

Change in color

Almond milk contains fat which is heavy than the water content in this milk. So, when freezing it, the fats go to the bottom of the container. So, the water and other light components freeze before the fats.

As the fats still gather together at the bottom, they change color to a bit yellow. However, you may not easily recognize the change when you blend it later.

Change in texture

As the contents in the almond milk part, as others deposit at the bottom, the texture changes. You will notice that when you thaw it. If it is your first time thawing almond milk, you may think that it has gone bad. However, it is just its nature to behave this way.

Before using it in your recipe, it would be best to blend it or stir it to make the contents come together. When you blend it, it foams at the top.

If your almond milk is from the stores, it may contain emulsifiers that can bring the components together after thawing the milk.

If yours is homemade, you can buy an emulsifier such as lecithin and add it inside.

Change in flavor

After freezing almond milk, the flavor will not be the same as the fresh one. Since the contents separate, you will feel it taste hollow when you drink it before stirring or blending it.

Once you thaw the almond milk, stir it well, then store it in the freezer. Ensure you use it within three to five days. Anytime you remove it from the freezer and thaw it, you may still need to shake it or blend it before use, even after adding an emulsifier.

How to Defrost Almond Milk

How to Defrost Almond Milk

If you freeze your almond milk and are ready to use it, you will need to defrost it. Below are several techniques you can use to thaw it.

Method #1: Thaw in the fridge

The fridge is always the safest place to thaw anything you would wish to use on your recipe. So, remove your frozen almond milk from the freezer; just a portion you would want to use and insert it into the fridge direct.

Remember, you are not supposed to leave the milk outside because it will attract bacteria. Leaving it in the freezer throughout the night is the best way to thaw it. Once you wake up in the morning, you will find it ready for use.

Remember, if your container is a bit large, it may take longer to thaw. So, you can leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours or more if you are not in a hurry.

Method #2: Thaw in water

Compared to air, water conducts heat better. So, to speed up the thawing process, if you are in a hurry, use water. Dip your container or freezing bag into a bowl of water. Leave it there for up to three or four hours.

Even if you want it to thaw faster, you should not go for warm water since it is never safe for thawing your food. Use lukewarm or cold water for safety and efficiency.

Method #3: Thaw while cooking

If your recipe includes adding almond milk, you can add it while the food you are cooking is on the stove. So, while the food is cooking, the frozen almond milk will also be thawing.

You only need to ensure that you stir it thoroughly to give it a good mix.

If you choose any of the first two methods to thaw your almond milk, ensure you blend it before use. We do not wish you to lose your appetite after spending time thawing your long waited almond milk.

If you are adding it directly to a cooking recipe, stir it well. Hence, you will enjoy every bit of this milk.

Where to Use Thawed Almond Milk

Where to Use Thawed Almond Milk

Could you be thinking about a recipe but cannot see the one to include your frozen almond milk. We have provided you with some ways you can use your almond milk. However, let this list not limit you.

Use it in shakes and smoothies: Frozen almond milk ice cubes will not only make your smoothie or shake tasty but will give it a creamier texture. So, if you love almond milk, give yourself a cold treat by adding it to your smoothie.

Coffee whitener: Are you tired of taking a black coffee? Add some almond milk to brighten it. Only ensure that you blend it first.

Baking: Add almond milk to your baking recipes. It will not disappoint you.

Add into cooked dishes: Do you feel like it would be yummy if you added some almond milk to your cooked dishes? Kindly go on and make that delicious dish for your hearty friend.

Drink it: You can also drink this lactose-free milk plain. Once you thaw it, you will need to blend it until the separated parts gather again. You will not spend more than 30 seconds mixing it. So, if you are a fan of this plain nutritious drink, go on drink it and enjoy all benefits available therein.

However, thawed and blended almond milk will never taste the same as when it is fresh.


Can I freeze almond milk yogurt

You can freeze almond milk yogurt. However, you may not like it once you thaw it. If you decide to freeze it, you may use it in baking, smoothies, cooking, or add in any other recipe that the damaged texture will not be noticeable.

Can I freeze the almond milk that I bought in cartons?

Yes, please. Let nothing stop you from freezing it. It is the best way even to store it. You may see the box bulging. However, do not worry since oxygen enters inside as the temperature drops, causing it to swell.

Can I freeze almond milk for my ice cream?

Once you freeze almond milk, you will need to blend it after thawing it, as we have said above. Then, you can use it for your ice cream. The best thing about this ice cream from almond milk is that it does not show much texture, consistency, flavor, and color changes.

The ice cream contains other ingredients that emulsify the products in the ice cream. Hence, you can perfectly freeze your almond milk for yogurt.

Can I freeze almond milk for smoothies?

Yes. If you plan to have some almond milk smoothies, you can make them in various ways. Apart from using fresh almond milk, you can also use frozen and thawed almond milk.

You only need to ensure that you stir it well before you add it into your blender. Hence you will get a good combination of both liquids and solids in your smoothie.

Besides, you can also add some almond milk cubes (if you froze them in cubes) into your blender of smoothies.

Final Thoughts on Can you Freeze Almond Milk?

Even though almond milk is quite tricky to try freezing, there is no harm when you freeze. So long as you thaw it and give it a good stir, you will appreciate its good flavor once it regains back its texture.

Can you freeze almond milk? So, feel free to freeze your almond milk and enjoy it at your convenient time or day just like freezing sour cream.