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Can You Freeze Feta Cheese: How to Freeze and How Long Last Tips for You

Cheese is yummy and one of the healthiest treats you can give yourself. What if you had so much longed for it then thought of picking a pack from the stores.

Since you were in so much hurry to add it to that delicious bite, you realized later that you took too much then you could finish. Of course, you will think of keeping it for later use. But can you freeze feta cheese? Get some notes below.


Our favorite feta cheese recipe

Our favorite feta cheese recipe

Feta cheese may not be the main meal on your menu. What if you use it along with other ingredients to make a spicy meal, cheesecake? Try out our favorite feta cheese recipe.

What you need:

  • Lavash bread, 2 pieces.
  • Olive oil, ¼ cup.
  • Lemon juice, ¼ cup
  • I clove garlic, minced
  • Cucumber, sliced.
  • 3 onions
  • 5 radishes
  • Mint leaves, 1 cup.
  • Feta, ½ cup.


1. The bread

Heat the oven to 3600 F. Apply olive oil on both sides of your lavash bread. Arrange your bread on a baking sheet, then sprinkle some salt on it. Put the bread in the oven and let it bake until it turns golden brown. Remove from the oven after around 10 minutes, and let it cool.

2. Dressing

Combine garlic, lemon juice, and the remaining oil, then whisk them together in a bowl.

3. The meal

Combine cucumbers, onions, radishes, mint, and drill in another bowl, then add the dressing and stir. Break the bread into small sizes. Add the bread and the feta into your bowl. Add the remaining dressing to this mix, then stir with your hands.

Add some salt to taste. Serve your delicious feta Spring Fattoush salad.

If you love this recipe, you can also search for more ways to use feta cheese in your meal.

What does feta cheese taste like?

What does feta cheese taste like

Feta’s taste is tangy hence very refreshing; t is also very rich with some salty flavor. It becomes harder and more peppery as it ages.

Some feta cheeses are made from sheep’s milk. They often have a more butter flavor. Those made from goat milk have a mild flavor, and they are quite hard. To preserve it, you can bring the cheese. However, it will still have a fresh taste.

How to freeze feta cheese

How to freeze feta cheese

Even though most people do not recommend freezing feta cheese since it changes the flavor, it is still possible to freeze it.

It is quite easy to freeze feta cheese. You do not need an hour or minutes to do this simple process. The way you freeze feta blocks is quite different from how you will freeze crumbled feta.

How do you freeze feta cheese crumbles?

  1. Divide the cheese into different portions if it is too big.
  2. Package the potions into a plastic container. You can use the container that you bought your crumbled feta in. It is always a perfect fit. If the portions are several, transfer the others into other freezer bags. If you think you will not use them soon, put them in another freezer bag for more protection.
  3. Date: Use a marker pen to write dates on each pack.
  4. Store or stick the bags into your freezer.

Freezing feta cheese blocks

You may not be sure about how to use feta as a whole. The best way to freeze them is in cubes. Hence, you will thaw what you need instead of the entire pack. Here is how you can freeze the blocks.

1. Filter the brine:

If you had not opened the block, open it, then remove the brine. Use a paper towel to pat the block but do not remove all the water.

2. Cut into portions:

Cut the portions into sizes that will be enough for a single dish. You can also cut them into cubes. So, you will only pick one or two and thaw them when you wish to use them.

3. Pre-freeze the feta:

Line your cookie sheet with silicone or any other material that will prevent the feta from sticking. If you had frozen the whole feta, you can skip this step. Transfer the feta cubes to the sheet.

Distance them a bit so that they will not touch each other as they freeze. Please put them in the freezer for around four hours or until they freeze solid.

4. The freezer bag:

I hope that your slices are not stuck against each other or in the freezer. So, you can now take the solid feta and arrange them in a single bag. Label the feta if you wish. If you will use a plastic bag, ensure you remove excess air before packing the feta inside and sealing them.

5. Freeze

Put the bag or container into your freezer. Now your feta can stay there for some days.

How does freeze affect feta cheese?

Most cheese test best in their cold state. However, feta is a bit different since its taste and flavor tend to change when you freeze it. But does it change to the extent that you cannot use it? You should understand if so to know if you should buy too much of it or just a little.


Feta’s flavor is tangy, mild, and rich. When you freeze it, its flavor becomes less intense and richer; it also retains too much water. However, if you only keep it in a fridge, it does not hold this much water. Instead, it only becomes moister, less salty and tastes better.

So, if your feta is original from Greece, you can avoid freezing it. Only keep it in your refrigerator. But only do so if you will use it in the next few days. If you wish it to stay longer, freeze it.


When you freeze feta cheese, it becomes more crumbly. Once you thaw it, it is still crumbly but not as when it was solid.

Freezing dries the feta cheese, so it loses almost 50% of the water. The water turns into ice crystals during freezing hence becomes more crumbly.

How long does feta cheese last in the Freezer/fridge?

Feta cheese is a dairy product. Hence it is not meant to last long. Once you buy the cheese, you will always see its expiry date. You can only use the cheese a week after this date if it is still in brine.

If the feta cheese is not in the brine, it goes bad a week after you open it. If your feta is the best quality, it should last for up to a month if you store it in a fridge. You can also apply some olive oil to the feta cheese if you want it to stay even for up to a month.

The freezer is the best option if you want the feta to stay for more than a month. And if it is the best quality, it can go for up to three months in the freezer.

Note that the way you prepare and package the feta will also determine how long it will last.

Does feta cheese go bad?

Does Feta Cheese Go Bad

Feta cheese can go bad. The three months it can stay is only an approximation. So, you should not rely on it o much. If you think the feta cheese is not worth any use, please throw it away.

Signs That Feta Cheese Has Gone Bad

Check out these signs for spoilt feta cheese.


If its smell has turned slimy, pungent, and funny, the cheese has gone bad.

White spots

The feta cheese color is white. But if you see spots that are whiter than the cheese, please do not use it. It is spoilt and can cause harm to your stomach harm. You can confirm if it is indeed bad by smelling it.

Grey color

You may store the feta cheese in oil to preserve it. However, if the cheese’s day to spoil has reached, it will still go bad. You will often see a grey color on its top. Kindly do not use it in any way since it is not good for human use.


Once you freeze your feta cheese, it becomes crumbly. If you touch it, but the texture is funny, consider throwing it away.


You may not have seen the above signs on your cheese. But when you taste it, its flavor is unusual, moldy or sour, spit it from your mouth. It will cause a stomach issue. You do not deserve such a mess.

Listeria is a bacteria that contaminates feta cheese if you do not follow the proper guidelines when storing it. The bacteria can cause death, so if you notice any unusual signs with your cheese, please do not do anything with it. It is worth the dustbin. Not even your dog should reach it.

Freezing feta cheese tips

As we have seen, feta cheese taste and flavor change when you freeze or defrost it. Your desire is to have the best or retain the taste even after this cheese goes through this change. How can you do it?  See the tips below.

1. A vacuum sealer

When you use a plastic bag to store your cheese, you should ensure it has no air inside. This task can be quite tiresome to do. If you have a vacuum sealer, your task will not be as hard since it removes excess air from your freezing bag.

If your cheeses are exposed to too much air, you will have difficulty separating them.

2. Use brine

A brine improves feta cheese taste. However, it always depends on whether you love it with or with no salt. If you like its authentic taste, brine can be very handy.

When you buy the feta cheese in stores, you will also find it in a saline solution or brine. If you do not have the solution, you can also make it. Add two teaspoons of kosher salt to two cups of water.

3. Olive oil

If adding brine makes the cheese too salty such that you do not like it that way, olive oil can be the best option. This virgin oil will give the cheese a pungent taste. And if you wish it to have more flavors, add some dry herbs.

4. Submerge the cheese in water

Some feta cheeses are very salty and will still be even after freezing them. If you do not want them to be very salty, dip in water to balance the taste. You can also use milk to balance the salt. Besides, it makes the cheese creamier.

How to defrost feta cheese?

How To Defrost Feta Cheese

Did you know that you are not supposed to thaw your feta cheese at room temperature? So, if you thought you could just put it on your counter to continue doing some other chores, you got it wrong.

Transfer your feta cheese to your fridge from the freezer some 3 hours before using it on your recipe. The time your cheese will thaw will depend on its size. A big cheese can take up to 12 hours.

The best way to thaw it is to leave the cheese in the refrigerator the whole night. If you want it quick, dip it in a bowl of cold water. Your cheese will thaw within one or two hours.

How to store feta cheese?

How to store feta cheese

It is feta cheese nature to dry quickly when stored in a freezer.  If you want it to stay moister for more than a week, mix salt and water, then dip it inside. Now you can keep it in the fridge.

Freezing feta cheese FAQs

Can you freeze feta cheese dip?

Yes, you can. Just pour it into a container, then cover it with plastic wrap; this will prevent the formation of dry crust. Cover it with an airtight lid, and you will be good to freeze it.

Can you freeze cooked feta cheese?

Yes. The rules for freezing these dishes are the same as for freezing fresh feta cheese. Wrap it in plastic paper, then store it in a plastic bag before freezing.


If you bought feta cheese and found that you did not need that much, can you freeze feta cheese in the fridge? You should not be worried. Freeze it and use it next month in your next feta cheese recipe.