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Can You Freeze Yogurt? Best Ways to Keep Yogurt Fresh

So, you bought your yogurt, scooped some of it, and felt like you could not finish it. It is so sweet, and you cannot throw it away. Of course, you would wish to preserve it to enjoy it any other day when you have an appetite for it.

The best place to keep it is in your freezer since you do not know when you will wish to have it again, but can you freeze yogurt? Cruise below to see some thoughts.

Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt Recipe

It is always good and wise to know the contents of the food you take. Below is the yogurt recipe to help you know the kind of ingredients it contains. The table shows the amounts of ingredients in a 245 g yogurt.

Energy 620 kJ
Carbs 12g
Fat 8.5g
Cholesterol 32mg
Calcium 296 mg
Protein 9 g
Phosphorus 233 mg
Sodium 113 mg
Vitamin A 243 IU
Vitamin C 1.2 mg
Vitamin D
Vitamin E 0.1 mg
Vitamin B6 0.9 mg
Potassium 380 mg
Riboflavin 0.3 mg
Niacin 0.2 mg
Thiamine 0.1 mg
Folate 17.2 mg
Choline 37.2 mg
Water 215 mg
Ash 1.8 mg

Does yogurt go bad?

Does yogurt go bad

Yogurt can go bad. If you are sure it has gone bad, you may need to throw it away. But how can you know that the yogurt is not worth your stomach? Let us look at some signs that will tell you, ‘’please do not take this drink.’’

1. The expiry date

You may ask, do manufacturers put the exact best-by date on items such as yogurt? Well, the date may be actual or not. Actually, it is just an estimate. However, you should not ignore it because it might be a correct estimate to tell you that you can only exceed the usage for one or two days after this date.

Besides, it is possible that the yogurt could have gone bad even before the date on the batch. Why? There might have been a problem with manufacturing, or you took a batch that had a wrong best-before date.

But anyway, since we may not rely so much on these dates, let us look at some other signs to check.

2. The smell

I hope your nose knows what a foul smell is. When yogurt goes bad, its smell is often so bad, like that of spoilt milk. However, if it is just beginning to go bad and still edible, the smell is not as strong.

You will only realize that you cannot eat it when you open it, and you feel that the smell is too strong that it is making the whole room stuffy. Then, you can dispose of it.

3. Texture

Whirl the yogurt, and you will often know if it is okay or not through its consistency.  If its texture is lumpy, looking like cottage cheese, kindly throw it away because it is spoilt. You will also notice water liquid oozing on its surface.

A fresh and good yogurt should have a creamy and smooth consistency. If not, you may not need to take chances with it.

4. Color

If you see any color on the yogurt that is not meant to be there, your yogurt has gone bad. You will often notice the surface liquid being turbid, brown, or somehow yellow. You can also see white or black molds on the surface. Please do not be tempted to remove the molds and eat the rest better parts.

These discolored parts are only to show you that you should chuck out the yogurt. Even though the other parts may look good, it is only because you cannot see the bacteria with your bear eyes.

How long does yogurt last?

How Long Does Yogurt Last

Yogurts are different and each has its own expiry time. All kinds of yogurt can last up to a week in a fridge if opened and two months if you keep them in a freezer.

If you do not open the yogurt, it can also last a week in the fridge. Keeping it in the freezer can last up to two months.

Anytime you purchase yogurt or make one for yourself, you should store it in the fridge immediately once you open it. If you leave it outside for even two hours, it is a good chance for it to spoil.

However, the best place to keep it is always in the freezer. And you need to ensure that it is always in an airtight container.

Remember, spoilt yogurt can give you an upset stomach. Besides, you can get very sick if you abandon it at room temperature then consume it later.

Freezing yogurt (Pros & Cons)

Freezing yogurt

Freezing yogurt is always the best option if you have too much of it and do not know how to preserve it. Freezing has some advantages as well as disadvantages. See below some of them.


You can use it later.

The main reason for freezing your yogurt is to keep it for later use. So, the freezer is the perfect place since it plays this role so well.

Lower calories

Frozen yogurt contains lower calories, unlike regular ice cream.


Change in texture

Like cottage cheese, yogurt does not manage well in the freezer. The moisture in the yogurt turns icy when you freeze it.  So, the whey and the curd in the yogurt separate hence a change in its texture. It becomes grainy and runny, so if you have a ‘small heart’, you may not consume it.

However, you can use it in some recipes like fruited yogurt shakes, etc.

Freezer burn

When you freeze the yogurt, moisture escapes then evaporates in the freezer’s cold air. So, the moisture transfers to the top of the yogurt then form ice crystals. This layer affects the taste. If you have ever taken such, you will notice how bad that flavor is.

Does freezing yogurt kill bacteria?

Yes. The freezer is too cold, and no bacteria can survive inside. So, it is true that freezing kills bacteria, unlike when the yogurt is in the open.

Tips for freezing yogurt

If you want the best out of your frozen yogurt, it is crucial to understand some tips. See below some of them.

Tip #1: If you bought yogurt in containers, check the use-by date. Only freeze until that date. If it passes, kindly throw away the yogurt.

Tip #2: If you have made your yogurt at home, freeze it no later than two months.

Tip #3Once you thaw your yogurt, ensure you do not refreeze it.

Tip #4: If you thaw the yogurt, do not leave it at room temperature for more than two hours. If so, you should consider throwing it away. It has collected bacteria, and if you consume it, it will cause a disaster in your stomach.

How to freeze yogurt?

How to freeze yogurt

You can use various methods to freeze yogurt. What matters is how you will use the yogurt after thawing it.

Method 1: freeze it in its package

If you purchased the yogurt in its package, you can keep it directly in the fridge. If you purchased it in a big container that cannot fit your freezer, you can divide it into small portions in different containers then keep them in the freezer.

This method is the best since you can get a single container, thaw it and use it without any remaining in the container.

Method 2. Freeze in tubes

Having kids that love yogurts should make you creative. Please make your own yogurt and freeze them in tubes. These tubes cannot affect the yogurt’s texture. So your kids will enjoy the treat with fewer chemicals and sugars.

Method 3: Use an ice cube tray

Are you planning to use your frozen yogurt in some smoothies?  An ice cube tray can be the best equipment to freeze the yogurt. Once they turn into solid form, you or your family can enjoy it in this state or add it to smoothies.

Use these steps to freeze your yogurt in cubes.

  1. Fill each cup in the tray with your yogurt and settle them by tapping the tray.
  2. Place the tray in your freezer, then wait until the contents become solid. It will take around three to four hours.
  3. Transfer the cubes into your freezing bags. Zip the bags, then store them for up to two months if you will not have finished them by then.

How long does yogurt last in the freezer?

No matter the container you use to freeze your yogurt, it should stay in the freezer for at most two months. After this period, the texture will change. It will also get freeze burn, and of course, you would not love it.

The good news is that you may use the yogurt past these months in some recipes, including a blueberry coffee cake. You can as well add it into oatmeal and scoop some extra proteins.

How to Defrost yogurt

How to Defrost yogurt

To be on the safe side against a bacteria infection, you will need to thaw your yogurt in the fridge. Keep it there the night before you use it.  This method ensures that your yogurt never catches any warmth that will allow bacteria to thrive and grow.

What if you forgot to keep it in the fridge a night before using it? You can defrost over the counter. However, you must ensure that the yogurt does not remain so that you freeze it again.  But if it remains, ensure that you keep it in your fridge within two hours. Do not let it not stay outside for long.

How to Use Frozen Yogurt

How to Use Frozen Yogurt

Some people do not enjoy frozen yogurt. So, how best can you make your companion enjoy this thawed yogurt? You can use it in cooked dishes. Some ways to include it in your menu are:

1. In baked products

Yogurt is creamy. This nature makes it perfect for baked goods since it makes the products fluffy and light. Besides, it increases the taste of the cake, making it more enjoyable.

2. In Doughnuts

Using yogurt on your doughnut makes it soft and fluffy. Try the non-fat Greek yogurt, and you will enjoy how healthy and fresh it will be.

3. Blueberry muffins

Trying these muffins will make you forget about buying some from your nearby store. It is healthy since when making them, you use non-fat yogurt, honey, and whole wheat flour. You can be sure no one will resist this combination.

4. Savory dishes

Try to marinate your skewered chicken in yogurt, season it with cumin and oregano, and serve it with rice. Anyone that takes this meal might ask for it every day.


Can you freeze Greek yogurt?

Yes. Greek yogurt is one of the best because of its creamy and thick nature. If you have too much of it or you took some and wish that your kid or hubby tastes it when they come back in the evening, feel free to keep it in the freezer.

Its nutritional benefit will not change. So, you can be sure that it is very safe even if it stays for two months in your freezer.

How to Store frozen yogurt

When you freeze your yogurt or anything else, you should always keep it in an airtight container. You should not allow air to go inside since it alters the texture.

can you eat expired yogurt

Yes. As we have stated, the expiry date is only an estimation. However, you should never ignore these dates. The essential thing is to check for the signs above to see if the yogurt is still fresh and edible. If you see any even before the expiry date, it would be wise to throw away the yogurt.


If someone asks you, can you freeze yogurt? Kindly do not hesitate to tell them that it is possible. No matter the change in texture, you can be sure that your yogurt is always safe in the freezer.

You only need to ensure that you do not let it stay there for more than two months. Also, check for any signs that will show you that your yogurt is not suitable for your tummy.