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Can you play Oregon Keno online?

Keno is a popular lottery-style game that originated in China over 2,000 years ago. It has since spread across the world and is now played in many countries, including the United States. In recent years, online versions of keno have become increasingly popular as technology has advanced.

Oregon has a state-run keno lottery called Oregon Keno that is operated by the Oregon Lottery. So can you play the Oregon Keno game online? Let’s take a look at the options for playing keno online in Oregon.

Is it legal to play Oregon Keno online?

Unfortunately, it is currently not legal to play the official Oregon Keno game online. The Oregon Lottery only allows Oregon Keno to be played in person at authorized retail locations within the state of Oregon. There is no official Oregon Lottery online keno game at this time.

Oregon has taken a cautious approach towards online gambling. Most forms of online gambling are prohibited under Oregon law. This includes casino games, poker, sports betting and keno. Only the state-run Oregon Lottery is authorized to offer lottery games, either in-person or online.

So playing the real Oregon Keno game online is prohibited under state law. Only retail locations like bars, restaurants and lottery retailers located within Oregon can offer legal Oregon Keno games under state gambling regulations.


  • The official Oregon Keno lottery game cannot legally be played online.
  • Oregon law prohibits most forms of online gambling, including online keno.
  • Oregon Keno can only be played in person at authorized retail locations in Oregon.

What are some alternatives for playing keno online?

While you can’t play the real Oregon Keno game online, there are some alternatives available:

1. Play keno on offshore online casinos

There are many online casinos located offshore that offer digital versions of keno. These casinos are regulated outside of the United States in jurisdictions like Costa Rica or Curacao.

Playing keno on offshore sites is technically illegal under both federal and Oregon state law. However, offshore casinos operate in a legal grey area and are rarely prosecuted for serving US customers.

Many people use these sites to play online keno legally. However, there are risks to using unregulated offshore casinos, including potential issues with security and game fairness.

2. Play free keno games online

Many online casinos offer free demo or practice versions of their real money keno games. These free keno games allow you to experience online keno without risking any money.

Free keno games function just like the real games, except you don’t have to deposit or win any actual cash. They are legal to play under both federal and Oregon state law.

Free keno can be great for learning the game and testing strategies risk-free. Major offshore casinos like BetOnline and Bovada offer free keno games alongside their real money options.

3. Play social casino keno games

Social casinos like Zynga allow you to play keno and other casino games via mobile apps or social platforms like Facebook. You play these games with virtual coins or credits instead of real money.

Social casino games are 100% legal and represent a safe way to enjoy online keno. However, you can’t win any real money prizes playing these games.


  • Offshore online casinos offer real money keno but are technically illegal.
  • Free demo keno games are legal and allow risk-free play.
  • Social casinos let you play for fun with no real money involved.

What features do online keno games have?

Online keno games have many of the same features and options you would find in a live keno game:

Card and Board Options

Most online keno games allow you to choose between different card quantities like 1 to 10 spots. This affects how many numbers you pick each round. You can also select different board sizes, like 80 numbers instead of the standard 40.

Number Selection

You can manually pick numbers on each keno card, similar to choosing numbers on a paper play slip. Many sites also have quick pick options to automatically generate random numbers.

Bet Amounts

You can choose how much to wager on each round of keno. The minimum and maximum bets depend on the individual game. Some sites let you play for free in demo mode.


Online keno games feature animated drawings that select 20 random winning numbers for that round. You can view stats on hot, cold, and overdue numbers.

Special Bets

Some keno games incorporate special betting options like Way Tickets that automatically play different number combinations each round.


You can view stats on your keno play history and numbers, similar to statistics available on in-person keno games.


  • Online keno allows choosing board size, number of spots, and bet amount.
  • Games feature digital drawings and statistics like live keno.
  • Special bets and quick pick numbers add variety.

Are there any strategies for winning at online keno?

Keno is primarily a game of chance, so there are no foolproof strategies to significantly improve your odds. However, there are some tips that may boost your payouts to a small degree:

Stick to Smaller Quantity Cards

Playing keno cards with fewer numbers, like a 3-spot or 5-spot, generally offers better odds than playing large 10-spot cards. Your odds of hitting all your numbers improves with fewer spots marked.

Avoid Consecutive Numbers

Picking consecutive numbers in a sequence, like 1-2-3-4, is unlikely to result in multiple hits. Choosing random non-consecutive numbers can improve your chances slightly.

Play Lower Jackpot Bets

Cards with smaller potential payouts hit more frequently over the long run. For example, a 4-spot card will pay out more often than a 10-spot card over many rounds of play.

Review Past Drawings

Studying past winning number combinations can reveal trends in digits that get selected more often. Focusing on those hot numbers may help you win more frequent small payouts.

Use a Consistent Pattern

Sticking with the same number picks using a repeatable pattern or strategy may reveal numbers that perform better over time through experience.


  • Play smaller cards with fewer number spots.
  • Avoid consecutive numbers.
  • Focus on lower jackpot bets.
  • Review past drawings for number trends.
  • Use a consistent picking strategy.

What are the payouts and odds of winning in online keno?

Payouts and odds in online keno games generally mirror those in live casino keno. Here are the typical payouts and probabilities:


Spots Matched 1 Spot 2 Spots 3 Spots 4 Spots 5 Spots 6 Spots 7 Spots 8 Spots 9 Spots 10 Spots
Payout 1 to 1 2 to 1 12 to 1 75 to 1 300 to 1 1200 to 1 3000 to 1 5000 to 1 20000 to 1 100000 to 1


Spots Marked Odds of Hitting All
1 Spot 4%
2 Spots 8%
3 Spots 13%
4 Spots 19%
5 Spots 26%
6 Spots 33%
7 Spots 41%
8 Spots 49%
9 Spots 58%
10 Spots 69%


  • Payouts range from 1 to 1 up to 100,000 to 1 depending on spots matched.
  • Odds of hitting all spots range from 4% for 1 number up to 69% for 10 numbers.
  • More matched spots result in higher payouts but lower odds.

Are there any tips for managing your bankroll with online keno?

Since keno is based on chance, managing your bankroll and avoiding big losses comes down to discipline. Here are some tips for controlling your spending:

Set a Strict Gambling Budget

Determine how much you can afford to lose gambling per month. Never go over this keno budget as losses can quickly snowball.

Divide Bankroll Into Sessions

Break your total budget down into individual playing sessions. For example, you might allocate $50 for Sunday morning keno. When your $50 is gone, stop playing.

Use Smaller Bets

Making large bets increases risk of quick losses. Bet the table minimum when possible to make your bankroll last longer.

Avoid Chasing Losses

Don’t try to immediately recoup losses by betting bigger. This reckless gambling often leads to even bigger losses.

Quit While You’re Ahead

Many players get caught up and keep gambling after hitting a big win. Lock in your profits when you’re ahead.

Take Breaks to Refresh

Step away and take a breather if you find yourself tilting and playing recklessly. This resets your head to make smarter bets.


  • Set a gambling budget and stick to it.
  • Divide bankroll into smaller session budgets.
  • Make smaller minimum bets.
  • Avoid chasing losses.
  • Quit while you’re ahead.
  • Take breaks to reset your mental state.

What are the main advantages of playing keno online?

Playing keno on the internet provides some key benefits compared to playing live:


You can play online keno 24/7 from anywhere without having to visit a casino or retailer.

Faster Play

Online games simplify number selection and generate results instantly so you can play rounds faster.

More Variety

Many online keno sites offer a wider range of board sizes, bet amounts, special bets and other options.

Bonuses and Rewards

Online keno sites often provide signup bonuses, free plays, and loyalty programs that are unavailable in live keno.

Lower Minimum Bets

Internet keno games let you bet as little as $0.01 per round, great for casual players on a budget.

Free Games

You can play unlimited free keno on many gambling sites to learn the game at no risk.


  • Play anytime, anywhere with internet access.
  • Faster gameplay and results.
  • More game variety and options.
  • Bonuses and player rewards.
  • Lower minimum bets.
  • Availability of free keno games.

What are the main risks and downsides of online keno?

While online keno provides some advantages, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

Addictive Nature

The 24/7 access and fast pace of online keno can promote irresponsible gambling habits and addiction.

Fewer Player Protections

Offshore keno sites are not regulated as tightly as casinos, increasing risks like rigged games and payment issues.

Harder to Enforce Age Limits

Underage gambling is harder to prevent online compared to regulated in-person keno locations.

Bankroll Management Challenges

The convenience of internet keno makes it harder for some players to stick to a gambling budget.

Technical Issues

Poor internet connections can disrupt gameplay. Software glitches may impact game results.


Staring at a screen while endlessly clicking can contribute to loneliness and depression for some.


  • Highly addictive nature of online play.
  • Lack of player protections with offshore keno.
  • Underage access to real money games.
  • Bankroll management challenges.
  • Technical issues disrupting play.
  • Potential isolation and mental health impacts.


In summary, Oregon Keno fans have limited options for playing legally online at this time. Offshore online casinos represent the main way to play real money keno on the internet today, but carry risks due to lack of regulation. For a safe and legal alternative, try free demo keno or social casino games.

While convenient and fast-paced, online keno also comes with downsides like potential gambling addiction. Setting a strict gambling budget and playing responsibly is important. With proper precautions, online keno can provide hours of entertainment.