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Can you play the national lottery in Wales?

The national lottery is a popular game of chance played by millions of people across the United Kingdom every week. Players select a set of numbers and if those numbers are drawn in the weekly lottery draw, they can win cash prizes. The national lottery operates under license from the government and is regulated by the Gambling Commission. A percentage of the money spent on tickets goes to fund projects across the UK in areas like sports, arts, heritage and more.

The national lottery operates in a similar way across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there are some small differences in how the lottery works in the different nations. This article will specifically look at playing the national lottery in Wales.

Can You Play the National Lottery in Wales?

Yes, you can absolutely play the national lottery if you live in Wales or are just visiting. The national lottery operates across the whole of the UK, so the games, draws, tickets and prizes are the same regardless of which country you are in.

When you buy a national lottery ticket in Wales, you are participating in the same UK-wide lottery as someone buying a ticket in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The draws are held and televised across the UK at the same time and winning numbers are applicable no matter where the ticket was purchased.

So if you live in Wales, you have the same chances of becoming a millionaire as anyone else playing the national lottery across the rest of the UK! The lottery is open to anyone aged 16 or above.

Buying Tickets in Wales

There are a few different ways you can buy national lottery tickets if you are in Wales:

In Person

You can visit any licensed lottery retailer in person to buy your tickets. This includes most newsagents, supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores. Look for the National Lottery terminal and logo in store.

When buying in person, you tell the retailer what type of ticket you want (e.g. Lotto, Euromillions) and they will print it out for you. You can do a Lucky Dip where random numbers are generated for you or choose your own numbers. Retailers also have play slips and pens available so you can mark down your selections.

Payments can be made by cash or debit/credit card. Remember to keep your ticket safe as it will be needed to claim any prizes.


Rather than visiting a shop, you can also purchase National Lottery tickets online via the official website at or through the National Lottery app for iOS and Android devices.

This allows you to buy tickets from the comfort of your own home in Wales. You go through the same process of choosing your game, numbers and number of draws before paying securely through your account. Your ticket is then emailed to you.

One advantage of playing online is that you don’t have to worry about losing paper tickets as they are safely stored in your account. You can also set up subscriptions to buy tickets for every draw.

By Phone

For those without internet access or who would prefer to speak to someone directly, tickets can be purchased over the phone by calling the National Lottery hotline.

Simply call 0333 234 50 50 and follow the voice prompts to indicate which lottery you want to play, your numbers and payment details. The agent will take care of the rest for you. Telephone booking incurs an additional small service fee.

So in summary, playing the National Lottery in Wales is exactly the same as playing it in any other part of the UK, with tickets available to purchase in shops, online or by phone. Players have the same odds, prizes and options no matter where they are located.

Lottery Games Available in Wales

When you play the National Lottery in Wales, you have the choice of taking part in several different games:


This is the biggest and most well-known National Lottery game. To play, you pick six main numbers between 1-59. There is a twice weekly draw on Wednesday and Saturday evenings where six main numbers are drawn plus a bonus ball.

Match at least three main numbers to win a cash prize. Match all six to win the jackpot, which starts at £2 million and rolls over if not won. The bonus ball also increases smaller prize amounts.


This huge pan-European lottery has draws on Tuesday and Friday evenings. To enter, you need to pick five main numbers from 1-50 plus two Lucky Star numbers from 1-12.

You win a prize for matching just two main numbers. Match all seven numbers to scoop the often gigantic Euromillions jackpot. UK players can also take part in the UK Millionaire Maker game which guarantees two UK players will become millionaires each week.


Thunderball takes place four times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For just £1 per line, it’s the cheapest National Lottery game to enter.

You choose five main numbers between 1-39 and a Thunderball number between 1-14. Prizes start from matching just the Thunderball number alone up to the top prize for matching everything. The top prize jackpot starts at £500,000.

Set For Life

Introduced more recently in 2019, Set For Life has draws every Monday and Thursday evening. Rather than one huge jackpot, the appeal here is the top prize is paid out monthly over 30 years amounting to £10,000 paid every month for three decades.

To play, pick five main numbers from 1-47 and a Life Ball number from 1-10. Match all six to win the top prize or smaller amounts for fewer matching numbers. It costs £1.50 per line to play.


Retailers across Wales sell a wide range of National Lottery scratchcards with prizes ranging from the cost of the card up to £500,000. Simply scratch off the panels to reveal symbols or numbers and see if you’ve won instant cash. Scratchcards make fun impulse purchases when buying everyday items.

So in summary, the National Lottery in Wales offers players access to all the major national games like Lotto and Euromillions as well as other options like Thunderball, Set For Life and scratchcards. The choice is the same as anywhere else in the UK.

Odds, Prizes and Winners in Wales

The odds, prizes and chances of winning are exactly the same for National Lottery players in Wales as they are for players elsewhere in the United Kingdom:


The odds of winning a prize on the lottery depend on the game you play and number of balls to be drawn. For example, the approximate odds on Lotto are:

Prize Tier Odds
Match 3 numbers 1 in 97
Match 4 numbers 1 in 2,500
Match 5 numbers 1 in 55,000
Match 5 numbers + bonus ball 1 in 3.5 million
Match all 6 numbers 1 in 45 million

As you can see, the odds get longer the more numbers you need to match. But importantly, these odds are exactly the same whether you buy your ticket in Wales, England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.


The potential prizes you can win are also the same across the UK. For example, the Lotto jackpot starts at £2 million and the maximum Euromillions jackpot is around £170 million. Scratchcard top prizes are up to £500,000.

Each National Lottery game has a prize structure with similar amounts to be won by players in all parts of the country. You have the exact same chance of winning any given prize playing in Wales as you do elsewhere.


There have been several notable National Lottery winners from Wales over the years:

  • Wales’ biggest ever winner was Iris Jeffrey from Barry, South Wales who won £20.1 million on the Lotto jackpot in 2004.
  • Stephanie Davies from Monmouthshire won £14 million on the Euromillions in 2014.
  • A Wales-based syndicate of hospital workers won £25 million on the Euromillions in 2019.
  • Welsh winners have also scooped big prizes on scratchcards like £300,000 and £500,000 jackpots.

Winners from Wales have claimed hundreds of millions in lottery prizes over the years from big jackpots down to smaller amounts. There is just as much chance of becoming a lottery millionaire playing the lottery in Wales as anywhere else.

So in summary, your odds, potential prizes and chances of winning are all the same whether you play the National Lottery in Wales or other parts of the UK. Some massive jackpot winners have come from Wales over the years.

Claiming Prizes in Wales

If you are lucky enough to win a National Lottery prize playing in Wales, here is the process for claiming:

Smaller Prizes

For smaller prizes up to £500, these can be claimed from any authorised National Lottery retailer in Wales. You simply take your winning ticket to the shop where a terminal will confirm it is a winner and pay out your prize in cash.

Retailers are able to pay out thousands of smaller prizes per week to lucky winners all over the country.

Bigger Prizes

If you win over £500, prizes need to be claimed directly from National Lottery operator Camelot.

For winnings up to £50,000 you can claim via a claim form available from retailers or online. Prizes up to £50k will be paid out by cheque.

Wins above £50,000 need to be claimed in person at a designated regional centre. The closest National Lottery claims office for Wales is based in Liverpool. Here your ticket will be verified and arrangements made to pay your prize money.

For the biggest jackpot amounts over several million pounds, a representative will be assigned to you from Camelot who will assist with the claims process and you claiming anonymously if you wish. They will help you handle the life-changing sum.

It’s a straightforward process and National Lottery staff are accustomed to paying out big winners from all over the UK on a regular basis. They will guide you through the next steps after your win.

Online Winners

If you purchased your winning ticket online via the website or app, any prizes will automatically be paid directly into your online National Lottery account. You can then withdraw funds from there into your everyday bank account.

Claiming online is convenient as you don’t need to physically take your ticket anywhere. However, those big multi-million prizes will still require a visit to the claims centre to confirm your identity.

So in summary, smaller prizes can be conveniently claimed from local shops in Wales while bigger jackpots need to be arranged directly with Camelot. But the claiming process is quick and easy whether you won your prize playing in Wales or elsewhere.

Lottery Proceeds for Good Causes in Wales

One motivation for many people to play the National Lottery is that it raises money for good causes across the UK. This remains true when playing the lottery in Wales.

Around 60p of every £1 spent on National Lottery tickets in Wales goes towards hundreds of community projects and initiatives. To date over £9 billion has been raised for good causes in Wales through the National Lottery.

Some examples of where lottery funding has been distributed across Wales include:

  • Sports – Providing facilities and training for athletes, especially in the run up to the 2012 Olympics which were held in the UK.
  • Arts & Culture – Funding for museums, galleries, music venues and events such as the annual Eisteddfod cultural festival.
  • Heritage – Restoring historic castles, buildings and sites across Wales.
  • Charities – Supporting charities and community organisations that help the most vulnerable people through financial and practical assistance.
  • Health – Funding medical research and equipment at hospitals and universities.
  • Environment – Protecting parks, woodland areas and promoting sustainability initiatives.
  • Education – Extracurricular activities and resources for schools and university students.

So lottery players in Wales know that as well as having a chance of winning a prize, they are also helping generate funding for a wide range of very worthy projects and organisations across the country.

Good causes in Wales have received billions of pounds in National Lottery funding and will continue benefiting in future with more projects still needing support.

Responsible Gambling in Wales

While playing the National Lottery is fun and can change lives, for a small number of people it can become problematic and lead to gambling harm. If buying tickets in Wales, it is important to gamble responsibly and within your means:

  • Set a budget for lottery spending and do not exceed it.
  • Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
  • Balance lottery spending with other outgoings.
  • Don’t chase losses or try to win back money.
  • Don’t play if you are experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Keep lottery spending to entertainment, not a way to make money.
  • Keep track of how much you spend each week.
  • If you have a problem, organisations like GamCare offer advice.

The National Lottery want players to enjoy the experience safely. If you need assistance, visit or call the Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.

Playing sensibly, the majority of people can enjoy the lottery as light entertainment and have the chance to win without significant risk. But be aware of not overspending beyond your means.


In summary, playing the National Lottery works in exactly the same way across the whole of the UK, including Wales. Tickets can be purchased in person, online or by phone. Players have access to major draws like Lotto and Euromillions with the chance to win huge tax-free jackpots.

Players in Wales have just as much chance of becoming millionaires as anyone else. If you are lucky enough to win a prize, the claims process is straightforward through local retailers or directly via Camelot depending on how much you scoop.

A big motivation for many is raising significant funds every year for hundreds of local good causes that benefit communities across Wales. Overall, playing sensibly, the National Lottery is open to everyone in Wales and provides plenty of entertainment and chances to win.