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Can you scan tickets on the jackpot app?

Yes, the jackpot app allows users to scan tickets to check for winnings and manage their lottery play. The app’s built-in scanner can quickly scan and recognize numbers on draw game tickets, scratch tickets, and more to provide instant results and updates on any prizes won.

How does scanning tickets on the jackpot app work?

Scanning lottery tickets on the jackpot app is a straightforward process. Simply open the app and navigate to the scanning screen. Hold your lottery ticket in front of your device’s camera, lining up the barcode or ticket numbers within the viewfinder. The app will automatically scan the ticket details and cross-reference the numbers against winning draws and remaining prizes.

Within seconds, the app will display the results of the scan. For draw games, you’ll see a message indicating if your ticket contained any winning numbers from recent draws. For scratch tickets, the app will reveal if you’ve uncovered any cash prizes or free ticket rewards. The jackpot app scans the distinctive codes printed on lottery tickets to look up the status in its database.

What benefits does scanning tickets provide?

There are several advantages to scanning your lottery tickets on the jackpot app:

  • Instantly checks tickets for prizes
  • Saves time over manually looking up results
  • Prevents missed winnings from lost or forgotten tickets
  • Can quickly scan large batches of tickets after purchase
  • Provides digital record of all scanned tickets
  • Alerts you to any big jackpot wins

Rather than waiting to check results in the newspaper or visiting a retailer, the jackpot app provides real-time updates on your ticket outcomes. The instant feedback lets you promptly collect winnings and reinvest in new tickets if desired. Over time, scanning with the app helps ensure all your play is accounted for.

What types of lottery games can be scanned?

The jackpot app has scanning capabilities for a wide range of popular lottery games, including:

Draw Games

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Fantasy 5
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 5
  • Pick 6

Scratcher Games

  • $1-$2-$5-$10-$20-$30 scratchers
  • All prize levels from free ticket to top prize
  • Limited-edition and holiday-themed scratchers

Jackpot Games

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Fantasy 5
  • All or Nothing

As long as the lottery ticket contains a valid barcode or serial number, the jackpot app should be able to scan and check results for the game. The app is constantly updated to support new lottery games as they are introduced.

Are there any limitations to ticket scanning?

The jackpot app can scan and recognize the vast majority of lottery tickets, but there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Tickets must be intact – damaged or torn tickets may not scan properly
  • Cannot scan tickets more than one year old
  • Expired scratch tickets cannot be scanned
  • Tickets not purchased in your state may not be recognized
  • Some third-party or promotional lottery games may not be supported

As long as the ticket barcode is legible and the game is supported by the app, scanning typically works seamlessly. Make sure to check the ticket requirements for your state lottery to avoid any issues.

Can I scan tickets from other states?

The jackpot app can only scan and check results for lottery tickets purchased from the state-authorized lottery in which you reside. For example, a user in California can scan California Lottery tickets but not tickets bought in Texas or other states.

This limitation is due to each state lottery using different formats, codes, and serial numbers on their tickets. The app is designed to recognize and decode each state’s unique ticket identifiers. So for accuracy, it can only scan the appropriate tickets.

How are winning ticket scans handled in the app?

If you scan a ticket on the jackpot app and it detects a prize, the winnings will automatically be logged into your account wallet. Smaller wins under $600 are typically credited directly. For larger jackpot, scratcher, and drawing game wins, you’ll receive a notification to claim the prize in person at a lottery office.

All scanned tickets remain in your account history along with their prize details. For record-keeping, you can easily look back to see all your past winning scans. The app provides reminders and updates on any significant prize claims you need to make.

Can I save or share scanned ticket images?

When you scan a lottery ticket in the jackpot app, the image is automatically saved to your account history along with the result details. You can revisit these past scans and zoom in or crop the images as needed.

If you wish to share your winning ticket scans or save them externally, the app provides options to export the images to your phone gallery or share via email, text, social media, and more. This allows you to easily send your big wins to friends and family.

How does the app identify winning scratch tickets?

For scratcher games, the jackpot app scans the barcode located under the scratch-off coating rather than the play area. This proprietary barcode encodes the ticket’s prize information including the exact cash amounts, free ticket rewards, or no win status.

When you scan a scratcher in the app, this barcode is decoded to determine if you uncovered any winners without needing to scratch the ticket. The app essentially scratches the virtual ticket for you to immediately identify your prizes.

Can I scan tickets without claiming prizes?

Yes, the jackpot app allows you to scan lottery tickets while remaining anonymous. If a ticket scan results in a win, you have the option to decline and forfeit the prize amount. The app will record the ticket outcome but does not automatically claim winnings.

Declining prizes can be advantageous if you wish to avoid providing personal details or do not want winnings credited to your account. However, be aware that anonymous wins over $600 typically must still be claimed in person.

Do I need an internet connection to scan tickets?

You’ll need an internet connection on your mobile device to successfully scan lottery tickets on the jackpot app. This allows the app to sync your scan results and connect to databases to check for wins in real-time.

Without an internet connection, the app cannot validate tickets or process winning outcomes offline. Make sure you have an active WiFi or mobile data connection before scanning.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can scan?

There is no practical limit to the number of lottery tickets you can scan with the jackpot app. You could scan hundreds or even thousands of tickets in a session if desired.

All your ticket scans are saved securely in the app, so your account history will record every ticket you check. This gives you an easily accessible archive of your past lottery play.

Can I scan tickets from past draws or old scratchers?

For draw games, you can scan tickets from previous drawings up to one year old. However, tickets from expired scratcher games cannot be scanned. Scratchers have definitive end dates after which prizes can no longer be claimed.

Make sure to scan any potentially winning tickets from past draws as soon as possible. Waiting too long risks the ticket expiring before you have a chance to check it.

Do I need the latest app version to scan tickets?

You should ensure you have the latest version of the jackpot app installed for the best scanning experience. The developers frequently release updated versions with bug fixes, new features, and enhanced scanner performance.

Using an outdated version runs the risk of scanner errors, unrecognized tickets, and issues processing wins. Enable auto-update on your device so your app upgrades to each new release.

Can I scan a photo of a ticket instead of the original?

Unfortunately, the jackpot app currently cannot reliably scan photos or scans of tickets. The scanner requires the original physical ticket present to pick up the barcode details accurately.

Photos and scans are often too low resolution or blurry for the app to read. Only original tickets directly in front of your camera can be scanned. Keep any potential winning tickets in a safe place.

How does the app protect my privacy and ticket info?

The jackpot app takes extensive measures to keep your personal information and ticket data safe and secure. All connections use bank-level 128-bit SSL encryption and adhere to local lottery privacy laws.

Ticket images and data are not shared externally beyond required prize claims. Account profiles remain anonymous unless you voluntarily provide your details. Use touch or face ID for easy secure access to the app.

Can I use the app to scan tickets purchased as a group?

For group-purchased lottery tickets, the jackpot app will scan tickets normally but manages prize claims differently depending on your settings:

  • If playing in a public group or pool, prizes are awarded to the group manager’s account.
  • For private shared tickets, prize credits can be split across individual member accounts.
  • Group managers can customize prize distribution based on share percentages.
  • Winnings can also be donated to charity if preferred.

Make sure ticket access is properly assigned before scanning shared tickets. The app’s group play options provide flexibility for group winnings.

Can the app be used for lottery tickets purchased in other countries?

Unfortunately, the current version of the jackpot app only supports scanning lottery tickets purchased in the United States. Lotteries in other countries use different ticket formats, codes, and draw procedures.

Expanding support globally for national lottery games in Europe, Canada, and elsewhere remains a goal for future app updates. But for now, only US lottery tickets can be scanned.

Do I have to manually claim prizes through the app?

The jackpot app strives to automate prize claims as much as possible. Smaller wins under state thresholds are often credited instantly. For larger prizes, you still need to complete the standard claim process following any required procedures.

The app provides guidance on required next steps when you have a significant win. You may need to mail in the ticket, visit a lottery office, or complete a claim form. But the app handles the legwork of identifying prizes.

Can I use the app scanner on lottery tickets from retail stores?

The jackpot app is only designed to scan and check tickets that you have personally purchased. Scanning tickets straight from official lottery retailers or dispensers is prohibited.

This measure helps prevent fraudulent activity, forged tickets, and potential theft or tampering. For your own tickets, feel free to extensively use the scanning tool.

What troubleshooting can I try for scan issues?

If you encounter problems scanning tickets with the jackpot app, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Force close and restart the app
  • Check internet connection
  • Update app to latest version
  • Clear app cache and data
  • Reboot your phone
  • Clean ticket barcode area
  • Avoid scanning damaged tickets
  • Adjust lighting on tickets
  • Steady hands when aligning barcode

Following general tech best practices can solve many minor glitches. Contact app support if issues persist across multiple tickets.

What options are available if I lose a scanned winning ticket?

If you unfortunately lose or destroy a winning lottery ticket that was previously scanned in the jackpot app, you still have options to claim the prize:

  • Ticket image proof – Show scan image from app history to lottery office.
  • Retailer verification – Have original retailer confirm ticket sale and identity.
  • Sworn statements – From you and retailer confirming validity.
  • Lottery investigates – Review retailer records, surveillance, etc.

As long as proper procedures are followed and identity confirmed, lotteries can still pay out significant prizes on lost scanned tickets.


Scanning lottery tickets with the jackpot app provides a quick, convenient way to instantly check your numbers against winning draws and remaining scratcher prizes. The built-in scanner delivers real-time results and updates right from your phone.

When used properly following app guidelines, players can benefit from having an easy record of past play and becoming alerted to any winnings they may have otherwise missed. Just remember to scan any potentially winning tickets promptly before they expire.