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16 Popular Classroom Decorating Ideas for You Easy to Get

Classroom Decorating Ideas
Pupils often find learning daunting and dull. Teachers should try to make learning as fun as possible. One way of doing that is to make the place where studying occurs as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Boring gray walls in a school classroom do not make anyone want to study. Adding some school decorations and colors is a must. We know that it can be very challenging to decorate a classroom on your own, so here are some classroom decorating ideas that we have prepared for you.

Storage and Organization Classroom Decoration Ideas

Storage and Organization Classroom DecorationA lack of storage can be very frustrating, so saving up space as much as you can is preferable.
Finding stuff in small spaces is not always the most convenient thing to do. You can store crayons, markers, and pens in tabletop drawers with colored labels and color names for easy access.
Organizing the schoolwork is extremely important, so having it well-organized should be a necessity. You could put their work in boxes with their names highlighted on the top of the box so that it will be easy for them to find their work if needed.

Classroom Corners as Great Escape Spaces (A Place for Reading)

Classroom Corners as Great
Classroom corners should be a safe place for each student to express themselves freely. The only possible way of doing that is by providing them with maximum comfort, just as they have in their own home.
Encourage your students to add some personal touches. A poster of their favorite band or an inspiring quote would be great ideas. That way, you will provide a place that they will feel comfortable working in and expressing their true colors, which is always beneficial for their studies.
Of course, by all means, make sure that you are the boss. Having free space is nice, but not putting any boundaries could do more harm than good.

Classroom Themes

Classroom Themes
Just like seasons change, so should classroom themes. Students might find one classroom theme fun for some time, but eventually, they will get bored of it.
Teachers must pay more attention to current events, such as seasonal changes, and use classroom decoration to express their creativity. Painting and gluing some fallen leaves to the wall in the fall should do the trick.
Us, humans, are very much visual creatures, so students will surely appreciate some change to their studying environment. Classroom decoration, such as board decoration or unique bulletin board ideas should be enough to boost their will to study and work harder.

Use Plastic Wall Baskets for Colorful Separation

Use Plastic Wall Baskets for Colorful Separation
Getting lost in confined places is a common occurrence. Especially when you have so much work throughout the school year. Having an organized workplace is super important.
The best way to do that is by having plastic wall baskets in different colors for a better visual presentation and quicker access. Here you can store whatever you like. Whether those are pens and pencils or colored paper, all of them are really for you.

Use a Curtain Rail to Hang Magazines

Use a Curtain Rail to Hang Magazines
Finding new and creative ways to save up some space could help you in the long run. Sometimes taking a new approach will help you see just how much you can do with the space you have got.
Break time is very important because too much work can be just as bad as doing no work at all. You can have magazines hanged on a curtain rail for your students to read when they take their deserved break. You can keep the magazines educational as long as they have some interesting aspects to them so that they keep the students occupied.

Decorated Cork Boards

Decorated Cork Boards
The idea of a cork board is to catch the attention of a viewer. The best way of doing that is by having some unique bulletin board ideas.
Dull cork boards for sure will not spark any attention. But if you add a little detail to it, students will for sure notice board decoration.
Just by replacing the dull board color with something vibrant, you are doing your job right. Highlighting the crucial details with neon colors should do the trick as well. To add your finishing touches, try adding some colorful stickers that match your theme in total.

DIY Chair Feet

DIY Chair Feet
Buying things that you need may seem like a safer idea, but making things on your own seems like a way more interesting and fun option. Tired of the scratching noise your chair makes when it touches the floor? There is a solution.
You could use paper to trace the chair legs onto the paper and use that as a template. After that you could use craft foam and old cut-up denim and glue it to the template, to make the pads more stable.
After that, you could use adhesive spray glue to secure it to the chair-leg bottoms. And just like that, you’re all set!

Making a Crate Bench in the Classroom and Decorating It

Making a Crate Bench
Boring classroom decoration for sure will not catch attention from anyone, especially when store-bought plain crate benches cost way too much.
But there is a solution to this problem which does not cost you any more than three milk crate baskets! You want to be creative and have the will to create a bench that will not only look great but will be very useful and comfortable as well.
Glue the crates together, then add some wood on top of them. That is the hard part but you have already done. You can get the children to unleash their creativity by letting them paint and draw on them. And do not forget to add some pillows for comfort as well!

Filing Cabinet Makeover

Filing Cabinet Makeover

An old metal filing cabinet for sure won’t add anything to the room. But fortunately, there are ways to disguise an old filing cabinet so it blends with the surroundings and the aesthetic of your classroom.
Painting it is the easiest way of decorating that. Maybe adding a theme wouldn’t be such a bad idea as well. You could include the kids in this too by letting them choose their favorite colors or even letting them paint it.

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Classroom Door Decoration
Classroom doors are the first thing you notice when you walk past a classroom. You want to pay extra attention to decorating them. To make sure that your classroom door stands out, you should make them unique to your style.
Always ask your students for help because not only will you get more unique ideas, you will create a special bond in the class. You could even display their artwork on the door because that will make them feel appreciated.
With some colors, creativity, and love you could create an entrance to the world of fun, that your students will love to visit each day!

Different Classroom Themes

Different Classroom Themes

Choosing one classroom theme isn’t the easiest of the jobs when you have too many options on your hands. You should always work with what you have and keep it as fun, creative, and eye-catching as you can.
The key is to keep it simple and sophisticated because a classroom is a place where you study after all. But adding some color won’t hurt anyone. Also, you should never keep one theme for too long because even the best of classroom decorations tends to get boring after a while.
You could play it safe and keep it season-themed because classics never go out of style.

A Colorful Bulletin Board

A Colorful Bulletin BoardBeing reminded that you have some tasks to do isn’t always the most fun thing in the world. Adding some sparkles and colors to the story might make it more comfortable.
You could do that by replacing the old-fashioned brown bulletin board with a yellow one. Also replacing the plain white sticky notes with colorful ones might do the trick as well. Who does not want to be productive when their tasks are written in such a fun way?
The key is never to go overboard. Keeping it simple yet creative is the right way to go.

A Pegboard Storage System

A Pegboard Storage System
Storage problems in small spaces can usually be a bit trickier to deal with. Especially when you have more and more schoolwork piling up.
You should focus on the quick access. You could manage that by color coordinating things. This way you will save up on time and everything will look neater. It’s for sure a win-win result for you!
Encourage your students to pay attention to keeping things in their right order. This is the only way that you will ensure that your pegboard will stay just as neat as you’d wish it was.

Windows Decoration Design

Windows Decoration Design
School decoration is something you should pay attention to because some details could change the entire atmosphere of the room. But when it comes to classroom windows decoration, you should try even harder because windows are visible from the outside.
You wouldn’t want your students to associate school with plain, boring grey windows, right? Well, we got you covered.
You do not need a lot of money to change the entire outlook of the classroom. Some paint, cut out flowers for spring, or snowflakes for winter will do the trick! Working with your students will make them feel helpful and some extra hands won’t hurt anyone.

Daily Objectives Decoration Board

Daily Objectives Decoration Board
Having children remembering their daily duties isn’t the easiest of jobs. Having a pop of color to catch their eyes will for sure be a lot helpful!
You can put a different colored sticky note to each subject, to make it easier for them to catch up with their work. For them to pay extra attention you could give each student different colored markers so that they will contribute to classwork.
You should always be careful with board decoration because sometimes too much can be too overwhelming for their little heads. To make sure that your students will stay focused on their work, you could ask them to write their favorite motivational quotes on the board.
This way they will for sure be more focused on finishing their everyday activities, and you will do an amazing job by ensuring that your classroom isn’t just a place for studying, but for fun as well.

Decorative Teacher’s Desk

Decorative Teacher’s Desk
Teachers should be very careful with their teaching techniques because sometimes they can be a little too much for the students. For example, the teacher’s desk should reflect your teaching ways. We for sure hope that they are fun!
Finding the right balance between your duties as a teacher and keeping it fun for the students isn’t always easy. By keeping your teacher’s desk fun and creative you’re doing putting just the right amount of effort into doing that.
Keeping it sophisticated and simple yet creative is the right way to go. Adding a vase of flowers is a nice classic tip for decoration that never goes out of style!
You should always keep extra pens and pencils on your teacher’s desk if your students forget theirs by any chance. This way you’re ensuring them that they can trust you and that you aren’t that strict at all!


These were some creative classroom decorating ideas that your students will love. We tried our best with this article, to try and help you with all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to classroom decoration.
We sure hope that you liked our efficient yet creative ideas that will surely help you to turn your classroom into a fun environment. And always remember that less is more no matter what kind of decoration!