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Did Horus get Seth pregnant?

No, Horus did not get Seth pregnant. This is a mythological myth that has been around since ancient times, but there is no basis in reality. In the myth, Osiris – the father of Horus and Set – was murdered by his brother Seth and dismembered into pieces.

The pieces were then scattered into the Nile. Isis – the mother of Horus and Seth and Osiris’ wife – found the pieces and used her magic to bring Osiris back to life, only to find out that the aim of Seth’s crime was to become the ruler of Egypt.

Horus then took it upon himself to battle Seth – with the help of the gods – in order to avenge his father’s death, and eventually defeat Seth. The myth does not make any mention of Horus getting Seth pregnant, as there are no recorded accounts of Horus engaging in any sexual activities.

Did Seth sleep with Horus?

No, Seth did not sleep with Horus. Horus and Seth have a long history of rivalry and animosity, and there is no record of them ever sleeping together. Seth is a god of chaos, while Horus is a god of order, and they are seen as opposites in many ways.

In their tale of conflict, they battle each other fiercely and eventually, Horus is redeemed as the rightful Pharaoh of Egypt, while Seth is punished for his actions and placed in the underworld. Even though they have a somewhat reconciled relationship, there is no record of them ever sleeping together.

What happened between Seth and Horus?

Seth and Horus have an ancient legend that dates back to the time of Ancient Egypt. In this story, Seth and Horus are both gods who are conflicting for the throne of Egypt. Horus is the god of the sky and the son of Osiris and Isis, while Seth is the god of chaos and destruction.

According to the myth, Isis conceived Horus out of wedlock, which was frowned upon by the gods.

This led to Osiris leaving and Seth enlisting the help of 72 other gods to help him win the throne of Egypt by challenging Horus in a series of contests, including a boat race, strength test, and a boxing match.

Initially, Horus was winning, but in the final challenge, the tribunal of gods declared Seth the winner due to a technicality. Horus refused to accept this decision and continued to challenge Seth. The struggle lasted 80 years before the gods finally declared that Horus take the throne and Seth take the desert lands and a place by Horus’s side, thus ending the dispute between the two gods.

Did Set and Horus have a relationship?

Set and Horus did have a complex relationship. In ancient Egyptian mythology, they were often portrayed as rivals. Set was associated with chaos and upheaval while Horus was associated with order and balance.

In the Conflict of Horus and Set, Set was initially jealous of Horus’s claim to leadership, so he murdered Horus’s father, the god Osiris. Horus then sought revenge, resulting in a long and bloody battle.

Ultimately, Horus emerged triumphant, thus restoring balance and order to the world. Although their relationship was fraught with strife and opposition, there is also evidence that Horus and Set were able to reconcile their differences and accept one another as essential members of the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

For example, one of the earliest known Egyptian kings is known as the “Horus-Set”, indicating a combination of the two gods. This suggests that the two gods may have formed an alliance of sorts that was passed down from generation to generation.

Is Seth in love with Horus Ennead?

No, Seth is not in love with Horus Ennead. Seth is the Egyptian god of chaos, violence and storms and is often depicted in human form as a bearded man with a distinctive Atef-crown and a long, curved nose.

Horus Ennead is a collection of several powerful gods and goddesses who share a common purpose in defending the kingdom of Egypt. Though Seth and Horus Ennead may have had a long and complicated relationship, they were not in love.

Who is Horus in love with?

Horus is an Ancient Egyptian Sky God and he is associated with many aspects of the Ancient Egyptian religion, including protection, kingship, and fertility. He is usually depicted as a man with a falcon’s head, but he has many other forms, including the form of a falcon, a bull and a lion.

There is still debate today as to who Horus was in love with, as there are different interpretations of his mythology.

Some scholars believe Horus is in love with his own mother, the Goddess Hathor, or Nut, the sky Goddess and mother to the other Gods and Goddesses. This would make sense as Horus was thought to represent Pharaohs, who were considered to be of divine origin and thus related to the Gods and Goddesses.

Horus is also associated with the Goddess Isis, who is seen as the ideal mother and the ideal wife. In fact, some Ancient Egyptian art depicts them together. This could be interpreted to mean that Horus was in love with Isis.

Horus is also often associated with Seth, the God of chaos and destruction. This suggests that Horus was either repulsed by Seth or loved him despite his chaotic nature. Whatever their relationship was, it was passionate and consuming.

Overall, it’s difficult to definitively answer the question of who Horus was in love with, as different interpretations and readings of his mythology exist.

Did Set try to seduce Horus?

No, Set did not try to seduce Horus. Set was the brother of Horus who, according to Egyptian mythology, was known for being god of chaos, who set out to avenge the death of his father, Osiris. Horus and Set battled for the throne of Egypt, with some versions of the myth stating that Set lost his body in pieces, while other versions state he was banished to the desert.

Throughout their interactions in the stories, there is no indication or allusion to Set attempting to seduce Horus. Ultimately, Horus ends up regaining the throne and an order is restored. In some versions of the myth, Set is allowed to stay in the kingdom, while in other versions he is banished forever.

Did Set have a lover?

Set, also known as Seth, Sutekh, and Seteh, was an ancient God of chaos, disorder, and the desert in Egyptian mythology. He was frequently portrayed as an antagonist in the mythology, often working against the gods in some way.

Set was married to his sister, Nephthys, in an effort to keep his chaotic nature in check. However, Set also had many lovers outside of his sibling marriage, often gods, goddesses, and mortals.

One of Set’s known lovers was Anat, an ancient war goddess who could fight with deadly ferocity. It is said that Set and Anat’s tumultuous relationship, of love, passion, and war, was just as chaotic as Set himself.

In some versions of the story, the union between the two produced a child, the desert god Mumuhy. Set was also linked to the goddess Isis, who was known to be a beautiful but enchanting entity, who had magical powers.

Set also had relationships with several mortals, most notably Panehesy, a high priest who had elevated status in society. Set also had an affair with Tanith, Queen of Byblos, and proposed to her, although he was rejected and ended up leaving her heartbroken.

Overall, Set has been said to have had affairs with many entities, including gods, goddesses, and mortals alike. He was known to be quite a romantic, and it is believed that his many conquests and relationships were a way for him to keep his chaotic nature in check.

Who did Horus have a child with?

Horus is a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion, and a prominent figure in Egyptian mythology. He is depicted in many myths as the son of the god Osiris and the goddess Isis. In some versions of the myth, Horus is said to have had a child with Hathor, the goddess of joy, love, and motherhood.

This offspring was known as Harpokrates, and was sometimes depicted as the elder Horus in more youthful form. Other versions of the myth suggest that Horus had a child with Neith, the goddess of war and hunting.

This child was known as Anhur, and was often depicted with a spear and shield as he journeyed with his divine parents.

Is Horus the son of Set?

No, Horus is not the son of Set. Horus is the son of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld and resurrection. The conflict between Horus and Set is one of the most famous stories in Egyptian mythology.

Set is the Egyptian god of chaos, violence, and the desert and is the brother of Osiris. Set became jealous of his brother and killed him, taking his throne and wife. Horus, angered by this, waged a war against Set to avenge his father and reclaim the throne.

Horus eventually won the battle, taking his rightful place as the ruler of Egypt.

Did Seth get pregnant by Horus?

No, Seth did not get pregnant by Horus. According to Egyptian mythology, Seth is not a female. He is a male god, who is the brother and rival of Horus. Seth and Horus have a long and complicated relationship, often depicted as a battle between good and evil.

At times, they were enemies and fought each other while at other times they reached an understanding and worked together. In some myths, Seth and Horus even manage to become physical and mental brothers.

However, there is no mention in any of the stories of Seth becoming pregnant by Horus.

What happened to Seth after Horus defeated him?

After Horus defeated Seth, Seth was banished to the desert. He was also stripped of his powers and status as a god. Although Seth managed to gain some favor with Ra over time, he was never officially forgiven.

However, Horus and Seth eventually became reconciled with one another and Seth became accepted back into the Egyptian pantheon. According to some accounts, Horus even allowed Seth to marry his sister, Nephthys, and set up a shrine in his name.

But despite Seth’s eventual reconciliation with Horus and acceptance back into the Egyptian pantheon, the desert was still his place of punishment and exile. Additionally, Seth was tasked with protecting the desert and all its travelers from hisevil machinations, thus confirming his role as the Lord of Chaos and confusion.

Is Horus Seth’s nephew?

Yes, Horus is Seth’s nephew. In Egyptian mythology, Horus and Seth were foes. Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris, while Seth was Osiris’s brother and Isis’s brother-in-law. Seth was known as the god of chaos, while Horus was the god of order and justice.

As Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis, and Seth was Osiris’s brother, this makes Horus Seth’s nephew. Though they were enemies, they were still related as family.

Did Seth give birth to Horus child?

No, Seth did not give birth to Horus’ child. In the Egyptian mythology, Seth was the god of the desert and storms, while Horus was the god of the sky and the heavens. They were brothers, both sons of the god Osiris, and were often depicted in ancient Egyptian texts and artwork in a heated rivalry.

In a clash between the two gods, Horus’ eye was damaged. However, it was later healed by his mother Isis. They also had a feud over the throne of Egypt, which Horus ultimately won. Therefore, Seth did not give birth to Horus’ child.

Is Seth and Horus related ennead?

No, Seth and Horus are not related in the Ennead. The term Ennead is used to refer to the nine gods of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. However, Seth and Horus are part of the mythical family of Horus, which exists outside of the Ennead.

The myth of Horus is one of the most important tales in Ancient Egyptian mythology, as it tells of the deep rivalry between Seth and Horus, which resulted in Horus eventually defeating Seth. In this family, Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, with Seth being their uncle.

Therefore, while the two are related, Seth and Horus are not considered to be part of the Ennead.