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Diy Axe Throwing Target – Step By Step Instructions

Materials Needed

To get started on your DIY project, you’ll need a solid foundation of lumber. Gather the following materials: three 8-foot long 2x10s, scrap plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), two 2x6s, and three 8-foot long 2x4s. You’ll also require fasteners in the form of lag screws or heavy-duty construction deck screws. In addition to these structural components, you’ll need a few specialized tools: a framing square for ensuring accurate cuts and measurements, a saw (hand saw, circular saw, or miter saw) for making precise cuts, a drill with bits including a pilot hole bit if using lag screws, a tape measure for measuring and marking your lumber, and finally, a compass or string and pencil combination for drawing circles when necessary.

Step by Step Instructions

To embark on a thrilling adventure in axe throwing, begin by constructing your very own DIY target. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, covering essential aspects such as material selection and assembly, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to start hurling those axes with confidence.

Step 1: Cut and Assemble the Target Back

To construct the back of the target, begin by cutting the 2×10 lumber in half, resulting in six four-foot sections. Lay these sections out on a flat surface, ensuring they fit snugly together without gaps. Next, measure and cut a piece of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) to match the combined length of the arranged 2x10s. Secure the plywood or OSB to the 2x10s using two screws across the top and bottom of each board, with additional exterior screws added for enhanced stability.

Step 2: Prepare the Frame

To create a sturdy foundation for your deck frame, start by identifying the center of each 2×10 assembly and drawing a line connecting the opposite corners. This will serve as a reference point for attaching side supports. Next, secure the side supports to the assemblies using lag screws or heavy-duty deck screws. If opting for lag screws, be sure to pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the wood. For added stability, cut one of the 8-foot 2x4s in half and attach it perpendicularly to the bottom of the 2x6s, ensuring a square fit using a framing square.

Step 3: Add Support Braces

To fortify the structure’s foundation, carefully bisect the second pair of 2x4s, orienting their cut ends at a precise 45-degree angle. Next, secure these notched segments to the base 2×4 and side supports, guaranteeing they remain square and firmly fastened. This strategic maneuver will significantly enhance the overall stability of your project.

Step 4: Draw the Target

To create an accurate bullseye target, start by drawing concentric circles on the front using a compass or a pencil tied to a string. The innermost circle, representing 7 points, should have a diameter of 7 inches. The middle ring, also known as the 3-point zone, will be 17 inches in diameter. The outer ring, marking a single point, should measure 27 inches across. Once you’ve established these circles, focus on setting up the kill shots – or clutches – which are crucial for any serious target shooter. To locate these high-stakes areas, measure 39 inches from the base of the target and mark a spot just 4.25 inches from the inside seams. This precise placement will give you a clear reference point as you aim to hit your mark.

Step 5: Add Mobility and Accessories (Optional)

To make your DIY target mobile and versatile, consider incorporating wheels into its design. This will allow you to easily move it around and position it as needed. Additionally, you can enhance its functionality by adding a holder for axes or other attachments. To achieve this, simply attach an additional 2×6 piece of wood between the support legs, providing a sturdy foundation for your target’s new features.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

When engaging in the activity of axe throwing, it’s crucial to maintain a keen eye on your target and the structure it’s attached to. Over time, both can succumb to wear and tear, compromising their integrity and the overall safety of the experience. To mitigate this risk, be sure to replace boards that become too weathered or damaged for safe use. Moreover, prioritize caution at all times, ensuring that no one is in harm’s way by keeping a clear line of fire.

Video Tutorial

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial, Artfully Rogue Axe Throwing Target Tutorial, to gain hands-on guidance on constructing an axe-throwing target that suits your preferences. The visual accompaniment seamlessly complements the comprehensive written guide above, allowing for a more intuitive understanding and ease of following along. Assembling your own target offers unparalleled customization opportunities, enabling you to tailor it to meet your specific needs. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to build a sturdy target that exceeds your expectations.

Skill Development for Axe Throwing

To take your axe throwing game to the next level, it’s essential to strike the right balance between mastering the fundamentals, dedicating time to practice, and continually fine-tuning your approach. By following this comprehensive roadmap, you’ll be able to boost your accuracy, precision, and overall performance.

Understanding the Basics

To begin, establish a solid foundation by adopting the proper stance and grip when wielding an axe. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, allowing for slight knee bends to ensure balance. This stance will provide stability as you prepare to swing the axe. Next, grasp the axe handle at its center point, positioning your hands shoulder-width apart with relaxed fingers. A gentle grip will allow for smooth motion and precise control during the swinging process.

Practice Drills

To enhance your skills, commit to a routine that incorporates the following exercises:

Consistency is crucial, so repeat each drill to develop muscle memory.
Start with larger targets and progressively narrow them down to hone your accuracy.

Refining Your Technique

To elevate your throwing skills, concentrate on refining two key aspects: the release and aim. Start by perfecting your timing, ensuring a smooth release that allows for better control. Next, focus on the destination rather than the axe itself, visualizing where you want it to land.

FAQs About Axe Throwing Targets

By tackling frequently asked questions, enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of the sport, as well as learn practical tips on how to participate safely and with optimal results.

What kind of wood is best for axe throwing targets?

When it comes to selecting wood for chopping, softwoods like pine are often the top choice. This is because they tend to hold their edge well, allowing axes to stick and providing a more effective cutting experience. Additionally, pine is widely available and can be easily sourced, making it a convenient option for many users.

How often should I change my axe throwing target?

When your trusty target starts showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider replacing it. The frequency of replacement will depend on how often you use it, but as a general rule, if it becomes too worn to provide a secure grip for your axe, it’s likely time to swap it out.

How does target scoring work in axe throwing?

In scoring systems, rings are commonly used to gauge accuracy, with the center ring typically awarding the highest point value. The closer your shot gets to the bullseye, the more points you can expect to earn.

25 DIY Axe Throwing Target Ideas and Inspirations

Elevate your DIY axe throwing experience by exploring 25 unique target ideas that will push you to new heights of skill and excitement. From clever designs to intricate patterns, these inspiring targets are sure to add a thrilling twist to your game.

DIY Axe Throwing Target

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Crafting your own axe-throwing target from sturdy wood offers an electrifying experience that not only hones your throwing skills but also provides a unique and long-lasting addition to your backyard entertainment setup. The process of constructing the target allows you to refine your accuracy in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, making it an excellent way to challenge yourself while having fun.

How to Build an Axe-Throwing Target

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When crafting a custom axe-throwing target, you’re adding a personal flair to your recreational pursuits. To ensure success, prioritize selecting sturdy and dense wood for the base material, and design the structure with safety and longevity in mind. This thoughtful approach will bring an unparalleled level of entertainment to your outdoor events, fostering memories that last long after the festivities have concluded.

Making Axe Throwing Target

Crafting an axe-throwing target from the ground up offers a unique blend of satisfaction and excitement. When selecting materials, prioritize durability to withstand repeated use and consider a layout that complements your throwing technique. This innovative approach adds a competitive yet friendly twist to outdoor recreation, making it an ideal activity for groups seeking adventure.

How to Make an Axe-Throwing Target

Establishing an effective axe-throwing target requires careful consideration of materials and design. By opting for heavy-duty construction and a visual layout that maximizes target clarity and axe grip, you’ll create a engaging outdoor experience that not only challenges your marksmanship but also provides a unique tactile thrill.

DIY Knife and Axe Throwing Target

Immerse yourself in the art of blade throwing by crafting a multi-functional target that can accommodate both knives and axes. By incorporating a robust design capable of withstanding diverse impact levels, this DIY project elevates your outdoor recreation experience and provides an exciting platform to fine-tune your precision and accuracy skills.

Homemade Axe Throwing Target

Transform your leisure time with a bespoke axe-throwing target at home. By leveraging sturdy, top-grade wooden materials, you’ll create a durable and visually appealing centerpiece that not only withstands repeated use but also provides an ideal setting for honing your throwing skills in the comfort of your own domain.

How to Build a Target Stand for Axe Throwing

When it comes to designing a target stand for axe throwing, building one from scratch allows for complete customization and control over the practice setup. By prioritizing stability and adjustability, you can create a versatile stand that will provide countless hours of engaging entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Build Axe Throwing Target

Transform your outdoor space into a hub for adventure and friendly competition by crafting a sturdy axe-throwing target. The key to success lies in balancing structural integrity with a clear and defined target area, encouraging participants to test their skills and strive for improvement.

DIY Axe Throwing Target at Home

Transform your backyard into a unique entertainment zone by crafting a DIY axe-throwing target. As you prioritize both the longevity of the materials and the well-being of those participating, you create a personalized sanctuary for honing your skills, unwinding, and engaging in playful rivalry with friends.

Make your own Axe Throwing Board

Transforming your backyard into an axe-throwing haven is a hands-on approach to embracing this exhilarating activity. Crafting the perfect board demands attention to detail, as you balance the selection of wood with consideration for impact resistance. This bespoke creation not only enhances your outdoor space but also serves as a gateway to mastering a distinctive skill set amidst merriment and camaraderie.

Axe Throwing Target Plan

A strategically designed axe-throwing target plan is crucial for achieving optimal enjoyment and safety during the experience. By following these plans, individuals can create a sturdy target that can withstand repeated throws, guaranteeing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Simple Axe Throwing Target

The simplicity of a basic axe-throwing target is what makes it so appealing. With no frills or complexities, this type of target is ideal for newcomers, providing an easy-to-use and hassle-free experience that gets you throwing axes in no time. Its uncluttered design lets you focus on the thrill of the game without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.

Building an Axe Throwing Target

Creating a bespoke axe-throwing target offers a fulfilling DIY experience, requiring the selection of sturdy materials and the construction of a robust framework. This hands-on project not only yields a personalized target but also deepens one’s comprehension of the sport’s underlying principles and dynamics.

Easy and Quick Axe Throwing Target

If you’re ready to get started, consider opting for an uncomplicated and speedy axe-throwing target that promises instant rewards. With its straightforward design, you can quickly get underway without needing to spend too much time preparing. This approachability makes it the perfect choice for impromptu entertainment, allowing you to dive into the action with minimal fuss.

DIY Axe Throwing Target With LEDs

Elevating the axe-throwing experience to new heights, adding LEDs to a DIY target is a game-changer. Not only do you get to enjoy the rush of hitting your mark, but the vibrant visuals also add an extra layer of excitement, particularly in low-light settings where the LED lights can create a mesmerizing display with each throw.

Handmade Throwing Hatchet Target

Crafting a personalized throwing hatchet target allows you to infuse your own style and flair into the design process. By tailoring the target’s unique features to your preferences, you can create a challenging yet rewarding experience for yourself with each successful throw. The added personal touch not only showcases your creativity but also enhances the sense of accomplishment that comes from hitting your mark.

Made an Axe Throwing Target for My Backyard

Transform your backyard into an adventurous oasis by constructing an axe-throwing target. This unique activity offers a thrilling way to spend time with friends and family, fostering a sense of camaraderie while cultivating skills in precision and strategy within the comfort of your own surroundings.

Portable Axe Throwing Target

Whether you’re on a camping trip or having a backyard picnic, a portable axe-throwing target is the perfect way to bring excitement and camaraderie to any outdoor gathering. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, allowing you to set up and start throwing axes in no time. With this versatile target, you can have impromptu axe-throwing sessions with friends and family whenever and wherever you like.

DIY Axe Throwing Target to Sell

Crafting a bespoke DIY axe-throwing target presents an exciting prospect. By infusing unique design elements and exceptional build quality, you create a product that not only delivers thrilling entertainment experiences but also highlights your artisanal skills, resonating with enthusiasts seeking distinctive offerings that go beyond the standard.

DIY Axe Throwing Target Stand

Crafting a sturdy DIY axe-throwing target stand is the foundation of your at-home setup. By prioritizing stability and adjustability, this versatile design caters to throwers of all skill levels and physical attributes. The added bonus of building it yourself amplifies the sense of accomplishment that comes with each successful bullseye hit, making the DIY project a rewarding endeavour.

Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target

When it comes to creating your own DIY archery target at home, choosing the right material is crucial for longevity and performance. Consider using hardwood, such as maple, oak, beech, or birch, which are known for their exceptional strength and density. These types of wood can withstand repeated throws and provide a durable surface for aiming and shooting. To enhance visibility from a distance, consider adding some paint to draw the target pattern on the wood. This will give you a clear and distinct visual aid to help improve your accuracy.

Easy DIY Axe Throwing Target

Elevate your axe throwing game without shelling out a fortune! Believe it or not, crafting your own target is surprisingly simple. All you need are some fundamental materials: a sturdy piece of plywood, 2×4 lumber, screws, and those heavy-duty industrial-grade fasteners. To get started, simply measure and cut the plywood to the desired dimensions. Then, with these basic tools, you can assemble your very own axe throwing target in no time.

Build a Cheap Axe Throwing Target

For those looking to save on costs, building an axe throwing target at home is a fantastic and budget-friendly option. With minimal requirements in terms of woodworking tools and materials, you can create your own target for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase one off the shelf. Begin by cutting two rectangular pieces of wood, ensuring they are large enough to accommodate the size of your axe head. This simple yet effective DIY project requires no extensive expertise, making it an accessible endeavour for crafty individuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Homemade Axe Throwing Target Dimensions

With ease, you can create your own custom axe throwing targets at home, catering to the type of activity you desire. The beauty lies in its versatility – you can craft it to any size or dimension that suits your needs. To build a durable target, start with a sturdy wooden frame as the base, then cover it with a thick layer of plywood or particle board. It’s crucial to select materials that can withstand the force of an axe strike, ensuring your target remains intact game after game.

Axe Throwing Target Template

Crafting your own target template for axe throwing is a great way to take your game to the next level. One popular approach is to create a large, flat board – such as plywood – with concentric circles centered on a bullseye. The circles should vary in size from smallest to largest, with the bullseye serving as the ultimate target. This DIY template can be used by axe enthusiasts of all skill levels, whether you’re looking to improve your technique or simply have some fun and competitive camaraderie. With a little creativity and some basic materials, you can create a unique and challenging target template that will put your throwing skills to the test.


As we conclude this DIY guide to building an axe throwing target, it’s clear that creating your own bullseye has never been more accessible. By combining these straightforward steps with essential safety guidelines, you’ll be well-equipped to bring the excitement of axe throwing right into your own backyard. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and try out different designs – it’s all part of the fun! With your new target in place, you can start sharpening your skills and getting ready for a thrilling experience.