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15 Easy Diy Bed Risers To Make

What Are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are ingenious solutions for elevating your bed frame above the floor. These stackable supports, available in materials such as wood, plastic, or metal, fit snugly under the legs or corners of your bed and can significantly add to its overall height. The extent of the increase varies depending on the type you choose, ranging from a few inches to an impressive foot or more.

Benefits of Using Bed Risers

Bed risers can provide numerous benefits by elevating your sleeping space. One significant advantage is the creation of extra storage room beneath the bed, ideal for storing bins, luggage, or other items that would otherwise be cluttering up the floor. Additionally, a higher bed offers greater accessibility and ease of cleaning, as it allows for unhindered vacuuming or sweeping underneath. Furthermore, for individuals with mobility limitations, bed risers can greatly improve the process of getting in and out of bed, enhancing overall comfort and independence.

Customizing Bed Risers

When creating DIY bed risers, customization plays a vital role in achieving a harmonious blend with the surrounding decor. By selecting the desired height, material, and color, you can craft a riser that not only fulfills its functional purpose but also seamlessly integrates with your bedroom’s aesthetic. This attention to detail allows for a unique and personalized approach to elevating your bed, resulting in a space that truly reflects your personal style.

How to Make Bed Risers – Step by Step Guide

By opting to make your own DIY bed risers, you can reap the benefits of cost savings, increased storage capacity, and enhanced safety compared to conventional store-bought plastic solutions. For a seamless and effective DIY experience, follow this comprehensive guide as we walk you through every step.

Materials and Tools Required

For this project, you will need some leftover wooden materials. Specifically, look for the following items: a few 2×10 wood boards, one 3-1/4 inch board (approximately 12 inches long), and a table saw or handsaw to cut the wood to size. You’ll also require some basic woodworking tools, including wood glue, nails, and a hammer or nail gun for assembly. If you plan on adding a finishing touch, consider picking up some paint or stain, as well as a paintbrush for application.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

To create a solid foundation, start by transforming your 2×10 wood boards into 4-inch squares. This specific size offers an optimal balance between stability and vertical height, making it perfect for the task at hand. If you don’t have 2×10 boards readily available, feel free to substitute them with similar-sized pieces of sturdy wood, ensuring a strong and reliable base for your project.

Step 2: Milling the Wood

To achieve optimal results, start by reducing the thickness of your 4-inch square risers using a table saw. Targeting a final dimension of 1 inch ensures a balance between durability and aesthetics, eliminating any unnecessary bulk while preserving structural integrity.

Step 3: Doubling the Height

When seeking a final height of three inches, a simple yet effective approach is to combine two one-inch thick squares, applying sufficient pressure to guarantee a strong bond. To further bolster the structure’s integrity, consider nailing the joined pieces together once the adhesive has fully set.

Step 4: Adding the Border

To create a sturdy frame, start by cutting 1×3 inch boards into thin strips, approximately half an inch high. These will serve as a border around the perimeter of the block, providing a lip that prevents the bed’s wheels or legs from sliding off. Secure these strips to the outer edge of the glued squares using a combination of glue and nails, ensuring a strong bond between the various components.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To elevate the aesthetic of your DIY bed riser project, consider painting or staining them to harmonize with your bedroom’s décor. While this step is optional, it can add a unique touch to your design. Be sure to allow any paint or stain to dry completely before assembling and using the risers.

Positioning Your Bed Risers

Securely position a bed riser under each corner of your mattress, carefully lifting each corner to ensure a stable foundation. Double-check that the bed is evenly supported by all four risers before releasing it from your grasp.

Video Tutorial

If you’re looking to transform your bed into a storage-friendly piece of furniture without breaking the bank, then consider creating some DIY bed risers. One great resource to help guide you through this process is the informative video tutorial by Just Build It Canada, titled Bed Risers Cheap and Easy DIY. This video is designed to complement the written instructions provided here, enhancing your understanding of each step and making the DIY process easier and more enjoyable overall. By repurposing and customizing your bedroom with homemade bed risers, you can create a unique and functional space that reflects your personal style.

FAQs About Bed Risers

When evaluating DIY bed risers, a few uncertainties often arise. As you weigh your options, consider the following frequently asked questions.

How Much Weight Can Bed Risers Support?

When it comes to creating your own bed risers, it’s essential to consider the weight capacity they’ll need to support. While commercially available options may be able to withstand significant loads – often exceeding 1,000 pounds or more – a DIY approach requires a bit more attention to detail. Be sure to choose materials and construct your risers in a way that can handle not only the weight of your bed but also any additional load you plan to place upon it.

Can Bed Risers Damage Floors?

When selecting risers for your flooring project, it’s crucial to prioritize their stability and smoothness to minimize the risk of damage. Opt for risers with padded or smooth bottom surfaces to prevent scratching and ensure they remain steady throughout installation.

Are Bed Risers Safe?

When it comes to constructing DIY bed risers, safety should be your top priority. To ensure a stable foundation, make sure each riser is secure and capable of supporting the weight of the bed frame without compromising its structural integrity. Moreover, refrain from stacking multiple risers on top of one another, as this can significantly diminish stability.

DIY Bed Elevation Wooden Blocks

image source

Transform your bedroom’s aesthetic while tackling practicalities by incorporating wooden blocks as a stylish bed elevation solution. This innovative approach not only adds a touch of charm but also addresses the dual concerns of storage and health benefits.

How to Make Bed Risers for Under $2

image source

When it comes to boosting the functionality and comfort of your bed without breaking the bank, creative problem-solving is key. In fact, with just a few simple materials, you can create bed risers that lift your bed frame off the ground, freeing up valuable space and enhancing overall sleeping experience. And the best part? It won’t cost an arm and a leg – all it takes is under $2 worth of clever DIY ingenuity.

Illuminated Bed Risers for Beginners

image source

Transform your bedroom sanctuary with the smart fusion of functionality and ambiance brought by illuminated bed risers. Ideal for those just starting their interior design journey, these clever additions not only provide a comfortable boost in bed elevation but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking to elevate their sleeping space.

Homemade Bed Risers for Under $15

image source

Elevate your bed’s height without sacrificing style or budget. Craft your own bed risers using affordable materials, available for under $15. This DIY project allows you to add a personal touch to your bedroom while staying within your means.

DIY Cinder Block Bed Risers

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Elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic and functionality by repurposing cinder blocks as bed risers. This budget-friendly solution combines rugged practicality with a touch of industrial charm, adding a unique twist to your room’s design while providing a reliable means of increasing the bed’s height.

Easy and Functional Bed Risers

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Looking to elevate your bedroom setup without breaking the bank or sacrificing functionality? Consider implementing bed risers as a straightforward solution to free up valuable storage space while also boosting the overall comfort of your sleep area.

DIY Bed Risers Using Scrap Wood

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Transform discarded wood into functional bed risers that not only increase storage capacity but also add an eco-friendly touch to your bedroom’s aesthetic. This innovative DIY project breathes new life into scrap materials while providing a practical solution for keeping your bedroom clutter-free.

Make Your Own Concrete Bed Risers

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Transform your bedroom into a serene oasis by crafting your own concrete bed risers. This DIY project seamlessly blends rugged durability with a streamlined aesthetic, creating the perfect harmony between form and function for a peaceful night’s slumber.

Cheap DIY 4 inches Bed Risers

Transform your bedroom’s functionality and visual appeal without breaking the bank by crafting simple yet effective 4-inch bed risers. This DIY endeavor not only adds hidden storage capacity but also streamlines bed accessibility, all while showcasing a remarkable before-and-after impact with minimal investment.

How to Build Furniture Risers

While risers are often associated with bed frames, their versatility extends far beyond that single application. By learning how to construct risers, you can effortlessly elevate any furniture piece, transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. This clever design hack not only boosts storage capacity but also introduces a visually appealing tiered effect, making it an invaluable addition to any home.

DIY Adjustable Bed Higher

Transforming your bed into a multi-functional haven can have a profound impact on storage and comfort. By opting for DIY adjustable bed risers, you’re investing in a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with your distinct space and requirements. This ingenious and budget-friendly approach enables you to optimize your bedroom’s layout and design, effortlessly elevating the overall ambiance and functionality.

Free Bed Riser Plan

Want to elevate your bed without breaking the bank? You can achieve a lifted look and increased storage space without spending a small fortune by utilizing free bed riser plans. These DIY-friendly designs cater to all skill levels, providing a sense of accomplishment without straining your budget.

Heavy Duty 6-inch Bed Risers for Decoration

Heavy-duty 6-inch bed risers not only provide dependable support for your mattress but also introduce a touch of sophistication to any room’s décor. Available in a range of finishes, these versatile accessories seamlessly blend functionality with style, making them an excellent way to revitalize your bedroom’s ambiance.

Solid Wood 2 Inch Bed Risers

These solid wood bed risers, measuring 2 inches in height, effortlessly integrate with any bedroom furniture, providing a subtle yet effective elevation. Boasting durability and a timeless aesthetic, they bring a classic touch to your décor while also increasing the space available for easy cleaning or storage underneath. The perfect harmony of form and function, these risers strike a delicate balance between style and practicality.

Best DIY Bed Risers

Unlocking the secrets to transforming your bedroom lies in finding the ideal DIY bed risers. By elevating your bed’s functionality and comfort, you’re not only gaining extra storage but also creating a personalized sanctuary that reflects your unique style. The perfect blend of function and flair awaits, as these innovative solutions open up new possibilities for customizing your bedroom setup.


To conclude, incorporating DIY bed risers into your bedroom setup is a clever and cost-effective way to create more storage capacity and give your bed a lifted appearance. These adaptable risers can be tailored to harmonize with your existing decor, making it simple to personalize the look of your space. Moreover, their straightforward assembly process requires only basic materials, allowing you to complete this project quickly and efficiently. With these DIY solutions, you’ll be able to streamline your bedroom organization and elevate the overall ambiance of your living quarters without breaking a sweat.