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25 Easy Diy Calendar Ideas To Make Your Own

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Give your workspace a personalized touch by creating a unique DIY desk calendar. Achieve organization and add a dash of creativity with this simple yet effective project.

Materials Needed

To get started, make sure you have all the essential materials at your fingertips. These include: cardstock paper for a sturdy base and added design elements; 400gsm cardboard to serve as the foundation of your project; rings that will bind the pages together; foam sheets for adding decorative touches; scissors to trim and shape the various components; and glue or double-sided tape to secure everything in place.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Designing Your Calendar Pages

Begin by determining the number of months you wish your calendar to span, which is often a year but can be any duration. On your chosen cardstock paper, create a unique layout for each month. Feel free to add personal touches such as photographs, inspiring quotes, or other special elements that reflect your personality. Make sure the size of each monthly card is consistent with the dimensions of your cardboard base.

Step 2: Preparing the Cardboard Base

To create a solid foundation for your calendar, start by trimming the 400gsm cardboard down to the desired dimensions. This will form the stand that supports the weight of your calendar pages. For added durability and stability, ensure the cardboard is substantial enough to withstand the load without bending or warping. To further personalize the design, consider covering the cardboard with decorative paper or painting it in a color that complements your chosen theme.

Step 3: Binding the Calendar

To assemble your calendar, start by creating a series of cardstock pages with pre-punched holes along the top edge. This will enable easy binding with your chosen ring size. For optimal results, make sure the hole alignment is precise. Once you have all your pages prepared, use binding rings to connect them together securely. These rings are readily available at most craft stores and come in a range of sizes to accommodate various projects. With this simple step, you’ll be well on your way to creating a functional and visually appealing calendar that showcases your artistic skills.

Step 4: Attaching the Calendar to the Base

Once you’ve assembled and bound the individual calendar pages, it’s time to integrate them with the cardboard base. You can opt for a strong adhesive like glue, a reliable fastening solution like double-sided tape, or even create a clever slot in the cardboard that allows the calendar to slide in and out easily, making it simple to swap pages when the month changes.

Step 5: Adding Decorations

Transform your calendar into a reflection of your personality by incorporating decorative materials like foam sheets or others of your choice. Unleash your creativity and cut out shapes, letters, or designs that resonate with your style or the current season. Secure these embellishments to both the calendar pages and the base for a unique and personalized touch.

Step 6: Final Touches

Thoroughly review every page to guarantee the accuracy of dates and details. This is an ideal opportunity to jot down any supplementary notes or embellishments you’d like to include. Once you’re completely satisfied, identify a prominent location on your workspace where you can proudly display your DIY Desk Calendar.

Video Tutorial

Watch our comprehensive DIY Desk Calendar Tutorial on YouTube to see each step come to life. This visual guide seamlessly complements the written instructions below, providing an engaging alternative for learners who thrive in a dynamic environment. The video’s straightforward approach and clear demonstrations make it an ideal resource for those who prefer a more hands-on, visual approach to learning. By combining this tutorial with our written guide, you’ll have all the tools necessary to create a unique and personalized desk calendar that showcases your personal style.

Customization Tips for DIY Calendars

While creating a DIY calendar may seem like a mundane task, it’s an opportunity to express your creativity and produce something truly unique. To make your calendar stand out, consider incorporating personal elements that reflect your personality and interests. For instance, use favorite photos from special occasions or memories to add a sentimental touch. You can also highlight important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones by using different colors or embellishments. Additionally, starting each month with an inspirational quote or motivational phrase can provide a positive and uplifting tone. If you’re feeling artistic, consider adding your own illustrations or designs to give your calendar a unique visual identity. By incorporating these personal touches, you’ll create a calendar that’s not only functional but also a reflection of who you are.

Calendar Maintenance Tips

To keep your DIY calendar running smoothly throughout the year, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance tasks. Start by ensuring your dry-erase boards are clean and smudge-free at the end of each month. A good eraser is crucial in this process. When using paper calendars, adopt a pencil-first approach for events that may be subject to change. This way, you can easily erase any updates without leaving unsightly marks.In addition to these daily tasks, set a recurring reminder to review and update your calendar at the end of each month. This practice will help you stay on top of your schedule, making it easier to identify areas that require adjustments. Finally, designate a central location in your home for your calendar, such as the kitchen or living room, where it’s easily accessible and can be regularly updated.

25 Easy DIY Calendar Ideas To Make Your Own

Get ready to unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your daily routine with our curated collection of 25 innovative DIY calendar ideas. From colorful collages to clever repurposing, we’ve got you covered with inspiration to make your own one-of-a-kind calendar that reflects your personality.

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

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A simple yet effective way to stay organized is by using a dry erase wall calendar. Not only do they add a pop of color to any room, but they also provide a functional space to jot down appointments, reminders, and tasks. The best part? You can easily wipe them away as plans change, making it a dynamic tool for busy homes and offices alike.

Lovely Little DIY Desk Calendar

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Transform your workspace into an organized haven by crafting your own DIY desk calendar. This thoughtful creation not only serves as a functional tool, but also showcases your artistic flair. By incorporating your preferred colors or themes, you can imbue the calendar with a personal touch that fosters a sense of accomplishment and keeps your tasks on schedule.

Large Whiteboard Calendar and Planner

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In team-oriented settings, a spacious whiteboard calendar serves as the ultimate facilitator of smooth planning. With its expansive surface area, this visual tool enables meticulous scheduling, cultivating cooperation and efficiency among team members in both professional and domestic environments. By providing a centralized hub for organizing future plans, it streamlines communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar

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Bring a touch of rustic elegance to your planning routine by creating a one-of-a-kind DIY chalkboard calendar. Not only does this hands-on project add a unique visual flair to any room, but the tactile experience of chalking in your appointments and accomplishments also provides a sense of satisfaction and connection to your surroundings.

Giant Rustic Wall Calendar with Printable

Combining form and function, a large rustic wall calendar offers an unparalleled blend of visual appeal and practicality. For individuals who crave a comprehensive overview of their month, this design excels at showcasing the entire schedule in a single glance. Its versatility is further enhanced by printable inserts, allowing users to tailor it to suit their specific requirements. This statement piece serves as both a stylish addition to any room and an indispensable tool for staying organized.

Make Your Own Birthday Calendar

Craft a personalized birthday calendar to ensure you never miss a special day again. By creating your own calendar, you’ll not only stay organized but also add a unique and thoughtful touch to each celebration. With all the important dates at your fingertips, you’ll be prepared to mark milestones and commemorate memories with ease.

Anthropologie Easel Desk Calendar Knockoff

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Transform your workspace into a chic oasis reminiscent of Anthropologie’s signature style without breaking the bank. By crafting a DIY version of their iconic easel desk calendar, you can merge refinement with frugality, yielding a sophisticated and functional accessory that brings a smile to your face and keeps you organized.

Watercolor Desktop Calendar

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Transform your scheduling routine into a masterpiece with a watercolor desktop calendar. Not only does this creative calendar provide a functional planning tool, but it also becomes a unique piece of art that adds a pop of color to your workspace, injecting inspiration into your daily tasks and activities.

Back To School Paint Chip Calendar

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Transform discarded paint chips into a lively and functional back-to-school calendar that combines creativity with environmental responsibility. By repurposing these materials, you can create a unique and engaging way to help students and educators alike stay organized and focused throughout the academic year.

How To Make A Perpetual Calendar

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Having a perpetual calendar at hand is like having a reliable companion that never goes out of style. This timeless tool allows you to stay organized and on track, no matter what date or year it may be. By creating a perpetual calendar, you’re not only reducing waste but also cultivating a habit of sustainability in your daily life.

Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

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Give your traditional scheduling routine a modern makeover by crafting a chalkboard tape wall calendar. This understated yet stylish design effortlessly adapts to your needs, seamlessly integrating into any contemporary space while offering an aesthetic that’s equal parts sleek and sophisticated. Perfect for individuals who appreciate the visual benefits of a planner but prefer a more refined, minimalist approach.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Incorporating an acrylic wall calendar into your daily routine brings a touch of refinement and elegance to the planning process. Its sleek design effortlessly blends with any surroundings, providing easy access to your schedule without cluttering the space. As a stylish and modern solution for managing life’s various events, it adds a sophisticated flair to your overall organizational system.

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

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Create a one-of-a-kind dry erase calendar that seamlessly integrates with your unique space and organizational style. By taking on this DIY project, you’ll be able to craft a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs, providing a blank canvas for each new month. This hands-on approach not only allows you to customize the design but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride in your ability to stay organized.

Holographic Glitter Acrylic Calendar

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With their radiant presence, these calendars become the focal point of any room, casting a captivating glow that’s hard to ignore. The transparent design ensures they seamlessly integrate into your home or workspace, providing an unobtrusive yet effective way to stay on top of schedules and appointments. Their sleek aesthetic makes them a versatile addition to any interior, effortlessly complementing a wide range of styles while keeping you organized and in control.

Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

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This versatile scheduling tool is designed for effortless updates and modifications, making it perfect for fast-paced environments like busy family kitchens or dynamic office spaces. The intuitive design features a simple swipe function, allowing you to quickly make changes as needed. Additionally, the built-in magnetic feature provides an added layer of convenience by enabling users to post notes and reminders in a snap.

Educational Home Wall Calendar

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To foster a love for learning that’s sustained over time, incorporate daily activities that promote cognitive development in children. This can be achieved through the use of engaging visual aids and interactive tools, such as calendars with vibrant colors and weather-themed elements. By doing so, what was once a mundane task like date-keeping becomes an opportunity for kids to learn about various topics, including dates, seasons, and weather patterns, all while developing their critical thinking skills.

Make A Washi Tape Calendar

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Bring vibrancy and personality to your daily routine by embracing the creative freedom of a washi tape calendar! This innovative tool not only adds a pop of color but also allows you to put your own personal touch on planning. With its ease of customization, it’s an ideal choice for crafty individuals who adore DIY projects and creating unique spaces for their schedules and ideas.

Wall Calendar Stand

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In order to maximize the effectiveness of your planning process, it’s essential to keep your calendar within easy reach. By placing it at eye level, you can ensure that your monthly plans are constantly visible and accessible, thereby minimizing desk clutter and promoting a more organized workflow. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals working in tight spaces or those who value a stylish addition to their workspace.

DIY Sticky Note Calendar

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Transform planning into a visually engaging and adaptable experience with the power of sticky notes. By reorganizing these colorful reminders at will, you can inject a sense of playfulness and creativity into your daily routine, effortlessly juggling tasks and appointments. This tactile approach to staying organized brings a burst of vibrancy to an otherwise mundane process, making it an enjoyable and interactive way to manage the chaos of your busy life.

Wood Block Perpetual Calendar – Teacher Gift Idea

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A timeless and versatile treasure, this calendar presents a traditional approach to tracking dates while boasting a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it a meaningful and lasting gift for educators. Its classic design and tactile nature make it a standout among digital alternatives, speaking volumes about the value placed on human connection and the importance of cherishing the memories created by these dedicated individuals.

Flip Clock Style Calendar for Your Desk

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With its unique blend of vintage and contemporary elements, this calendar is sure to captivate your attention. The tactile experience of flipping through the pages is almost therapeutic, as the mechanical mechanism creates a satisfying sensory feedback loop. Beyond mere functionality, this design elevates the mundane task of tracking time into an artful expression, making it a delightful addition to any workspace.

Handmade Desk Calendar

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Infuse your time management with a dash of personality by crafting a one-of-a-kind calendar that doubles as a canvas for self-expression. Each page of this handmade masterpiece can be customized to reflect your individual style, transforming it from a mere planning tool into a coveted conversation piece and testament to your creativity.

Super Cute Desk Calendar

Add a touch of whimsy to your daily routine by incorporating a charming desk calendar into your workspace design. These visually appealing tools not only provide a functional way to stay organized but also bring a splash of personality to your desk, making the mundane task of planning and scheduling a more enjoyable experience.

Acrylic Calendar For 25 With The Cricut

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With its sleek, modern design and competitive pricing, creating an acrylic calendar with a Cricut machine offers a unique combination of precision, customization, and affordability. This innovative approach enables you to give your home or office space an upscale makeover without breaking the bank.

Making A Calendar

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As we step into the new month, consider embracing its arrival with an open mind and a willingness to start anew. The process of crafting your calendar – whether digital or traditional – serves as more than just a means of staying organized; it’s also an opportunity to unleash your personal style and creativity. By doing so, you’re not only preparing yourself for the month ahead but also creating a visual representation that reflects your unique perspective.


Crafting a personalized calendar is an engaging and fulfilling endeavor that enables boundless customization and creativity. By following our comprehensive guide on 25 simple DIY calendar ideas, you’ll gain the expertise to design and create your own unique piece from start to finish, including selecting materials and adding those finishing touches. The result will be a stunning and functional addition to your daily planning routine. Whether you’re making one for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, a homemade calendar infuses everyday tasks with a special touch of personality. Moreover, our helpful tips on maintaining your new creation ensure that keeping it up-to-date becomes a seamless process. So, gather your crafting essentials and embark on the journey to create a calendar that truly reflects your unique style!