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25 Diy Cat Scratching Post Plans

DIY Cat Scratching Post

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Crafting a custom cat scratching post for your feline companion is a thoughtful way to promote their natural scratching behavior and create a cozy play area that reflects your personal touch. By creating a dedicated space for scratching, you’re not only providing a healthier outlet for your cat’s instincts, but also showing them love and attention.

How to Make a Cat Scratching Post

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Creating a custom cat scratching post is a DIY project that’s more straightforward than it seems. By combining some fundamental materials and injecting a dash of imagination, you can craft a scratcher that harmonizes seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Not only will this personalized fixture provide your feline friend with a unique spot to exercise its natural instincts, but it will also make for an attractive addition to your living space.

Homemade Hanging Scratching Post

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By crafting a DIY hanging scratching post, you can provide your feline friend with a unique and enjoyable experience that doubles as a space-saving solution. The suspended design adds an intriguing element to your cat’s daily routine, transforming a mundane activity into an exciting playtime adventure.

DIY cat projects:

If you’re looking to create something special for your feline friends, I’ve got some purr-fectly wonderful ideas to share with you! From cozy abodes to fun playgrounds, here are some of the best DIY projects to make for cats:

A DIY cat bed is a great place to start. With just a few simple materials and steps, you can create a snug and inviting spot for your cat to curl up in. And the best part? It’s easy enough for beginners to tackle!

Next up, why not try building some cat shelves? Not only are they an inexpensive way to keep your cat entertained, but they’re also a great way to provide them with some exercise and mental stimulation.

For cats who love to climb and play, a DIY cat tree is the perfect solution. And the best part? You can build one for under $20 to $50 – it’s a budget-friendly way to give your cat the gift of fun!

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, why not try building an outdoor cat house? Not only will it provide your cat with a safe and cozy shelter, but it’ll also be a great place for them to enjoy the fresh air.

And finally, if you want to keep things simple and fun, consider making some DIY cat toys. You don’t have to be crafty or creative – just grab some materials and get started! Your cat will love the unique and playful treats you create.

Best Scratching Post For Cat

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When selecting a scratching post for your feline friend, it’s essential to take into account their dimensions, individual preferences, and the layout of your home. A well-suited post can be a game-changer in ensuring your cat’s contentment while also preserving your furniture.

Cactus DIY Cat Scratching Post

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Imagine a DIY project that brings together whimsy and practicality, creating a unique conversation piece that just so happens to provide a comfortable scratching surface for your feline friend. A cactus-inspired cat scratching post is the perfect blend of fun and functionality, offering a durable surface for your kitty to sharpen their claws while adding a touch of personality to any room.

Wooden Cat Scratching Post

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A wooden cat scratching post brings a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Its robust construction, organic appearance, and pleasing tactile sensation make it an attractive option for environmentally aware pet owners. The natural wood texture provides a perfect surface for cats to scratch and mark, while its eco-friendly credentials align with the values of those who prioritize sustainability.

Kitty Catcus Scratching Post

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The unconventional kitty catcus scratching post offers a fresh take on conventional designs. By incorporating elements reminiscent of the natural world, this unique creation successfully transports the essence of the outdoors into the heart of your home, presenting a captivating focal point for your feline friend to indulge in playful scratching and exploration.

Modern Cat Scratcher IKEA Hack

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Transforming an ordinary piece of furniture into a sleek scratching post is at the heart of a modern IKEA hack for cats. By giving new life to an existing item, you can create a chic and functional space that meets your feline friend’s needs while also complementing your home’s design aesthetic.

Cool Cat Scratching Tower

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Crafting a multifaceted cat scratching tower is an engaging DIY endeavor that offers endless possibilities for feline entertainment. By incorporating diverse textures and layers, you can create a stimulating environment that mimics a cat’s natural hunting grounds, fostering energetic play and fulfilling their innate scratching needs.

DIY Abrasive Cat Scratching Post

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Crafting a DIY abrasive cat scratching post allows you to create a stimulating environment for your feline friend’s nails. By incorporating materials that replicate the textures of natural surfaces, these homemade scratchers offer an enhanced and healthful way for cats to maintain their claw condition.

Cheap Vase Scratching Post

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Innovative cost-effectiveness is key to creating a budget-friendly vase scratching post for your furry friend. By embracing creative problem-solving, you can provide for your pet’s needs without sacrificing your wallet.

Small Cat Scratching Post

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Compact yet effective, a small cat scratching post offers the ideal solution for pet owners with limited living space. By virtue of its diminutive size, this innovative design ensures that even the most modest apartments or condos can comfortably accommodate a dedicated area for your feline friend to indulge in their natural scratching and stretching behaviors.

Super Cute Sisal Scratching Post

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Envision a space where your furnishings remain untouched, thanks to the charming sisal scratching post. This delightful addition to your home’s décor not only caters to your pet’s natural instinct to scratch but also promotes healthy habits by providing an alternative outlet for their claws.

Tall Colorblocked Scratching Post

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Transform your feline friend’s scratching experience with the vibrant, color-blocked vertical scratching post. This visually appealing addition not only injects a splash of color into your room, but also enables your cat to unfurl their entire body while scratching, providing a deeply fulfilling and rejuvenating activity.

Easy Cat Scratching Post

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Simplify cat care with an effortless scratching post that serves as a dependable haven for your feline friend to keep their nails in top shape. This no-frills solution is ideal for busy cat owners seeking a hassle-free way to support their pet’s natural behavior.

Scratch Posts For Large Cats

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When it comes to catering to larger breeds of cats, it’s essential to provide them with suitable scratch posts that can accommodate their size. To achieve this, we design our scratch posts for large cats with sturdier bases and larger scratching surfaces, ensuring that even the biggest felines have a comfortable spot to stretch out and get their scratching fix.

How to Make a Cat Scratching Board

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Creating a bespoke cat scratching board is an entertaining and straightforward endeavour that requires minimal materials. By crafting a personalized scratcher, you can cater to your feline friend’s unique needs while protecting your home decor from the inevitable damage caused by their scratching habits.

Modern Rainbow Cat Scratch Post

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Bring a pop of personality to your living space by incorporating the stylish modern rainbow cat scratch post into your décor. This vibrant piece not only provides a fun and engaging spot for your feline friend to scratch and play, but also adds a splash of color and whimsy that’s sure to brighten up any room.

Ombre Pink Cat Scratching Post

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A sleek and practical addition to any room, the ombre pink cat scratching post boasts an visually appealing, gradient pink hue that’s sure to turn heads. But what really sets it apart is its sturdy construction, featuring durable sisal rope that provides a purr-fect surface for your feline friend to scratch and stretch.

Scratching Post for Traveling with Cats

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When venturing out with your feline friend, a travel-friendly scratching post can be a lifesaver for both you and your adventurous cat. This ingenious solution allows your curious kitty to indulge in their natural scratching instinct while on-the-go, ensuring they remain happy and healthy throughout your travels. By providing a compact and portable space for scratching, this game-changing accessory gives you the freedom to explore new destinations without worrying about your cat’s scratching needs going unmet.

DIY Cat Cardboard Scratching Post

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Transform ordinary cardboard into an extraordinary DIY cat scratching post that’s both budget-friendly and environmentally conscious. By reusing recyclable materials, you’ll not only save money but also reduce waste, giving your feline friend a delightful surface to satisfy their natural scratching instinct.

Scratcher Post for Cat

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When it comes to keeping your cat’s claws healthy and strong, the humble scratcher post is a must-have in every feline-friendly home. By providing a dedicated surface for your cat to scratch on, this simple tool not only helps maintain their claw health but also saves your furniture from unsightly damage. With its ability to channel your cat’s natural scratching instinct into a constructive outlet, the scratcher post is an invaluable addition to any cat owner’s arsenal of essential feline care tools.

DIY Wood Sisal Cat Scratcher

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Transform your feline friend’s scratching habits into an immersive natural experience by crafting a unique DIY wood sisal cat scratcher. By harmoniously blending the organic appeal of wood with the resilience of sisal, you’ll create a functional masterpiece that exudes rustic charm.

DIY Cat Scratching Cone

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Immersive play is at the heart of the DIY cat scratching cone, which presents cats with a captivating and dynamic scratching experience. The cone’s innovative design, featuring a sturdy construction and tapered shape, creates an unbeatable scratching surface that beckons even the most inquisitive felines to engage and explore.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Tree Stump Shaped

Envision a whimsical cardboard cat scratcher resembling a tree stump. This innovative design cleverly captures the natural textures and shapes that cats adore, rendering it a visually appealing and practical scratching option.


As we conclude this piece, it’s clear that the DIY cat scratching post plans presented here offer a purrfect remedy for your cat’s scratching woes. By leveraging basic materials and uncomplicated guidance, you can craft a stimulating and practical scratching post from the comfort of your own home.