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Diy Chicken Tractor (25 Free Plans)

Building a Ratty Chicken Tractor

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Imagining a harmonious coexistence between your flock of chickens and lush garden, where pest control is effortlessly achieved? A chicken tractor, specifically designed with a focus on rat management, offers the perfect solution. Weighing in at a featherlight figure, this innovative structure allows for seamless relocation, guaranteeing your birds have access to fresh forage every day, fostering their overall well-being and contributing to a more eco-friendly garden ecosystem.

Portable Fold flat Chicken Tractor

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For those with limited space, a compact and collapsible fold flat chicken tractor is an ideal solution. This innovative design allows for effortless setup and teardown, making it perfect for rotating your flock’s grazing area or introducing them to new environments. By providing a portable and flexible enclosure, you can give your chickens the freedom they crave while minimizing the stress associated with a fixed coop.

DIY Mobile Chicken Coop

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Create a DIY mobile chicken coop as a unique way to provide your flock with diverse living spaces. This engaging weekend project yields a flexible, transportable shelter that enables your chickens to explore and thrive in various areas of your yard.

How to Build a Chicken Tractor

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Constructing a chicken tractor unlocks the doors to a harmonious coexistence with your feathered friends, providing unparalleled flexibility and yielding numerous health benefits for both you and your flock. Not only is this ingenious structure remarkably easy to build, but it also streamlines the process of managing your chickens’ daily routine and turns them into unwitting lawn fertilizers, promoting lush greenery and a thriving ecosystem.

How to Make a Chicken Tractor

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Discover the benefits of a chicken tractor by learning how to construct a cost-effective, mobile coop that fosters natural behavior and rejuvenates your soil. With minimal investment in basic tools and materials, you can create a sturdy and sustainable solution for enhancing your flock’s well-being.

Make your own Chicken Tractor

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Transform the way you manage your backyard flock by constructing your very own chicken tractor. This innovative approach allows for seamless mobility of your chickens across your garden, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between their grazing habits and the health of your soil. As you embark on this engaging project, you’ll not only create a customisable haven for your chickens to forage but also reap the rewards of a thriving ecosystem.

Chicken Tractor for under $200

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Providing an affordable and innovative housing solution for your backyard flock, a chicken tractor can be built for under $200, demonstrating that keeping chickens doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag. With creativity and readily available materials, you can create a secure, movable coop that not only shelters but also enriches the lives of your birds without straining your budget.

DIY Moveable Chicken Tractor

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For the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency, a do-it-yourself moveable chicken tractor is an ideal solution. By allowing you to easily rotate your chickens’ grazing areas, this setup not only optimizes space and resource utilization but also provides your flock with constant access to fresh grass while simultaneously fertilizing your lawn.

Easy to Build Chicken Tractor

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A leisurely weekend project that’s both engaging and fulfilling is building an uncomplicated chicken tractor. This straightforward design necessitates only basic tools and materials, allowing you to elevate the well-being of your flock while simultaneously enhancing the quality of your garden.

Backyard Small Chicken Tractor

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For individuals who are passionate about keeping chickens or have limited outdoor space, a small chicken tractor is an ideal solution. These compact structures are specifically designed to provide a secure and stimulating habitat for your birds, while also being easy to move around your yard. This versatility makes them perfect for hobbyists or those with limited space.

Small A Frame Chicken Tractor

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A humble A-frame design gives this chicken tractor a timeless charm, yet its practicality shines through in providing an efficient and protective space for your flock. With a simplicity that’s accessible to beginners, this small-scale wonder can be effortlessly built, making it an excellent addition to any backyard.

Build Your Own Chicken Tractor

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Embracing the freedom to customize, building your own chicken tractor allows you to craft a unique haven for your flock that harmonizes with your backyard’s distinct character. By tailoring the design to meet the specific needs of both your chickens and outdoor space, this project not only elevates the quality of life for your feathered friends but also infuses your exterior environment with a personal touch, making it an integral part of your overall property.

Build a Chicken Tractor

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The concept of building a chicken tractor presents a multitude of benefits for both your flock and your garden. By creating a mobile coop, you’ll provide your chickens with the opportunity to graze on fresh ground regularly, while also promoting healthy soil and minimizing waste accumulation.

Redesigned Original PVC Chicken Tractor

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By incorporating PVC pipes into the redesign of a traditional chicken tractor, the new creation boasts an impressive balance between durability and lightness. This innovative approach yields a structure that not only withstands the elements but is also effortlessly portable, catering to the needs of individuals seeking a low-fuss solution for their fowl friends.

Make a Chicken Tractor

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Embarking on a chicken tractor project can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does it offer your flock a safe and thriving habitat, but it also functions as a valuable tool for natural gardening, promoting soil health through its unique design.

DIY Homemade Chicken Tractor

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A DIY homemade chicken tractor is a fantastic project for any backyard farmer or enthusiastic chicken keeper. Not only does it provide a practical solution for housing your feathered friends, but it also showcases the versatility of readily available materials to create a mobile home that prioritizes the well-being and comfort of your flock.

Easy to Make Chicken Tractor

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For individuals new to backyard poultry keeping, constructing an uncomplicated yet functional chicken tractor can serve as the perfect inaugural project. This budget-friendly venture enables you to offer your flock a secure and portable enclosure that allows them to consistently graze on fresh vegetation.

Built a Frame Chicken Tractor

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Crafting an A-frame chicken tractor yields a robust and practical solution for your backyard, where it seamlessly integrates with your garden’s ecosystem. By optimizing the design, you can create a spacious yet secure environment for your chickens to freely roam, ultimately fostering a harmonious relationship between your flock and your outdoor space.

Frame Style Chicken Coop Tractor

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A frame-style chicken coop tractor offers the ultimate in versatility and convenience for poultry enthusiasts. By providing a sturdy structure that promotes stability and ample living quarters for your flock, this innovative design makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a mobile and comfortable abode for their birds.

Modern Barn Chicken Tractor

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The modern barn chicken tractor harmoniously unites form and function, providing ample living space for chickens while incorporating thoughtful design elements that simplify repositioning around your yard. This innovative approach fosters a lush, healthy lawn and contented fowl, as the sleek and contemporary structure effortlessly adapts to changing surroundings.

Backyard PVC Chicken Tractor

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For chicken enthusiasts, a backyard PVC chicken tractor offers a versatile solution that combines durability with the ability to relocate easily. By employing PVC pipes, this innovative design allows for swift assembly and movement, making it an attractive option for those seeking a low-maintenance yet flexible coop.

DIY Chicken Tractor at Home

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Crafting a DIY chicken tractor in the comfort of your own home can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. This innovative project offers the flexibility to tailor the design to your specific requirements, creating a self-contained and secure environment for your chickens to thrive. As an added bonus, the chicken tractor will have a positive impact on your garden’s ecosystem, fostering a harmonious coexistence between these feathered friends and the natural world.

Chicken Tractor Built in 30 Minutes

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While building a chicken tractor in just 30 minutes may seem like a daunting task, the right approach can make it a reality. By streamlining the design and focusing on efficiency, you can create a functional structure that integrates your chickens into the process of pest control and lawn care, all within a remarkably short timeframe.

Small Scale Chicken Tractor

For newcomers to backyard chicken keeping or those with a smaller flock, a small-scale chicken tractor proves an excellent choice. By virtue of its compact nature, this type of setup is relatively easy to manage and relocate, allowing your birds to reap the benefits of fresh foraging opportunities without requiring a large outdoor space.

Easy DIY Large Chicken Tractor

For those with room to spare and larger flocks, the easy DIY large chicken tractor is an ideal solution. By building this spacious mobile enclosure, you’ll provide your birds with a comfortable and healthy environment, complete with ample opportunities for foraging and exploration.


When it comes to housing your chickens in a DIY chicken tractor, the outcome is not only a practical solution but also an opportunity for creative expression. By utilizing one of the 25 free plans available, you can create a mobile living space that suits your needs and budget. This endeavor not only provides a safe environment for your flock but also fosters a sense of accomplishment through hands-on craftsmanship.